Bridal Silver Kamarband Designs

      Silver Kamarband Designs

      Kamarband is also known as ‘belly chain’ or ‘waistband. It is a popular type of jewellery in Indian tradition and is worn around the waist. Sometimes this silver waist chain is also attached to the naval piercings which are preferred by most women. The silver kamarband designs are available in many forms based on the region of India.

      There are simple silver kamarband designs which are thin and light, and heavy silver kamarband designs which are thick and heavy in weight. The original silver kamarband is made up of pure silver without any coatings of anything else like gold.

      Silver Kamarband Online Shopping

      You can find the latest kamarband designs in silver anywhere but finding the right quality at the best price can get hectic pretty quick. With so many options, one might get confused about choosing the most appropriate one.

      As already mentioned, silver kamarband for ladies enhances their personality and a stunning look when accompanied by a saree.

      Purchasing Silver Belly Chain Online India

      Online shopping for kamarband on JewelFlix is as easy as shopping for any item like a mobile phone. However, since jewellery is much more precious and different designs are used for different purposes or events, there are certain key aspects you need to keep in mind like usage.

      Silver Kamarband for a Bride Getting Married

      Kamar bandh or belly chain is an essential aspect of a woman getting married. As a tradition, this is used as a bridal jewellery trousseau in India. Every bride has different choices and expectations, that’s why a Kamar band must be chosen accordingly.

      For a traditional look, an Indian bride might prefer a heavier design with multiple chains. And they can also choose a modern design to go with a contemporary or modern look.

      Choosing between a plain waist chain and a waist belt studded with gems can also have a huge difference. However, one must keep in mind that the more ornaments used in the chain, the heavier it gets. But most of the time, at weddings, women prefer heavier chains.

      Silver Waist Chain for Women Daily Use or Occasional

      Women usually prefer silver waist chains for saree purposes as it makes them look good. 

      For daily usage or more importantly if you are looking for a belly chain silver style for a special occasion, you also need to keep in mind to look for a thin and lightweight design, so it doesn’t affect you negatively while doing daily chores. 

      Silver Kamarband designs with weight mentioned can be found on the JewelFlix product page for every item we have in store. We have several designs with different weights.

      The different weights at which these silver waist chain for ladies can vary from user to metal but are usually found in:

      0-2 grams
      2-5 grams
      5-8 grams
      8-15 grams
      15-20 grams
      20-25 grams
      25-30 grams
      30 & Above

      Different Types of Kamarband Designs in Silver

      Since Kamar band is traditional jewellery of India, it is worn everywhere. Each region has its own style and designs.

      Silver Vaddanam Designs

      The saree belt or silver Vaddanam can be extensively seen used by South Indian women on special occasions like festivals, family celebrations, or even weddings. The bride in South India can be seen wearing a pure silver waist chain or gold hip belt for saree as also known locally. These are a mark of status symbols and tradition on weddings. 

      In south India, they’re popularly called Oddiyanams and in North, known as Kamarband. Vaddanam is a name popularly used by Telugu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

      You can also find silver vaddanam with gold coating online at a less expensive price but don’t underestimate the beauty of this when worn by young women or even married women.

      Oxidised Silver Kamarband

      The sterling silver is introduced to a chemical process to darken the metal and give it an antique look. This produces a wide variety of colours and if processed at full strength, the colour achieved is gunmetal black. This can be used as a silver waist belt for saree since the colour of the saree combined with this colour do look flawless.

      Bengali Silver Kamarband

      Bengali weddings are a testimony to the uniqueness of regional choices in India. Rather than going with the modern trends, Bengali women tend to stick to the uniqueness of traditional values. The kamarband over a wedding saree is one of the most exquisite additions to the Jewellery of the bride which not only enhances their beauty but also makes them a bride with a unique element.

      Rajasthani Kamarband Silver

      From the embellished Kamar bandh to the high waist belt for saree, they are a fad among modern brides, particularly in Rajasthan. These are worn over traditional dresses like sarees or lehengas to increase the beauty of the dress and hence the wearer.

      Silver Belts for Saree

      The silver waist belts for saree is occasionally (or daily) used by Indian women for multiple reasons. It adds an enhanced elegant look, as well as tighten the saree at the hip. In Indian weddings, waist belts are an extremely popular accessory to hold saree/pallu and pleats in place.

      Silver Waist Chains for Saree

      The waist chains are thin and lightweight jewellery is worn around women around the waistline. They can be a single chain or multiple chains with ornamental designs. These are worn in such a way as to keep close (in touch) to the skin. This can look extremely tempting and gorgeous when paired with the right saree.

      Finding the Kamarband New Designs in Silver

      On JewelFlix, you can find hundreds of unique silver belly chain designs to choose from and for any usage, whether daily use or special occasions.

      Quality & Purity of Silver Kamarband on JewelFlix

      Kamarband design in silver can be found in many qualities however on JewelFlix, we talk about the most popular qualities.

      950 Silver Kamarband

      The 950 is the purest type of silver found in the world of Jewellery popular types of silver and is the hardest of the silvers but not harder than several other metals. This constitutes 95% of pure silver and 5% or copper or other metal like nickel.

      925 Silver Kamarband

      An alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper. This is the most common type of silver used in Jewellery making, also known as sterling silver jewellery. This silver is very shiny but difficult to maintain as it tarnishes easily.

      There are several other types of silver to make Jewellery like Fine Silver, Nickel silver which is actually not silver but an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc.