200+ Silver Earrings Designs in 2022

Finding The Right Silver Earrings Design

Earrings are the most gorgeous jewellery items a lady can flaunt, Those beautiful adornments can enhance your personality in a way you can’t imagine. Put on a matching outfit, and you’re good to go on any occasion. Silver jewellery earrings are very popular among Indians due to their shine and elegance it provides.

The earrings are worn either as a status symbol or even for religious reasons like avoiding evil and preventing bad omen. Earrings are even a part of 16 pieces of adornments called ‘Solah Shringaar’ of an Indian bride for signifying marital status.

Different Types of Silver Earrings

Traditional Silver Earrings

Sticking to the traditional aspects of Indian culture has always been a perfect choice among the Indians. At JewelFlix, a wonderful assortment of silver earrings is available whether you’re looking for an antique finish or a gold-plated finish on a real silver earring.

Antique Silver Earrings

The antique finish on original silver earrings can give a magnificent look and is available in modern as well as the traditional style. These are a perfect first jewellery item for kids but even girls in professional fields are getting highly attracted towards them due to their unique and traditional design in the modern world. These are in actuality real silver which is oxidized to create an antique look.

Gold Plated Silver Earrings

The sterling silver earrings are dipped into 24k gold and put through the process to make it difficult to distinguish from gold in terms of its finish. The designs are extremely attractive due to this gold finish. You can find numerous designs on JewelFlix and don’t worry, all of these are labelled about their metal and finish as well, so you can easily see which one is gold-plated and which one is real gold.

Oxidised Silver Earrings

The pure silver earrings are introduced to a chemical process called oxidation to give it a stunning silver black patina. This process gives it an antique look. This is mainly used to create Bohemian style jewellery of silver. Due to this unique look, oxidised jewellery has become high in demand.

Ethnic Silver Earrings

Ethnic jewellery is something that reminds us of certain tribes in different cultures. This is the jewellery that was (or is) exclusively worn by only certain people in a particular region. These jewellery items include veils, hair jewellery and very long earrings.

People started loving these types of jewellery so jewellers and designers started to develop ethnic style silver earrings as well into their collection.

Trendy And Fancy Silver Earrings

For a follower of fashionable jewellery, it is noticeable that the jewellery trends keep on changing every season. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind at the time of purchase to get something which is in current fashion. Thankfully, JewelFlix has the most modern as well as contemporary designs of silver metal earrings whether you want with the gold finish or flaunt yourself with antique style.

Among the youth today, even fancy silver earrings like butterfly earrings or plain gem-studded earrings are in style right now, so you have to choose according to your own style and desire.

Silver Earring Designs

Silver Hoop Earrings or Bali Earrings

The ultimate classic, Hoop Ballis are being brought back in fashion because of it being lightweight and size. On JewelFlix, you can find an exquisite collection of 925 silver earrings also known as Sterling Silver. However, even the pure 999 silver earrings are available in various designs.

These silver round earrings are even sometimes paired with regular tops for additional glamour. They are also referred to as silver circle earrings.

Silver Jhumka Earrings

A staple in any Indian household wardrobe. They can add a unique and elegant look to any outfit and balance the magnificence of any dress. These are a timeless classic from the royal emperors which cannot go wrong and are adorned since generations.

Chandbali Earrings Silver

Chandbalis are traditional, intricate and heavy designs of earrings owing their craftsmanship to the royalties of old-age. These are glamorous and classic pieces passed down from generations and trends. They are symbols of bold and beautiful.

The one piece of jewellery which every Indian woman must have in their possession is this timeless classic. These extraordinary pieces take inspiration from the grace of the moon itself.

Silver Dangle & Drop Earrings

To give yourself a sleek touch to your long earrings on any of your evening outfits. The silver dangle earrings are perfect to add a bit of glamour to your gowns, particularly silk gowns. The designs were made of sterling silver with either a traditional or modern look with abstract designs or even designs of different gemstones.

The silver hanging earrings are one of the classiest jewellery items a lady can flaunt on any occasion.

Silver Pearl Earrings

A staple in every woman’s jewellery box, these are timeless classic piece of jewellery. An exceptional pair of these silver pearl earrings can make you look like a gorgeous diva. On JewelFlix, you can explore large collections of these earrings like freshwater pearl earrings, stud earrings, and even tops if your kid seems to be in a precious mood.

Silver Stone Earrings

The earrings are studded with various gemstones like rubies and emeralds; sometimes even diamonds for their elegance and beauty particularly on wedding ceremonies. You may wear them as a fashion accessory or even as a religious statement. These heavy silver earrings have another reason to be worn as that is the benefits from the stone from astrological belief.

Silver Diamond Earrings

To enhance the elegance of any occasion, you only need to put up a gorgeous outfit and accompany them with a pair of silver diamond earrings. Even simple makeup can give you a complete and instant style. Some people love to wear these precious stone earrings to big occasions like a date, a wedding or even an office party however there is no such rule on wearing it. You can wear a diamond any time, and it will never let you down.

Silver Earrings as per Sizes

Long Silver Earrings

The women who prefer long silver earrings like Jhumkas or others have a refined taste and bold and confident look. These earrings can be adorned in traditional as well as modern plain dresses. 

Small & Simple Silver Earrings

Small and simple silver earrings are mostly preferred for daily wear however with elaborate designs, these would go perfect for special occasions as well. Young unmarried girls and teenagers mostly prefer these as studs or hoop designs.

Big Silver Earrings

The boldest earring designs are mostly preferred by married women on special occasions but will look marvellous as daily wear also. They come mostly in traditional and intricate designs and can feature a flower or a gemstone embellishment.

Silver Earrings for Everyone

JewelFlix has a large assortment of silver earrings design suitable for every person:

Silver Earrings For Girls

Girls prefer to walk with the latest fashion trends and no particular earrings can be most liked. Everyone has different choices like stud earrings with diamonds is preferred by the most sophisticated ones, while the bold ones would go for big hoops or plug earrings. 

Silver Earrings For Women

Women are absolutely fond of any jewellery no doubt, but there is a special place for silver earrings in their heart. Rarely you will see a woman around with her ears empty. Whether it’s a hoop earring, a jhumka, or just a stud. This is one of the most adorned jewellery items around.

Silver Earrings For Kids

Kids have unique choices, and we still want to give them something precious to show our love for them. Whether it's a Pendant, Bracelet, Maang tikka, or more trendy design. Our silver earrings for kids are even sometimes decorated with small toy ornaments to make precious ones smile and be proud of their jewellery. Your kids can also use silver tops earrings as a starting point.

Silver Earrings For Men

Men wear silver earrings to express their individuality and these men know that piercings and jewellery for men are trendy for anyone who wants to be in style. Since men don’t wear a lot of jewellery as women do, it’s important to make each item count in your overall look and personality. The earrings should always go according to your outfit, skin tone and facial features.

  • Fair-skinned people should go for silver or white gold earrings and avoid rose gold earrings.
  • Pale or Whitish skin toned should stay away from yellow gold and stick to silver or white gold as well.
  • Olive skinned people can choose any design, and it will look great.
  • Dark-skinned people could go for a vibrant yellow gold as it would be an eye-catching design. Even silver and white gold would look magnificent.

Pure Silver Earrings Price

Going from shop to shop looking for the perfect earring design under your budget can get tiresome most of the time that’s why we recommend exploring an online jewellery marketplace like JewelFlix first. 

Here, you can easily explore thousands of unique products and get to know the price of pure silver earrings online in India on JewelFlix.

Silver Earrings Online Shopping

On JewelFlix, You not only can get a direct quote directly from the seller about the product; but you’ll get the entire details of each product like metal, brand, finish, code, authenticity and even silver earrings images. 

You can buy silver earrings online after knowing everything about the product and there is no middleman, so you can directly purchase from the retailer.