1310+ Silver Jewellery Designs

Best Silver Jewellery Designs in India 

Wearing pure silver jewellery in Indian tradition is always a way to showcase jewellery loved by Indians. Silver Jewellery will always adore the elegance of Men and Women. Silver is the metal that is always adored by Indians especially antique silver jewellery. Not only for wearing or decorating purposes, but we all also love to gift silver jewellery as well.

If you want to buy Silver Jewellery online, it can be a hectic and risky task. To eliminate this hurdle we came up with JewelFlix which delivers a convenient, hassle-free and respectful experience to our customers. We always render what is best for our customers as our main priority.

Silver Jewellery Online Shopping for Women & Men 

We endeavour to make women confident, happier and more comfortable as well as we value the Men connection with the jewellery which we all share. We build relations between jewellers and our valuable customers. That is why we want to make it easier for people to look for silver jewellery in India.

You can buy silver jewellery online on JewelFlix and be assured that the jewellery is 100% certified. They are in different designs of Antique Silver Jewellery, Contemporary Silver Jewellery, Indian Silver Jewelry, Vintage Silver Jewelry and many others. All these jewellery you can buy in either plain silver jewellery or in decorative crafted pieces such as embellished with stones studded with pearls and so on.

Silver ornaments for men are also high on the rise because they have been proved to be great accessories to flaunt one’s style, personality and status. Men like to wear silver necklaces, Kadas, and even rings to show off their style and at the same time enhance their beauty a bit as well.

Find Different Types of Silver Jewellery on JewelFlix 

The silver jewellery market has been huge online to fulfil the needs of our beloved customers. At JewelFlix, we have a variety of silver jewellery to small silver jewellery necklaces, from long silver harams in antiques all at affordable prices. Not only this we have a huge assortment of oxidised and shimmering Lustrous silver jewellery which in recent times is delightful to the eyes of everyone who loves to be in trend. The oxidised silver jewellery trend gives you an old, antique look and feel. At JewelFlix, we have a vast variety of Silver Jewellery for instance:

Pure Silver Indian Jewellery Online 

Explore 925 silver jewellery online from us as we always strive to offer you the best silver jewellery. Our main goal is to provide the best-certified Silver jewellery (which is 925) from certified genuine jewellers. We want to provide the best elegant piece of jewellery to enhance the beauty, elegance, and add value at the same time adorn a matchless style and fashion statement like never before. We offer all types of silver jewellery at the best price in India. So, Explore our 99% pure silver jewellery.

Silver Oxidised Jewellery 

Silver Oxidized Jewellery is prepared by oxidising silver. It is a process that many jewellery manufacturers use to give stunning silver a black patina. This process gives jewellery an antique or oxidised look. In this process clean sterling silver is taken and oxidised by using a chemical (mainly liver of sulphur) to treat it to speed up the oxidised effect.

The oxidised silver jewellery is in trend to create a bohemian or tribal look in women. This look is in trend and therefore oxidised jewellery is in high demand. Not only this Men also love Oxidised Chain, Silver Bracelets and Silver Kadas in oxidised silver jewellery. At JewelFlix, you can find trendy designs in Oxidised silver jewellery.

Silver Gold Plated Jewellery

Silver Gold Plated Jewellery are an all-time favourite piece of jewellery for everyone. It is because it is cheap and in silver, you will find a more attractive design and finish of gold plating. Silver gold plating is a process where silver is coated with a thin layer of gold to give it a gold finish. Silver Gold Plated jewellery at JewelFlix is available at affordable prices. Explore and buy the best gold plated silver jewellery today!!!

Silver Traditional/Temple Jewellery

If you love traditional jewellery designs then you have the perfect choice as the Temple jewellery is inspired by Indian traditional jewellery designs. At JewelFlix, we have a huge assortment of silver Temple Jewellery designs available in a silver finish, Silver antique finish, and gold plated finish on Silver. All the assortment are certified and offered at reasonable prices. Do have a look to explore the best designs. 

Silver Antique Jewellery 

Traditional Silver Jewellery has an antique finish but Antique Jewellery is available in both traditional and contemporary looks. Our Silver antique jewellery assortment is designed to serve the choice of everyone. So we have Silver Jewellery available for Men, Women, Girls, Boys as well as Kids. Silver Antique Jewellery comes in an oxidised finish and is offered at the best market price. You can easily explore the different and unique Silver Antique Jewellery online on JewelFlix.

Handmade Silver Jewellery 

At JewelFlix, you can find optimum designed handcrafted Silver Jewellery for both men and women. We have a big category of handmade Silver Crafted Jewellery which consists of Handmade Silver Earrings, Silver Studs, Necklaces, Silver Pendants & Lockets, Bracelets, Silver Anklets, Silver Bangles, Jhumki, Bracelets and many more at reasonable prices all over the globe.

Silver Kundan Jewellery 

Explore the latest Kundan Jewellery sets from top brands at the best prices. Check out the designer bridal Kundan jewellery sets online. From Heavy Kundan Necklaces to Light Weight Kundan studded Jewellery we have all. Our Kundan studded silver jewellery comprises Earrings, Jhumkas, Studs, Pure Silver Necklaces, Bracelets, Jadau Bangles, Kundan Chand Earring and to know more please visit our entire category of silver Kundan jewellery

Silver Fashion Jewellery 

Visit JewelFlix and check out our huge range of Silver Fashion Jewellery which has Contemporary, Tribal, Traditional, antique, and Shine Finish Silver Jewellery. This wide range of Silver fashion Jewellery online is for all men, women & girls in India. You can visit & buy the latest design of silver earrings, rings, bracelets & more types of Silver crafted Jewellery offered at the best market price.

Silver Stone Jewellery

Silver is a pure white metal that gets a beautiful shiny finish from other metals (such as sulphur or nickel) that can be studded in any stone. This white metal can be studded with precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, coral or less costly stones such as pearly, American diamond and so on. At JewelFlix we have all types of stones available and stone embellished beautiful silver jewellery assortment. This comprises Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Anklets, Nazariayas of Kids and many more. All the stones and Silver are certified and lab-tested so you don’t need to worry at all. Enjoy studded silver jewellery shopping without any hassle.

92.5 Silver Jewellery

Here at JewelFlix, we have several grades of silver jewellery available which are 999, 958, 950, 947 and 925. But the most durable jewellery sets are crafted in 925 Silver Jewellery. It is because the more grade silver is the softer it has and it’s difficult to craft the jewellery in those grades. 925 Silver Jewellery is crafted in a way that adds more beauty and makes it more durable. For jewellery, this is the purest grade to prepare the jewellery. 

You can also customise your jewellery in other grades as well after confirming it from your jeweller. All the Silver Jewellery you explore at JewelFlix is certified and hallmarked. So you can buy silver jewellery at the best prices. 

Silver Bridal Jewellery

At JewelFlix, We also have silver wedding jewellery for both men and women. But a huge assortment of bridal silver Jewellery is a must look. You can explore buying the latest collection of south and north Indian traditional temple jewellery made of pure 92.5 silver for women online at JewelFlix. 

Not only this, we at JewelFlix especially crafted silver jewellery sets for brides which consist of everything from Silver Maang Tikka to Nath, Necklace, Bangles to Silver Anklets. The entire set is contemporary and traditional designs. To know more about these, explore the silver bridal jewellery category at JewelFlix.

The silver ornaments for ladies are the most popular adornment all around India, for their beauty as well as the sense of confidence they give. Some gold plated silver ornaments are also loved by women because they can not only look adorable, but they can be pocket friendly as well. This gives women the opportunity to experiment with different designs on different occasions.

Silver Jewellery for Baby/Kids 

We have the latest assortment of silver for kids Jewellery which Consists of Pendants, Nazariyas, Anklets, Bracelet, Latest Silver Bangles, Mangati and more trendy and traditional designs. Every parent wants to give their kids the best in the world and we give our best to fulfil the demands of our beloved customers. So have a look at beautifully crafted cute Kids jewellery which we are offering at reasonable prices over the globe.

Silver ornaments for baby boy or girl are loved by parents also because it gives the children a fashion look in this modern era. These silver ornaments design are minimalistic, as well as may have colourful patterns and toys embellished, so children can also love to wear them throughout the day.

Our Promise | Buy Silver Jewellery with Purity and Genuity

We always want you to be confident that the choice you made is excellent and enhances your beauty and personality. You will always find an accurate description of the product with high-definition quality silver jewellery images. These silver ornament images are a direct reference to the original products so you can always be assured that you’ll get the same product that you’re seeing on the page. For this, we have always promised you, “What you will see is what you will get”. 

Finding silver ornaments online on JewelFlix is easy now because you get all the information about the product. We always endeavour to keep your trust and maintain it for a lifetime. We value our associates and lovable customers; we wholeheartedly welcome your ideas and suggestions to improve ourselves.