JewelFlix is a Jewellery eStore and the first online Marketplace for Jewellers across the entire India. We have collaborated with the leading brands of over 300+ Jewellers which include Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers as well.
Yes, It is absolutely safe to buy Jewellery through JewelFlix since you’ll be in direct contact with the Jeweller. You have the option to select the mode of payment by yourself. You will get detailed information about your jewellery like design, weight, purity, product code, and price as well.
At JewelFlix, we are associated with only the genuine and hallmarked certified jewellers. All our associated jewellery partners deal in optimum quality, hallmarked certified jewellery at reasonable prices.
Buying Jewellery online is very easy. You just have to keep in mind what you are looking for and explore the plethora of options we have available. You can either browse through our categories from the navigation at the top, or you can search directly for your product (if you have one in mind) from the search feature provided on JewelFlix.
On the product page of the Jewellery item you wish to buy, you will get the basic information at the top and detailed description including Brand, Product Metal, Purity, Colour, Weight, Authenticity, and much more will be provided at the bottom.
On the product page, you can find the description of the product as well as reviews left by other customers for that particular product.
No. All the services provided by JewelFlix to you as our esteemed customer is completely free of cost. You only have to pay for the Jewellery item directly to the seller.
All our associated jewellery partners are certified and verified. So, you can shop for anything anytime without any worry.
Yes, We have joined hands with India’s top Jewellery Stores, and are still growing. So you can be sure that you can connect with anyone associated with us anytime and anywhere.
If you face any difficulty while connecting with jewellers then you can write to us at [email protected] or feel free to call at +91 9945 444 333.
Yes, If you want a personalized and/or custom design, you can contact any preferred Jeweller on JewelFlix and discuss your needs and requirements. Majority of the Jewellers would be more than happy to cater to your needs.
You are free to discuss with the Jeweller about any customization or personalized service via WhatsApp or Direct Call. Contact Information provided on the product page.