5 Gram Silver Coins

      5 Gram Silver Coins

      Silver coins have a huge cultural and religious significance in India. They’re not just used to craft jewellery but are a major part of poojas or prayers in Hinduism. Silver coins are used in home temples as a gift to gods and goddesses due to their pure nature. The 5 gram silver coins are kept on a silver plate to pray to gods and goddesses which are depicted on the coins, usually Lakshmi and Ganesha.

      BIS Hallmark 5 gram Silver Coins

      Whenever you wish to buy a silver 5 gram coin, you must keep in mind the purity of the silver. 999 or fine silver is best used because they’re the purest of silver metal and have only 0.01% inclusion metals, the rest is pure silver.

      The precious metal like 999 silver coins should always be bought from authentic sources, which have the proper BIS Hallmark. JewelFlix has associated with hundreds of jewellers across India and each seller is 100% authentic and every product is hallmarked according to the purity mentioned.

      5 Gram Silver Coins for Gifting

      Silver coins are also used as a gifting solution to your friends and family. 5 gram silver coin gifts are the most common when it comes to gifting known people who have just started something new in their lives. Whether it is a marriage, a new home, a newborn baby, or just started a new business; silver coins are best when it comes to sharing the precious remembrance of your loved ones.

      Traditional Silver Coins

      Silver coins have been a representation of power and wealth for generations now but most importantly, they’re the symbol of spirituality and religion. The coins have been most often depicted with religious symbols like the portrayal of Lakshmi or Ganesh, or even the Om symbol. Their design is based on antique styles with the carving of the gods and goddesses.

      Lakshmi Silver Coins in 5 grams

      Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and praying to her is believed to bring oneself with immense wealth and keeps the women in good health. The pure 5 grams silver coins can be kept in the home temple on a silver tray so that we can always stay in touch with her, and she keeps us blessed.

      Ganesh Silver Coins in 5 Grams

      Ganesh being the god of new beginnings and wisdom is often prayed to, along with goddess Lakshmi. He is believed to provide knowledge and wisdom, as well as bless you with creativity and success in life. You can find the latest 5 gram silver coins with the depiction of Ganesh alone, or alongside Lakshmi, his mother.

      Om Symbol Silver Coins in 5 Grams

      Om or ‘Ohm’ is a Sanskrit word that is considered sacred in many eastern religions, particularly Hinduism. This is believed to be the sound of the universe and symbolizes the eternity of the universe; its creation, preservation and liberation. Chanting it physically will tune you and connect you to everything in this world and universe. That’s why having silver coins is considered auspicious in every home. People even use the symbol as a pendant for the same reasons.

      Silver Coins for Puja Mandir

      Silver coins are considered auspicious in the Hindu religion and therefore are always kept in home temples (Mandirs). These are a symbol of your gift to gods and goddesses. The depiction on these silver coins like Ganesha & Lakshmi is also used to pray instead of Idol. When performing the Havan, i.e. pooja for the whole house, you cannot move the god idols here and there. That’s why silver coins are put on a tray and prayed to around the house, for blessings.

      5 Grams Silver Coin Price

      The price for 5 gram silver coins is constantly changing, just like gold coins. Because it is a very precious metal, it is also used for an investment purpose however more significantly it is used for religious purpose. The current price of the silver may be different from yesterday’s, and tomorrow it will be different.

      Also silver has many purities like Sterling silver and fine silver, so the price for different types differ. For reference purposes, the current price of 999 silver or fine silver is around ?73.30 but will be different at different times.

      You can buy varieties of different silver coins on JewelFlix of every quality and from authentic and genuine jewellers across India.