80+ Silver Rings

Silver Ring Designs: Modern & Traditional Styles at a Glance

Silver has been a part of the Indian people since ancient times. Believed to have health improvement properties, silver has been used for medicinal purposes in one form or another. The most loved form was being used as a jewellery item like a silver ring, necklace, or any other item.

Jewellery and ornaments are the areas where silver has always remained a number one choice for people, especially women, who love to adorn themselves with various jewellery items like silver ring designs for numerous occasions or even daily use.

Latest Silver Ring Designs in 2022

The pure silver rings have been associated with purity, beauty, the moon, as well as love and relationships. These rings have been used for several reasons by men and women alike. The latest and trendy silver ring designs have been crafted by keeping modern uses in mind.

You can show your love to your romantic partner by gifting the ring, wear it for health benefits like antibacterial properties, use in religious ceremonies like puja (because it is the purest metal), or wear it along with other jewellery items like silver earrings to enhance your beauty.

Silver Rings For Women & Girls

Women, married or unmarried, and girls have been adorning themselves since the concept of Jewellery came into existence. There is hardly a woman or a girl who doesn’t own at least one piece of the silver ring and silver bracelets. Embellishing one’s hand with a unique design like a floral or a religious mark has become common. Parents even get their children to wear these real silver rings to show their love and care for the adorable little ones.

Silver Rings For Men & Boys

Since the start of the 21st century, men have also started to wear rings. Not only to look good, but silver rings are being used to symbolise power, leadership, and authority. You can find pure silver rings online easily now on JewelFlix. It has the most desirable selection of silver rings for everyone, and from only authentic jewellers. You can find these pure silver rings online anywhere today but make sure you find the one perfectly suited to your personality. JewelFlix has the selection of the most desirable silver rings for everyone, from only authentic jewellers across India. 

Silver Couple Rings

The couple rings are several types, but the essential aspect is that the two individuals give each other (or make each other wear) to symbolise their love and care for each other. These can be wedding rings, engagement rings or even promise rings. These silver finger rings always come in pairs, so you and your partner can always flaunt your love to the world.

Silver Rings For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Silver rings are gaining popularity among young and unmarried people nowadays. These rings are a perfect way to show your love for that special person and also budget-friendly. The design of these silver love rings is similar. Boyfriend and girlfriend can wear this to express their love to each other and also let others know that they’ve something special in their lives.

Silver Engagement Rings/Wedding Rings

Engagement and wedding rings are very popular and essential in Indian culture. They symbolise good fortune, prosperity, and love between the two individuals. The silver wedding rings are a symbol and a wish of good luck to the couple for having a blessed purposeful relationship and the start of a new life together.

Different Types of Silver Ring Designs

Antique Silver Rings

The antique silver rings are popular due to their ancient designs and look, given to them by a special process called oxidation. Since the last decade, new and stylish silver rings have been brought to the market for every person: man or woman or child.

Now, the oxidised silver rings, which portray ancient designs and take us for a ride through our old age cultures, are becoming the new style. The darkish look is somewhat a unique blend of style with modern outfits. his can be further worn along with other antique jewellery like silver kadas or bangles.

Plain & Simple Silver Rings

The plain silver rings with a silver design without any embellishment are very popular for kids and adults. They are used as everyday rings to enhance the wearer’s beauty, and anyone, whether male or female, adult or kid, can wear these. The silver ring with the name of your loved one embellished on it is also a popular choice.

Crown Ring Silver

Women deserve to be called a queen for handling so much. That’s why the jewellers and fashionistas came up with the design which women surely cherish. A crown ring on the finger is something that the ladies deserve. 

The ladies surely will be enchanted with this queen silver ring when they put it on and feel like the real queen, which they are in our homes.

Om Ring Silver

The ‘Aum’ is the symbol of the universe and the ultimate reality. This is a significant Hindu symbol that represents the creation of everything—wearing an original silver ring with either ‘Om’ fashioned into a symbol or as an engraving is mostly preferred, as a simple statement. Wearing this ring may have different meanings for every person spiritually, religiously, or for meditation purposes.

Silver Infinity Ring

An infinity or eternity ring is a band ring made of precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum. It has a line of identical cut gemstones around the ring to symbolise eternity or never-ending love between the two individuals. These sterling silver rings are most popularly used for gifting something on very special occasions like significant anniversaries.

Silver Tortoise Ring

The tortoise or turtle silver ring is worn because of its religious significance in Hinduism. As per the beliefs, the turtle was believed to be born at the same time as when goddess Lakshmi came: during the churning of the sea. That’s why the kachua ring of silver is worn and given importance in Vastu. It is believed to increase wealth by associating with goddess Lakshmi.

Lion Ring Silver

Men mostly prefer the lion silver ring as it is considered a symbol of power and strength. It’s the significance for a wearer also depends on which of the two hands it is worn on. If worn on the right hand, this lion-faced ring will symbolise leadership and the desire to win. If worn on the left hand, it represents protection and self-confidence.

Snake Ring Silver

Snake or serpent rings have been popularly used throughout our history with the symbolism of eternal love and destiny. However, several fashionistas have carved Jewellery with serpent designs that deliver the meaning of quick and agile. People have been using these as fashion symbols in modern times as well. Some designs portray this by a snake eating its own tail creating an eternal loop.

Butterfly Ring Silver

Butterflies are so beautiful and loved by everyone. This led the jewellery industry to develop ring designs that clearly represent a butterfly and its wings. These rings are used for gifting to your friends as well as kids and loved ones. The pure 925 silver rings may also be embellished with gemstones like diamonds or emerald, depending on the design being created.

Silver Rings with Stone

You can buy silver rings online on the internet anywhere but buying from a reputed and authentic site is most important. You never want to compromise on the quality of a jewellery item as precious as silver. Most jewellery items are studded with stones for their enhancement of beauty as well as astrological benefits.

Silver Gemstone Rings

These gemstones for the rings may be emerald, ruby, amethyst, agate, opal, and even diamonds. Each of the stones has its own significance and usage. Sometimes these stone rings are further enhanced by a silver pendant.

Navaratna Ring Silver

Navaratna means ‘nine gems’ in Sanskrit and the use in Jewellery means that the item, like a silver ring, is embellished with nine different gemstones, each having its own unique representation. The nine gems being Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. This combination is believed to be powerful, and auspicious in many religions like Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Silver Diamond Ring

This is one of the most precious rings which are used as a love symbol. The silver diamond rings are most popular as engagement rings and even used to propose your love to your significant other. These could be a simple silver band ring with the embellishment of pure cut diamond studded on it.

Silver Pearl Ring

Pearls are a symbol of wealth, wisdom, purity, and love. These are also believed to have astrological benefits and are recommended to wear with silver only to combine with the silver itself’s health benefits. These Silver Moti Rings (Hindi & Urdu name for the pearl) represent class and style for the modern woman.

Silver Emerald Ring

The emerald is one of the most loved gemstones due to its colour. But its extensive usage in Jewellery like emerald rings is not only because of its aesthetics but also because of its astrological benefits. The colour green of the emerald is a symbol of peace, reflection and balance. 

Silver Ring With Blue Stone

A silver ring with blue sapphire stone is another commonly loved jewellery item. This stone is regarded as a symbol of mental focus, vision, and mental awareness. Wearing this stone on your body like in a ring is believed to open the third eye of insight.

Silver Ruby Ring

Due to its likeness to the colour of blood, it is believed that Ruby holds the power of life. It is also a symbol of good health, wealth, and success in relationships like love. These have become one of the popular rings as rubies are crafted in heart shapes.

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