Gold Necklace Designs

Latest Gold Necklace Designs for Indian Women

A Necklace is no doubt one of the most loved and adorned jewellery items for women in India. The gold necklaces have been used by women (and sometimes men in earlier times) for centuries to enhance their beauty, signify their personality, and act as a status symbol. The latest gold necklace designs are developed to keep all those attributes in mind. Almost every woman in India and across the world has some collection of jewellery which includes at least a few necklace designs for different occasions.

Gold Necklace For Women

Women could have the best gold necklace designs and yet still want something new to compliment their looks. Among all the different jewellery items, a gold necklace is something that no woman will go without. India being a diverse country with different unique cultures, jewellery like necklaces have also found their way into cultural aspects and every region has its own style and design of necklaces, earrings, hand bracelets, and other accessories to wear.

Gold Necklace For Girls

The new designs of gold necklaces can be developed to cater to teenagers and modern girls who love to stay updated with fashion. The fashionistas come up with different styles to go with, according to the dress/attire. These can be developed as modern light weight gold necklace designs that may have other embellishments like pearls or gemstones to enhance their beauty. Or they can be heavyweight with elaborate patterns and embellishments that are suitable for special occasions like weddings.

Wedding Gold Necklace Designs

A wedding is an occasion where a bride cannot be seen without a set of mesmerizing jewellery designs wearing from top to bottom. These bridal gold necklace designs are usually heavyweight with artistic work done and most of the time portrayed with Indian Hindu goddess like Lakshmi. Being a goddess of prosperity, love, and marriage, this is considered good luck to the bride to wear on her special day.

Bridal Gold Necklace Designs

The ornamental designs are also one of the beloved jewellery patterns on the bridal gold necklace designs and are preferred mostly by modern girls since they prefer to go light, but elegant on this day. The traditional gold necklace designs are made with modern techniques to give them a finished and precise look of elegance with beauty.

Gold Long Necklace Designs

The gold long necklace designs are an elegant solution for a bride-to-be. These gold jewellery necklaces are often accompanied by another piece of neck jewellery, like a short choker necklace. A single stone like a diamond, ruby or emerald may be used as a centrepiece to enhance the general look of the necklace, but is usually kept lightweight so the secondary jewellery item can be easily worn and keep the comfort level.

Simple Gold Necklace Designs

The gold necklace models come in many varieties, but the most preferred is the one with a simplistic design. The reason is that these can look gorgeous with any type of dress. They don’t have heavy work and have the balance between weight and design. They can be paired with gold bangles and earrings of a similar colour to make yourself look mesmerizing.

Types of Gold Necklace Designs in 2022

For centuries, jewellery has been an important aspect of human lives. The gold necklace came in different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, but they all had one thing in common: their use. Modern gold necklaces have been developed in many different ways from many different cultures, but the most popular in India have stayed.

Gold Pearl Necklace

The necklaces are embedded with pearls along the chain to enhance its existing preciousness and glamour. The pearls have the quality of looking best, no matter what the dress is, so the pearl necklaces (moti necklace) are loved by everyone.

They are also a symbol of love and care, so constitute a perfect gifting item to your loved one. Pearl necklaces or finger rings form an important aspect in weddings and engagements also, as they are commonly embedded in bridal jewellery like gold necklace set designs.

Gold Chain Necklace

The chain necklaces have a thin chain that goes around the neck and a small pendant like an ornament hanging at the center. The thickness of the chain varies and it may also have small beads, pearls or gold leaf designs around to make it more beautiful. The gold chain necklace is popularly used as daily wear jewellery by women, girls, as well as youngsters.

Small Gold Necklace Designs/Short Gold Necklace

The short gold necklaces are of a small length that goes around the neck of the wear in close proximity (not as close as choker). These do not stick to the neck but keep hanging at a short distance. They are extremely affordable, trendy and attractive to be worn as daily wear or even on special occasions. You can get these gold necklaces online on JewelFlix in floral as well as abstract designs.

Antique Gold Necklace Designs

The gold necklaces of the new design can be given an antique look, and these can be perfect to add to your jewellery collection. The antique gold necklace designs are popularly used on very special occasions and contribute to the bridal attire glamorously.

Gold Bead Necklace

Gold bead necklaces add a hint of grace and enchantment to your overall look. The beads have a special cultural and religious belief that wearing the black beads in any form keeps negative energy away from you. You can have a 22k gold necklace studded with beads along the chain to keep beauty as well as safety on you all time.

Gold Layered Necklace

Heavy necklaces can sometimes be made of multiple layers, i.e. with multiple chains connected to the single ornament. This is truly one of the most magnificent jewellery designs anyone can wear. These multiple chains may even have a periodic connection to each other, like after every few inches. The gemstones are commonly used for such connections to enhance the beauty of the overall piece.

Gold Stone Necklace

You can have an amazing and elegant appearance wearing just a simple necklace but when the necklace has its own beauty to show in terms of the gemstones like emerald, ruby, or even diamond; It truly embellishes you with richness and gives the feel of royalty. Gold stone necklaces are very common across Indian due to their astrological beliefs. Like the emerald necklace, gold is believed to bring economic prosperity to the wearer’s life.

Ruby Necklace Gold

Rich & fascinating Ruby stone has a very rich past, and it will undeniably enhance your pristine style statement. With exquisite designs, these ruby necklaces are known for their magic. Sophisticated, traditional, and culturally rich are the words that can be used to describe this magnificent beauty. You can find many different designs of necklaces and other accessories with such beautiful red stones on JewelFlix.

Modern Gold Necklace Designs

The modern gold necklace designs are being developed every day and some take up to be the trendy ones while others get lost. However, most of the latest necklace designs in India have a touch of traditional patterns which are not forgotten. The modern styles are combined with the traditional design of gold necklaces to create something unique.

You can find the latest and most modern jewellery designs on JewelFlix, whether you’re looking for a wedding, for formal occasions, or just for daily use.

Fancy Gold Necklace

Some of the latest gold necklace designs can be developed in unique and/or sometimes personalized styles. These can be floral, abstract, or something different. The fancy gold necklaces are always somehow different from the common jewellery items and are usually worn by people who are confident and love to dress differently.

Gold Coin Necklace / Kasulaperu Necklace

The Kasulaperu is one of the essential jewellery items in most south Indian womens’ collections. The coin necklace is made of small gold coins strung together so that they stay on top of each other partially. The kasulaperu is a popular choice of bridal necklace jewellery and these range from lightweight to heavyweight and with different styles.

Necklace Designs In Gold With Weight

Hundreds of different and latest gold necklace designs are available in the market today, sometimes it may get confusing to choose the right one for you. Gold necklaces come in different shapes and weights, and selecting the right one is important because you don’t want too heavy or too light. You also need to choose the proper design to go with your dressing style as well.

Light Weight Gold Necklace Designs

JewelFlix has a collection of lightweight necklaces in different styles and colours. Lightweight things like a 5 gram gold necklace or 8 gram gold necklace can be used as daily wear, as well as for special occasions. The gold necklace designs in 10 grams are elaborately crafted with gemstones or pearls in them to enhance their beauty. You can easily find gold necklaces under Rs.50,000, Rs.60,000, and sometimes Rs.1 Lakh that can be exceptionally mesmerizing designs.

Heavy Gold Necklace

The heavy gold necklace designs are mostly worn on special occasions. The 15 grams gold necklace or a 16 grams gold necklace design can be a perfect addition to a woman’s attire for any traditional function. For a bride-to-be, gold necklace designs in 20 grams are suitable if going for a moderate style and design. The 30 grams gold necklace is mostly preferred by brides who wish to go for a traditional touch. These jewellery items are embellished with different stones and pearls to enhance the woman’s beauty.

You can also find designs of 40 grams gold necklace and above weight which are suitable for an extra heavy look for any occasion. The gold necklace images can be found on JewelFlix along with their weight, purity, brand, and other details that will help you decide which one to go for. Since they have a lot of work done on them, along with the embellishments like stones, the gold necklaces are above 1 Lakh INR in price. 

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