Diamond Stud Earrings

      Shopping Diamond Stud Earrings

      Diamond stud earrings are the most spectacular jewellery items you can own. They bring immense happiness to the person who wears them, due to their quality of enhancing the personality in a highly elegant manner. No matter which diamond stud design you choose, you can always be assured that every style of studs made of a diamond will look terrific on you.

      Diamond Studs For Women

      Women are really careful when choosing their jewellery items, and they want their products to be perfect, without any flaws. Therefore, the real diamond stud earrings are crafted with utmost care and detail to make every part of the stud sparkle and enhance the beauty of the wearer.

      Diamond Studs For Men

      Men have been wearing jewellery for a long time now, and wearing diamond studs has become the symbol of fashion, style, and the portrayer of personality. Now, you can find thousands of distinctive diamond ear studs for men online on JewelFlix catered for the likes of almost every type of person.

      Diamond Studs For Girls

      Girls have been wearing earrings for all sorts of reasons, but mostly for aesthetic purposes. The gold diamond studs for young and unmarried girls are crafted to enhance the wearer's beauty positively and complement their overall personality. Most girls love to wear a necklace or bracelet which can complement these studs to look more marvellous.

      Diamond Stud For Boys

      Young boys wear diamond studs or hoops because they find them attractive and stylish. Boys also love to enhance their looks, and these diamond stud earrings on their ear look stunning on anyone wearing them. These are also worn as a custom or tradition followed in some cultures or religions. 

      Diamond Studs for Babies

      Adorning a baby with the most beautiful jewellery is one of the best things to do for parents. Baby diamond stud earrings look extremely cute and adorable. Boy or girl, you can always put a little sparkle on their little ears and make them look more precious as they already are.

      You can also get diamond studs for kids to make them feel precious and realize fashion trends from a young age.

      Traditional Diamond Studs Designs

      Diamonds have been used as fashion and status symbols for ages. The traditional diamond stud earrings on the ear were worn as cultural and religious symbols. In India, women were always adorned with the best jewellery to make them look magnificent. These studs were carved with religious symbols and studded with diamonds for increasing their beauty. You can still find these in various regions in India. On JewelFlix, our jewellers have a collection of different designs of these traditional studs.

      Latest Diamond Stud Designs In 2022

      Since studs have been an important part of a woman’s attire, they have been given special attention by fashionistas as well as jewellers. The latest diamond stud designs are kept elegant and lightweight because nowadays people are preferring to go unique, not heavyweight.

      Single Diamond Stud Earring

      Stud earrings having a single diamond are a perfect addition to your jewellery collection. You can wear these any day to look gorgeous. The diamond could be small or large, based on the event or occasion you're planning to wear them to.

      Diamond Butterfly Stud Earrings

      These studs have a beautiful butterfly design carved at the top with a single diamond or multiple diamonds studded along the butterfly's body so that it can always be visible to the public. This butterfly can be further embedded with gemstones such as emeralds or rubies to make it look more ravishing.

      Oval Diamond Studs

      One of the classic shapes that are spectacular with any attire, a pair of oval cut diamond studs can be one of the most elegant pieces of jewellery you can glamorize yourself with. These gold diamond stud earrings are usually large in size, with a big diamond as the centrepiece. You can find many designs of these studs on JewelFlix for all types of people: men, women, and children.

      Green Diamond Earrings Studs

      The green diamond stud earring can come in many variants, with the most common and popular being a stud embedded with Emerald gemstone. This can be an emerald centrepiece surrounded by small diamonds or a large diamond centrepiece surrounded by small emerald stones. Whatever your choice may be, our associated jewellers can craft specialities exclusively for you.

      Pearl Diamond Stud Earrings

      The pearl diamond studs can add a magical aura to you and enchant your beauty beyond compare. These magnificent little stones can get along with any attire and are perfect for any occasion. Whether it's your first date with a special someone, or you wish to wear these on your wedding day, you cannot go wrong with these classic diamond studs of pearl.

      Ruby And Diamond Studs

      The red colour holds a special significance in Indian culture. And wearing a stud with red rubies embedded can give you a touch of excellence and grace. The diamond studs are further enhanced with small rubies around the main centrepiece. You can find these diamond ear studs designs on JewelFlix for weddings, daily wear, and any other occasion as well. 

      Square Diamond Studs

      The square diamond studs have a square gold casing with single or multiple diamonds studded at the centre. These studs are perfect for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. Girls wear these square studs mostly at cocktail parties or other celebrations. You can find a variety of these stud earrings online on JewelFlix based on your likes.

      Small Diamond Stud Earrings

      You can enhance your beauty even will small diamond stud earrings. These are mostly used as second earrings to compliment the already existing studs. Some people love to wear multiple studs to make them look glamorous and further their sense of beauty. The diamond second stud earrings are very small and embellished with a single small diamond.

      Buy Diamond Studs Online

      You can buy diamond ear studs online now easily and securely on JewelFlix. You have access to thousands of designs, and you can choose the most desirable for you among them. Whether you are looking for diamond stud earrings for women, men or children, you'll find everything in the organized catalogue to choose from and for any occasion or daily wear.

      Gold Diamond Stud Earrings with Carat and Weight Details

      Our range of diamond ear studs is crafted by expert artisans and provided by 100% authentic jewellers. You can find the complete details of every product, including weight, carat, metal, gemstones, and much more. Most popular diamond studs come in carats of:

      • 1 carat diamond studs
      • 2 carat diamond stud
      • 3 carat diamond studs
      • 4 carat diamond studs earrings
      • 6 carat diamond stud earrings

      So don't wait too long. Grab your perfect sparkling stud and get shining!