Silver Bangle Designs

Silver Bangle Designs: Find The Right Bangle Design For You

The bangle is no doubt one of the most popular items in Indian culture. Women from every region of the world love to adorn themselves with different silver bangle designs. The styles of the bangle also depend on the occasion and the age of the woman. A silver bangle is one of the most important ornaments for married women as it holds a special meaning of ‘suhaag’ roughly translating to ‘married woman with the husband being alive’.

Silver Bangles For Women

Silver bangles are an important accessory and an integral part of Indian culture. Married, unmarried, and young girls often tend to wear multiple designs to complement their dresses and enhance their sense of style and personality. This led to the jewellers developing numerous designs of silver bangles for ladies.

Silver Bangles For Girls

Rarely you’ll come across a girl who is not wearing a silver bangle or a bangle made from any other metal. Accessorizing themselves with different and latest jewellery designs has become one of the latest fashion trends where girls like to experiment with different styles and designs of 925 silver bangles to see which one would look great on them. Silver bangles for girls can come in simple as well as highly embellished designs with gems and jewels. 

Latest Silver Bangles Designs

The pure silver bangles have taken the Indian market by storm in the last decade. Due to the extensive use by Indian women, the trend of experimenting with different styles have peaked high. This led to the competitive designs of silver bangles in modern times. 

Now there are hundreds of designs and jewellery styles available in the market for you to choose from. You can even find silver bangles online on JewelFlix now. We have unique selections from hundreds of different jewellers.

Different Types Of Designer Silver Bangles in 2022

Plain Silver Bangles

These simple silver bangles have a plain design of a smooth and study circle with no embellishments. These are usually worn in pairs on each arm for their sweet jingle sounds when they touch each other. JewelFlix has an assortment of different designs in lightweight as well as heavy real silver bangles. These bangles can also be accompanied by kadas.

Thin Silver Metal Bangles

The lightweight and thin silver bangles set are designed either hollow or very thin. Kids usually wear these metal bangles as they also wish to flaunt their adornments. However, adults also prefer these bangles in multiple sets. These thin silver bangles designs are mostly usually by teenagers as they can be coupled with differently styled bangles, as well as worn alongside silver kadas to make the wrist look more distinguished. You can find hundreds of differently designed bangles on JewelFlix, for women as well as children.

Silver Stone Bangles

Embellishing gemstones like emerald and rubies on designer silver bangles is another popular way of flaunting your beauty. With different jewels embedded on a bangle, you can have many combinations of outfits with your jewellery.

These silver stone bangles are also worn because of their astrological benefits of stones if worn based on your birth month of the Hindu calendar.

Silver Single Bangle

Even though a silver bangle set is the most common practice of wearing, you may also have one unique bangle with an elaborate and heavy design that perfectly matches the dress and occasion you’re going for. These single bangles are wide and with intricate designs. These may also have embellished stones like diamonds or CZs.

Modern Silver Bangles Designs

Since silver bangles are so popular everywhere globally, there have been numerous distinctive designs from everywhere. In India, people have preferred traditional bangles for a long time, but now youngsters are flaunting modern designs which could be simple but highly elegant. And some designs are based on traditional styles.

Young girls tend to experiment with colours, stones, and many aspects of modern bangle designs, which could go perfect with their skin tone and dress. 

Fancy Silver Bangles

Some bangles are quite unique in themselves due to their fancy designs. College students mostly flaunt their style and make a symbol out of the ornaments. These ornaments can be embedded into jewellery.

The handmade silver bangles are crafted by most jewellers based on personalized requirements from people of any age. And these can get very fancy based on the individual’s needs and choice.

Traditional Silver Bangles Designs for Ladies

Traditional bangles made of silver has religious as well as cultural significance in India. These bangle designs are made from ancient architectural and religious designs and symbols with intricate carvings and heavy designs. Women during and after marriage usually prefer the original silver bangles with antique or traditional designs. These traditional silver bangles for ladies also come in various styles; some with the embellishment of stones, yet some as a simple silver bangle set. The designs are also regional i.e. in each region of India, designs would vary.

Rajasthani Silver Bangles

Rajasthan is one of the most culture-rich when it comes to jewellery. There are many designs of Rajasthani bangles, but the most popular are Lac bangles. These are considered divine and are mandatory for married women to wear in Jaipur. These sterling silver bangles are created in amazing varieties and decorated with lovely stones and colours.

Antique Silver Bangles

Antique silver bangles are the type of jewellery that is at least 100 years old. And finding such jewellery items, whether it’s a bangle or a necklace, used to get difficult. But now, Jewellers are fashioning these unique antiques using a special chemical process called oxidation, which gives the jewellery its unique and darkish look.

These oxidized silver bangles are now loved by married and young women alike due to their fascinating look and qualities, like going with any dress.

Meenakari Silver Bangles

This is one of the most loved jewellery works. Meenakari is the art of embellishing silver bangles or other metallic jewellery items with vibrant colours in motifs of birds, leaves, and flowers. The enamel is designed in such a way that it could be transparent, opaque, or translucent, showing the base metal of silver.

Silver Bangles With Latkan

A latkan silver bangle is something on which there are two or more hanging ornaments. These ornaments may resemble Jhumka earrings. These bangles are traditional and cultural aspects of India mostly and can rarely be seen (or not at all) outside India.

These silver latkan bangles’ design is very elaborate and intricate and is mostly preferred by married women for cultural purposes.

Gold Plated Silver Bangles

You can get silver metal bangles set with the plating or finish of pure gold online at JewelFlix. This is preferred by women so that they can experiment with different designs on multiple occasions without spending too much on gold bangles.

Silver Bangles for Kids

Kids and babies wear bangles for several reasons. Parents sometimes dress their children with silver bangles to ward off evil and to keep their children safe health-wise. Sometimes the silver baby bangle is also worn on newborn babies for gender identification. The designs usually have a toy ornament for children to play with. You can find different variants of silver bangles for kids on JewelFlix and choose the perfect one you desire.

Silver Bangles For Baby Girl

Babies can start to wear bangles as soon as they attain 18 months of age. At this time, parents love to adore these kids with small silver bangles, which are usually decorated with pink ribbons and playful ornaments.

Silver Bangles For Baby Boy

The silver bangles can be a symbol of religion, safety and even for making the adorable one look fashionable. Like baby girls, baby boys can also have adornments on the bangle to play with.

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