Gold Necklace Designs for Women

Collection of Various Gold Necklace Designs

One of the most sought after items for women is the gold jewellery necklace. Women no doubt love to have at least two three types of necklaces in their possession. This wonderful adornment can be worn by a woman of any age, and it will look magnificent and enhance the beauty of the wearer.

There are hundreds of different and unique gold necklace models available throughout India and finding the perfect one for you could make you magnificently charming and angelic.

The new model gold necklace designs are always up to date with the latest trendy designs among the youth.

Different Designs of Gold Necklace Online

Simple Gold Necklace Design

The simple gold necklace has one significant quality that can go well with any attire you wear, and you will look perfect. It can be worn on any occasion, and you will still enhance your overall look. This design is elegant enough to portray your personality, and you’ll have this for the rest of your life.

Traditional Gold Necklace Design

The symbol of Indian culture and heritage, the charm and grace of the look these traditional necklaces draw cannot be understated. The designs of these unique necklaces are derived from the old and culturally rich traditions of Indian art such as Palakasarulu, Gallaperu, and many more. 

The long gold necklaces in these forms should always be accompanied by a traditional saree, or even modern Lehengas will give a majestic enchantment.

Antique Gold Necklace Designs

An antique gold necklace can be a very good addition to your jewellery collection. Since they’re very old, they possess a unique design that may not be available in today’s market, unless the design is copied. These types of necklaces can be adorned for weddings and used as bridal wear, or even family functions.

Lightweight Gold Necklace Design

Lightweight necklaces are in style right now among young girls, particularly college-going students. The fact that they’re lightweight and usually thin in design gives a girl an adorable yet sparking spotlight.

Heavy Gold Necklace

These multilayer necklaces are, as the name suggests, heavily in weight as well as design. With multiple layers of different designs. Each layer is crafted with a unique structure that goes as support to the next. These are further embellished with either gemstone, coins, or a depiction of any religious icon.

In modern designs, they’re usually crafted in a 'V' shape with a specially crafted ornament at the bottom.

Rose Gold Necklace

The rose gold is the colour of gold which comes for its composition of 75% pure gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. The colour communicates luxury and is often associated with elegance, style and affluence. This is also considered a romantic and refined colour.

Gold Pendant Necklace

Pendants can be of a variety of popular necklace styles and often feature some gemstones, or a locket. It can be worn along with a different necklace or a standalone. The locket, if it has often featured the photograph of a loved one. Pendants often have a sentimental value for their wearer.

Small Gold Necklace Designs

The small gold necklace can be of small designs that run along the length of the necklace. These can be 20-15 gram thereby making them a cost-effective purchase in different designs. These are extremely affordable, attractive and trendy during these times among married and unmarried women. The most popular designs come in flowers and abstract art.

Gold Name Necklace

The time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. This is an exclusive type of design personalized for every individual in which the requested name of the loved one or your own is carved with pure gold. This can be given as a gift to keep a memento of the time spent together.

Gold Pearl Necklace

These are usually in long gold chain necklace designs with pearls embellished along the chain. The preciousness and elegance can be worn or any dress and is wonderfully suited for occasions like anniversaries and the birthday of your significant other. They can also be gifted.

Gold Bead Necklace

This is what you need when you need a hint of grace and enhancement as well as keep those negative eyes away from you. These have special cultural and religious value among the Indian people, with the belief to keep evil spirits and negative energy away from you.

Ruby Necklace Gold

Rich & fascinating Ruby stone has a very rich past, and it will undeniably enhance your pristine style statement. With exquisite designs, these ruby necklaces are known for their magic. Sophisticated, traditional and culturally rich are the words that can be used to describe this magnificent beauty.

With suitable attire, these necklaces will put you in the spotlight from a distance away.

Gold Stone Necklace

You can have an amazing and elegant appearance wearing just a simple necklace but when the necklace has its own beauty to show in terms of the gemstones like emerald, ruby, or even diamond; It truly embellishes you with richness and gives the feel of royalty.

Latest Gold Necklace Designs 2021

Since everyday fashionistas are developing new fashions and trends, the Jewellery industry is also keeping up with the demand for the same. However, traditions and culture have not been forgotten. The new and latest gold necklace designs are sometimes also incorporated with the traditional looks for the people who desire the best of both.

Finding the Best Gold Necklace Online

Whether you want a gold necklace set designs or just a bridal gold necklace design, you will always find something for you online. But finding that perfect one just for you can get a little hectic with so much information and stores online. You never know which one is genuine and which one is fake.

Simple Bridal Gold Necklace

The perfect collaboration of simplicity with beauty. The bridal necklaces can be a lightweight simple design or a normal pendant with an ornamental design. Most necklaces used in Indian marriages are based on traditional designs with cultural value.

A simple bridal wedding gold necklace design is one of the most essential pieces of bridal Jewellery. This adds a marvellous touch to the aura of the bride and gives exquisite glamour to her overall personality.

Gold Necklace For Girls

Girls absolutely love jewellery. They prefer to start with lightweight and experiment with different designs and choose to look for the perfect one which would suit their body structure and make them look attractive.

Gold Necklace For Women

The fancy of Indian women for gold jewellery has no bounds. This is the kind of adornment women can’t stay without, and it’s almost impossible to separate a woman from her desire to possess different kinds of jewellery.

The necklace, however, has higher precedence. India being a land of culture has numerous festivals and occasions and every woman desires something different for each one depending on the type of occasion. From daily wear to the one necklace for exclusive occasions, you can find everything on JewelFlix. 

Guide to Jewellery Shopping on JewelFlix

JewelFlix being an online marketplace for all the best Jewellers around India has no lack of different and unique designs of every type of jewellery including necklaces.

All you need is to explore the various categories we have listed and browse through the catalogue to find your perfect desired item. You have the option to see the different gold necklace images, name, metal, quality/purity, weight for each of our products; and all the products listed here are certified by BIS Hallmark.

You also have the option to directly search for a particular product if you have one in mind. Once you have selected the product you desire, you can directly contact the Jeweller to know more about it.

Gold Necklace With Weight Details

Whenever you’re planning to buy a gold necklace, you will have to keep in mind the weight of the product since the metal is extremely precious and valuable. On JewelFlix, you can find the different weights for gold necklace:

  • 5 gram gold necklace
  • 6 gram gold necklace
  • 8 gram gold necklace
  • 10 grams gold necklace
  • 12 grams gold necklace designs
  • 15 grams gold necklace
  • 16 grams gold necklace designs
  • 18 grams gold necklace
  • 20 grams gold necklace
  • 24 grams gold necklace
  • 25 grams gold necklaces
  • 30 grams gold necklace
  • 32 grams gold necklace designs
  • 40 grams gold necklace
  • 50 grams gold necklace or more weights...