80+ Silver Pendants & Lockets

Latest Silver Pendant Designs

A pendant is a kind of jewellery with a small or large designed ornament that hangs from a loose chain or necklace, attachable to the actual pendant ornament. This chain is usually made of gold or silver, and the pendant ornament of the same metal as well. This chain usually has a length up to your neckline where the ornament stays. With different pendant designs available in the market, you have numerous options to choose from for several occasions.

Pendant For Girls

Most girls in these modern times wear the 925 silver pendants purely for fashion statements. However, with a silver locket pendant, there could be a personal and sentimental value attached as well, like a gift from a family member or a friend. With hundreds of designs of silver pendants online, you’ll always have something unique to choose from, whether for a party, a family function or just daily wear.

Pendant for Women

Jewellery like pendants is one of those items which every woman has in her wardrobe. With numerous designs, women love to flaunt their beauty on several occasions, and for every occasion, a new style is demanded.

For example, you may prefer to go with a traditional heavy pendant for religious ceremonies, or maybe a classy modern design for a cocktail party. A perfect silver pendant with a modern set can also be a great investment for a date with your special someone.

Men's Pendant

Men wear pendants and lockets as much as any woman. Mainly the difference between a male and female locket is only the chain and a few other embellishments around the ornament. Men prefer to wear lightweight pendants as a symbol of religion, strength or love. Several silver locket designs are available exclusively for men on JewelFlix, including traditional and modern designs.

Couple Pendants

Love is a beautiful thing, and couples always try to show their love and care for each other. The pendants are the most common and popular way to do that. The silver couple pendants are primarily in the design of a heart, split in the middle so that each individual can wear one. There are also silver heart lockets that can hold something, like a photo of your significant other as a memory, close to your heart.

Different Types of Pendant Designs in 2022

Name Pendant

The name pendants are one of the loved accessories, particularly among best friends and lovers. People give these as gifts to their loved ones as a reminder for them. The names of individuals are usually designed in a circle with the chain attached. These pendants are lightweight and preferred by young people mostly. You can also find name lockets in silver, which can hold the memories of your loved ones.

Infinity Pendant

A symbol of eternity, empowerment and everlasting love, these infinity pendants or even bracelets can have many meanings. These are elaborate or straightforward chains with infinity symbols (horizontal ‘8’) as an ornament. These pure silver pendants can make not only a perfect gift but also an ideal addition to your personal collection as well.

Elephant Pendant

Elephant jewellery, like a pendant, is a symbol of strength and believed to bring good luck to the wearer. This can also be a great gift to a friend or family member. 

Evil Eye Pendant

The evil eye is a talisman and has an eye-shaped design with green or blue colour for protection from evil. It is believed to protect the wearer from negative/harmful effects on your health and life.

Fish Pendant

The wearing of a fish pendant is believed to be good for fertility, and also it has a chance of bringing wealth into homes. These pendants can also be in the shape of a fishbone only, which are believed to remedy relationships and improve harmony.

Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant

The silver Celtic pendant or ring are popularly used worldwide as a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. Their design is distinctive and symmetric from every side. Their origin is traced back to Ireland as they’ve been developed in ancient times as ‘faith rings’. However, modern designs have been extremely light and with classy designs compared to traditional designs with only three elements.

Hamsa Pendant

The Hamsa pendant is a symbol of blessings, power and strength. It is also a sign of protection and believed to keep off negative and evil energies. The design is usually in the shape of a hand with an evil eye at the palm.

Oxidised Silver Pendants

The sterling silver pendants once introduced to the chemical process by a jeweller gives it a slight darkish and antique look. These jewellery designs are famous because of their resemblance to actual antique jewellery.

Pearl Pendant

Without any doubt, pearl necklaces are one of the most loved types of jewellery out there. Their elegance and design are so bright that they can go with any dress on any occasion. The pearl pendants are usually thin chains with pearls embedded in the ornaments at the centre. These are the perfect way to flaunt the elegance of your personality.

Gold Plated Silver Pendants

The silver pendants are cherished accessories; however, since most people love to experiment with different designs frequently, the gold polished pendants show off much more beauty and magnificence to wear. These can be budget-friendly as well as look extremely lovely.

Religious and God Pendant Designs

Ganesh Pendant

The Ganesha is a symbol of wisdom, understanding and intellect and anyone wearing a Ganesh symbol like a pendant or necklace is blessed with all these qualities. Sometimes even a Trishul will also be over Lord Ganesha’s head, symbolising time and Ganesha’s control over it.

Om Pendant

Om is believed to the entirety of the universe, ultimate reality, truth and knowledge. This is one of the religious accessories which calms one’s mind and soul. The word ‘Om’ is written in Hindi as ? and used as a pendant with a light silver chain.

Hanuman Pendant

The silver hanuman pendant can be an ideal accessory for any individual, wearable at any time and occasion. Being a God of courage, wisdom, and devotion, one can expect to be blessed with ultimate calmness and strength in any endeavour throughout his life. You can get the hanuman pendant’s designs in the entire body or the head with his weapon ‘Gada’.

Cross Pendant

The cross pendant is a very religious accessory for every individual of the Christian faith. This is to remember and recall the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ for humanity. The symbol is a sign of Christ as well as the faith of Christianity.

Sai Baba Pendant

Sai Baba is one of the most loved saints of all time because of his teachings and life philosophies. These sai baba pendants are designed to depict this saint, so one could never forget him when life goes tough, and we need the motivation to go through difficult situations.

Shiva Pendant

Shiva is the god of destruction, time, dance, and destroyer of evil. It is believed that the wearer of the Shiva pendant receives the blessings of calmness and fights for injustice. Shiva pendant designs can be found in small idols with chains or even a Trishul. 

Rudraksha Pendant

The pendants made from Rudraksha beads, usually brown or dark orange colour, are used for meditation purposes as it helps to clear the mind from unnecessary thoughts. Concentration power is increased. This is considered the best to wear if you’re trying to get rid of a bad habit. 

Maa Durga Locket

For women, it is believed that wearing a Maa Durga locket provides them with protection and makes them fearless. This ornament is tied to a silver thread chain or gold chain around the neck. Women mostly wear these for strength and the symbol of empowerment.

Radha Krishna Locket

The Radha Krishna locket is an accessory used to depict the purity of love between the two individuals. This is a silver photo locket in which you can keep a photo of you and your beloved, together for eternity. The locket can be a heart shape with Radha and Krishna depicted or just Radha-Krishna depiction.

Pendant Designs Online on JewelFlix

You can find hundreds of different varieties of pendant designs on JewelFlix. And you can choose based on your preference and requirements. You can also find details for all products like metal, brand, purity, weight, and other significant details. And having complete information of jewellery at your fingertips, you can connect and request for any customisation or personalisation if you have any.

So don’t wait too long. Get exploring and enchant yourself with the perfect pendant for yourself.