Diamond Pendant Designs

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Latest Diamond Pendant Designs

Diamond is no doubt one of the most beautiful and precious stones in the world. A person cannot hide their excitement about these beautiful diamond pendant designs. Whether you’re a woman or a man, you can never go wrong with any diamond accessory like a diamond pendant. These are indeed some of those jewellery items which everyone should have in their possession.

The diamond pendants you can find on JewelFlix are not only of high quality but with the most modern and fashionable design, which can go perfectly with other selections of Jewellery like bracelets or necklaces.

Men Diamond Pendants

Men have several options for wearing diamond jewellery like watches, cufflinks, pins and others. But the most prominent item is a pendant. Men wear diamond pendants not just to look but to show authority and class as well. These gold diamond pendants are designed elegantly so to go with any formal and casual dress.

Diamond Pendant Designs For Female

A diamond is such a jewellery accessory that no woman can resist. It helps add to their confidence, and there is no other item that can flaunt the beauty, confidence and style of a woman than a diamond chain pendant. You can even enhance your office getup with the sparkles of these diamond pendants.

Diamond Pendant Set Designs

The latest diamond pendant sets come in amazingly elegant designs, ranging from simple mango shapes to intricately carved leaflets. The modern youth always prefers to glow with something unique, and on JewelFlix, you’ll find tens and hundreds of different designs which you may love. Every set you explore comes with its own special design of earrings, which can be accompanied by the pendant flawlessly.

Modern Diamond Pendant Designs 2022

Dancing Diamond Pendant

The dancing diamond pendant is designed in such a way in which the pendant glides over the chain. Every time to step or move, they will move with you. The cut and twinkle setting spreads the sparkles around and attracts the attention of everyone. This unique diamond pendant design is loved by everyone who tends to walk with most modern fashion trends.

Diamond Name Pendant

The diamonds are the precious ways to show your love to a significant other, and that’s why you can now easily find a diamond name pendant anywhere. You can customize a pendant with your own name scribbled or as an ornament and gift to your loved one, so they can always remember you.

The diamond alphabet pendant is yet another creative way to signify the same, but instead of the entire name, only the initial of his/her name can be mentioned.

Different Types of Diamond Pendants

Diamond Heart-Shaped Pendant

The diamond pendant can be shaped like a heart and is a symbol of love. You can gift this pendant to your significant other to see how much you love them. These can also be brought in twin sets in which both the partners can wear each. These are popular among friends and family equally.

The diamond heart locket is also one of the most loved accessories which can hold an ornament or a photo of your loved one, so they’ll always be close to your heart.

Diamond Om Pendant

Om is a spiritual sound and considered sacred in Hinduism. This mantra is very significant, and people love to chant this almost daily. The diamond Om pendant is studded with small diamonds all around and maybe encased in a round gold ring. Even a diamond Om locket can be worn to hold the memory of your special friend or family member.

Diamond Cross Pendant

Men and women both love to flaunt their diamond jewellery, and one of the reasons to wear such a precious item is to express your religious beliefs. The diamond cross pendant is a symbol of Christianity and Christians love to wear this as it strengthens the belief in Jesus and God.

Uncut Diamond Pendant

The uncut diamonds are usually naturally mined with different sizes and shapes. These real diamond pendants are not polished or shaped like the ones used in Jewellery and thus can be a bit cheaper. 

Single Diamond Pendant

The single diamond pendant embellishes a single diamond on a small pendant, which could range from a normal stud size to bigger than a traditional jhumka. These pendants are usually with a single chain, and the pendant is loose on a chain like the dancing pendant.

Big Diamond Pendant Designs

The big diamond pendant designs showcase a large diamond on the pendant’s centre surrounded by small pendants. This designer diamond pendant set is highly elegant, classy and mostly preferred by women on very special occasions. These are perfect gifting items for your special someone, particularly on anniversaries.

Small Diamond Pendant

Perfect for formal occasions, these small diamond pendants can wonderfully go with any of your dresses. These are usually in chain designs with a small sparkling diamond at the centre. You can also find a diamond locket design with a small single diamond or multiple diamonds surrounding the actual locket space.

Light Weight Diamond Pendants

The lightweight diamond pendants are one of the best investments in your beauty collection. Whether you’re looking to gift to your wife or girlfriend or buying it for yourself, these pocket-friendly pendants will always be your best bet on any occasion and with any dress. 

Gold Diamond Pendants in Different Carats & Weights

Finding a diamond pendant online is easy now since you get an enormous selection of different designs available on JewelFlix. Our hundreds of associated jewellers exhibit thousands of unique diamond jewellery items with various designs. Women, men and even kids can flaunt their style and class with our magnificent selection from all around India.

The best thing is that you wouldn’t even need to find about the products we display anywhere else. For every product, we have mentioned all the significant and minor details of the products, and you’ll never miss out on anything. Diamond pendant images, quality, weight, gemstones, brand and much more information, is displayed. The products are no doubt 100% authentic and genuine because all our jewellers are properly registered and only provide hallmarked/branded goods.

Our diamond pendants can be found in various carats like:
  • Half carat diamond pendants 
  • 1-carat diamond pendants
  • 2-carat diamond pendants
  • 3-carat diamond pendants
  • 4-carat diamond pendants & more