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Have you ever seen a married woman without a golden bangle, rarely I assume! The fact is that in Indian culture having gold bangles is considered a sign of purity since gold itself is considered pure and a sign of power and wealth. But every time someone goes to a jewellery store, the nervousness of choosing the best gold bangles designs follow.

Here, JewelFlix aims to provide you with the simplicity of exploring the various designs for gold bangle and other jewellery items. Items from all over India are put in front of you to look for the best, among the best.

Trendy & Latest Gold Bangles Designs in 2022 are Here:

Even though new, latest bangle designs and models are being developed every day, thanks to the customization offered by some jeweller's, traditional gold bangle designs never seem to go out of style. The latest gold bangles designs are often fashioned based on the trends among the youth at that time. But more often than not, these designs are also created in a way that portrays a bit of culture and tradition.

Gold bangles models available on JewelFlix have been catered to everyone’s likes and choices based on the latest trends in jewellery designs and styles. Here are the most commonly used traditional style gold bangles designs:

Traditional Gold Bangles Design

The traditional gold bangles design have a unique place in the Indian jewellery collection. The designs are based on religious symbols, cultural or architectural designs and sometimes even a plain style that can be further embedded with other ornaments to make them look out of the box.

Simple Gold Bangles Designs

These bangle models are without any doubt the most popular and commonly used bangles due to their simplicity and smoothness. These can vary from plain and solid designs to embossed simple bangle designs. Occasionally, these may also be embellished with small gemstones like emerald or rubies.

The new bangles design is developed using modern industrial and cutting-edge polishing machines which are extremely detailed with fewer breaks and cuts in gold but the cultural value still persists.

Kada Gold Bangles Design

Also known by the names: Churi, Chudi, Bangdi, Kangan and Chura. Kada is an Indian bracelet-cum-bangle and an important part of any woman's life. From early childhood, the Kada gold bangle is an important accessory for a girl and for her selecting the perfect Kada gold bangle design also matters a lot. The multitude of colours and the tinkering sounds are an essential part of the heritage in Indian ethnic wear.

Polki Bangles

Polki bangles have a unique design as they are built up with gold but studded with uncut and unfinished natural diamonds.

Antique Gold Bangles Design

The antique gold bangle designs have been a tradition in India for decades now. However, due to gold not being that durable, it gets scratched quickly but now the jewellery designs are specifically crafted making it look antique. Antique Jewellery is any which is at least 100 years old i.e. made before 1920 as of today.

Bridal Gold Bangle Designs

No doubt that Indian weddings are incomplete without the bride wearing gold jewellery which makes the selection of bridal gold bangles design unique and aspect and this one of the first things noticed in a bride along with the dress. Every region in India has its own little culture which includes the dressing style as well as the gold bangle design.

Here are few regional items used around India:
Marwari Patalo
Bengali Bali or Bala
Nizam Kangan
Kashmiri Kakoodi and Bingar
Gujarati Bangdi
Reddy Kadiam
Tamil Valayal
Kerala Bridal Gold Bangles
Kannadiga Bridal Gold Bangles

Kundan Gold Bangles Designs

The only difference between Kundan gold bangles design and Polki design is that Kundan uses glass and gemstones in its craft while Polki uses uncut diamonds. Kundan is a traditional Rajasthani style of Jewellery.

Temple Jewellery Bangles Designs

Temple jewellery bangles are ethnic bangles that are designed in various forms of gods and goddesses. The gold is embedded with gems which makes it look very elegant and magnificent.

Oxidised Bangles

Giving a jewellery item an oxidised look is gaining huge popularity. The oxidised gold bangles models create a shadow and light effect and highlight the gemstones if it has any. Oxidised Bangles or oxidised bangles set as it is sold usually, offers a fresh and new look in the world of gold jewellery.

Several Other Varieties of Bangle Designs are:

Thin Gold Bangles
Wedding Bangles Gold
Stone Bangles Gold Designs
Modern Gold Bangles Design
Light Weight Gold Bangles Designs
Gold Pola Bangles
Daily Wear Gold Bangles
Rose Gold Bangle
Plain Gold Bangles
Simple Gold Bangles Design

Daily Wear Modern Gold Bangles Designs

The simple gold bangles design for girls or boys depends on the usability, like for special occasions. Most people prefer to wear jewellery like rings and bangles on a daily basis. One reason is that they want to look good and fashionable, the other reason is from cultural impact.

There are wide varieties of plain gold bangle patterns available nowadays, being catered to the desires of all kids and youngsters. On JewelFlix, you have the huge choice and selection to explore the entire gold bangle design catalogue and choose the one you like as per your likes and requirements. This gold bangle catalogue is personalized for everyone’s need, whether men, women or children. You can also find different daily wear modern gold bangles designs including bangles for babies.

Shopping for Gold Bangles Online

There are wide varieties of plain gold bangle patterns available nowadays, being catered to the desires of all kids and youngsters. On JewelFlix, you have the huge choice and selection to explore the entire gold bangle design catalogue and choose the one you like as per your likes and requirements. This gold bangle catalogue is personalized for everyone’s need, whether men, women or children. You can also find different jewellery items including bangles for babies.

Buying gold in a shop can be a tedious process. Sometimes you get a lot of options but nothing which piques your interest, yet sometimes just one look at an item and it immediately steals your heart. At JewelFlix, we bring together all the valid and registered Jewellers around India to this one-stop-shop. Here you can explore and compare items from various Jewellers and find the perfect one for "you". If you couldn't, don't worry as our Jewellers can craft a customized gold bangle just for you.

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We always provide you with relevant and important information regarding the product you are seeing on the page.

Something for Everyone

Check out our gold bangle designs catalogue to find what you need. Our lavish diamond-studded gold bangles or Plain yet stunning gold bangles. You also get the gold bangles in colours such as yellow, white, and rose gold.

Gold Bangles for Women

As mentioned earlier, women are extremely attracted to Jewellery as it brings out the style, class, and enhances the personality with grace. We have hundreds of options whether you're married or single, young or old. If you don't like something, don't worry, we can specifically get it customized for you.

Gold Bangles for Girls

Girls even from childhood are keen and highly magnetic towards Jewellery because it makes them feel beautiful and adult. Several modern Jewellers have started to craft jewellery that is perfectly suited for children like Floral gold stud earrings for kids or small Gold Ruby Bangles.

Even the fanciest bangles designs are loved by girls, which are based on their specific likes, ornaments, styles and designs which can depict their personality.

Gold Bangle Set

Instead of purchasing gold earrings, gold bangles, and a gold necklace separately; you can purchase a set that includes everything you will need to show off your dress as well as your beautifully crafted necklace.

Gold Bangles for men

In India, the stereotype that men don't wear Jewellery is completely wrong. In fact, in prehistory times, men started wearing shells, crafted wooden items to show off their status and class to other clans. Slowly and gradually the shells changed to precious metal and women started to wear as it looked good.

At JewelFlix, we have an entire section specially designated for men which include gold chains, gold bracelets, gold & silver watches, and many more.

Purchasing Gold Bangles Online

Purchasing gold online is very easy on JewelFlix. Just visit, explore, compare, and request the quote. The Jeweller will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
All the Jewellers registered with us are verified sellers and provide each item with BIS Hallmark so don't worry about quality after you choose the desired karat gold.

    • Purity of Gold Bangles

      Gold comes in a variety of different sizes and purities. Before purchasing any gold bangle online, you must be aware of the different purities available. Here is the list of the most popular purities of gold bangles:

      • 10k gold bangles
      • 12k gold bangles
      • 14k gold bangles
      • 18k gold bangles
      • 22k gold bangles
      • 24k gold however this gold is commonly used for jewellery as it is malleable and can easily break due to its high purity. It is very soft.

      Gold Bangles Designs with Weight Details

      In addition to the purity of the gold, weight also plays an important role. Since gold is very precious and expensive, it is measured and bought in grams:
      The most common gold bangle with weights are:

      • 2 grams gold bangles
      • 4 grams gold bangles
      • 5 grams gold bangles
      • gold bangles designs in 8 grams
      • 10 grams gold bangles
      • 15 grams gold bangle designs
      • 20 grams gold bangles
      • 25 grams gold bangles designs
      • 30 gram gold bangles design or more.

      Jewellery can be weighed based on the gold quantity used in crafting the jewellery item. The studded gems or other metals can also be considered. So, before buying studded jewellery you have to make sure that you are paying as per the cost of gold and gems appropriately.

      With JewelFlix, you won’t have to worry about that since all information is available in a single place.