Gold Rings For Women

Gold Ring Designs for Women

Gold rings are adored and admired everywhere in the world. In India, it is one of the most prominent jewellery accessories that is worn by women, men as well as kids. Among thousands and lakhs of different gold ring designs for women available today, there are some that have been worn for centuries due to their cultural and traditional meaning. You can find gold rings for women in modern/classy designs as well as traditional/temple designs. 

Latest Designs Of Gold Rings For Women

The real gold rings for women are made in 18 or 22k gold because of their purity and long-lasting quality. The latest gold ring for women is available in many shops throughout India however that may not be a very feasible option for you, to go from shop to shop looking for your favourite jewellery item. That’s why JewelFlix has aimed to provide you with the selection of jewellery from thousands of jewellers across India at a single place: here.

Gold Engagement Rings For Women

The engagement rings are the precious little items that start a new bond between a couple, that’s why they should be as precious as possible. Gold rings for girls during proposing time are very important for the start of a lifelong relationship and they should be memorable for a lifetime. Even a small ladies gold ring embedded with a diamond stone can prove to be a magnificent way to show your love to someone.

Gold Wedding Rings For Women

The bridal gold ring for women is the most important item during a wedding. In India, the man and woman create a bond of a lifelong union. The wedding is incomplete without specially crafted jewellery like necklace, ring and bangles at this occasion. The jewellers across India have developed thousands of 22k gold rings for women with unique designs based on cultural and traditional styles. You can find hundreds of these designs on JewelFlix, provided by such jewellers.

Simple / Plain Gold Ring For Women

Simple or plain gold rings are common almost everywhere. These are the rings even children start to wear during their first time with jewellery. The latest gold ring for women's new design is almost every time based on the simplest of designs because these are the most elegant jewellery items that bode well with almost any type of individual and attire.

Traditional Gold Ring For Women

The traditional gold ring models for women are based on cultural styles and sometimes even the history of cities such as Rajputi jewellery. The common gold finger ring for women has an intricate design based on different artful designs. These could be religious icons or abstract architectural designs. 

Gold Ring For Women Without Stone

Many people prefer to embellish themselves with gold rings without any gemstone attached to them. The pure gold rings for women such as these can be worn as daily wear and are also great accessories to go with formal attire for office wear.

Unique Gold Ring For Women

Sometimes there are some fancy bangles that just take our breath away. These unique 18k gold rings for women are surely something that is personalised by an individual’s personal choice. Some of these unique gold rings have gemstones embedded in them yet some can be plain with a distinct design. On JewelFlix, we have hundreds of jewellers that can customise the gold rings based on your needs and requirements, thus creating something unique for you as well.

Gold Stone Rings For Ladies

The stone rings are popular in India and are used in the majority of traditional jewellery. The belief that gemstones have different ways of protecting and blessing the person has made them one of the important items to keep embedded on jewellery items. The stones such as emeralds, rubies, diamonds and pearls are the most common for women’s gold rings with stone.

Greenstone Gold Ring For Ladies

The emerald or green stone is embedded into the fashion gold ring for women so that its enchantment can further be enhanced with green sparkles. The emerald stone is the symbol of purity and passion. It has also been considered the representation of Hindu gods and goddesses. The gold ring models for ladies that have this green stone embedded in them signifies love, vitality and a representation of fresh beginnings.

BlueStone Ring For Women

The sapphire stone or blue stone is believed to be one of the hardest stones after diamond. It is also a powerful stone to be embedded on the gold finger ring design for ladies as it is considered to be the bringer of fame, wealth and fortune into the life of the wearer. You can find many rings on JewelFlix that have blue stones embedded on them, along with chain bracelets and bangles.

Modern/Fancy Gold Ring Design For Girls

In these times, modern gold ring designs for girls that have a little trendy designs are most popular. They could be in abstract or floral designs with gemstones embedded in them. These ladies gold ring designs are also styled as per the culture and traditions they’re developed in. Many jewellers on JewelFlix also make custom and personalized jewellery designs as per your needs and requirements.

Marriage Gold Ring Design For Girls

Whenever there is a wedding in India, the girls always prefer to choose the most stylish designs of jewellery like chokers, necklaces, bajubands, kamarbands and of course the ring. The gold ring design for girls may be a plain styled ring with a diamond embedded on it or it may be a traditional design with multiple gemstones and intricate artwork.

The latest gold ring design for girls may be also embedded with a bit of platinum as it is considered the symbol of eternal love.

Engagement Rings Gold For Girl

The engagement rings for girls must truly be mesmerizing in design as modern girls prefer to wear fashionable designed jewellery. This is one way you’re gonna grab her heart if you choose the right ladies finger ring of gold. An additional embedded diamond will significantly enhance the beauty of the overall designs.

Start exploring for the most gorgeous designs on JewelFlix and choose that perfect jewel you’ve always wanted.