Gold Haram Designs for Ladies

Latest Gold Haram Designs

The ultimate aspect of gold haram designs in the modern era cannot be ignored, not even a bit. They’re one of the most magnificently beautiful jewellery designs anyone must-have. In South India, you cannot find a single wedding where the bride is not the centre of attention, all thanks to these gorgeous haram designs.

There are several varieties of this gold jewellery and the variations are increasing day by day due to the increasing demand. The gold haram necklace set is widely available in many traditional designs as well as new model gold haram designs. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about the latest gold haram designs.

Gold Jewellery Haram Designs

Since gold haram design jewellery is widely available, people may get confused about which one to choose and where they can find the best. But in order to choose, you definitely should consider first understanding the various available options you have. This will help you narrow your selection and choose the perfect gold haram set.

We will first start by understanding the haram gold designs in weight and purity.

Haram Designs in Gold with Weight & Purity

Everyone has different choices, different requirements, and different budgets but no worries as we have perfectly catered to every individual’s needs. In terms of weight, we have almost all grams of haram gold jewellery set.

  • 16 grams haram
  • 24 grams haram
  • 24 grams haram
  • 25 grams haram
  • 32 grams haram
  • 40 grams gold haram designs
  • 48 grams haram
  • 50 grams haram
  • 60 grams haram
  • 80 grams haram
  • 100 grams gold haram and much more.

Gold Haram Designs in 40 grams

A gold haram design in 40 grams is usually found as a wedding necklace since it’s always heavier than the regular ones, even before being studded with gems like diamonds or rubies. These are the most preferred necklaces because of their value, thickness, and weight.

Also, we can customize a haram gold necklace specifically for you.

The purity of gold is determined by the amount of pure gold a jewellery item contains. No gold item is 100% pure gold. If it was, it would break because pure gold is very soft and can easily be scratched or bent. That’s why a mix of certain other elements like copper and silver is added to increase the hardness, colour, and even durability. This purity is measured in terms of ‘karats’. We have multiple varieties of haram gold jewellery designs available in several purity standards like:

  • 22k gold harams
  • 18k gold harams
  • 14k gold harams

And several others depending on the availability but 22k gold haram is mostly preferred by people since it has the highest purity (after 24k) and is durable.

Fancy Gold Haram Designs In 40 Grams

Some designs are developed specifically for young girls. These are kept in such weight because they like to experiment with different designs and having a fancy haram necklace design in 40 grams is considered optimal. 

Wedding / Marriage Gold Haram Designs In 40 Grams

Haram Necklace is most preferred in Indian marriages due to its sophisticated and long designs. Many women prefer to wear traditional haram designs in 40 grams because they are neither too heavy and nor too light. A perfect accessory to combine with the wedding dress and other jewellery items.

Latest Haram Designs Catalogue for 2022

The designs keep on updating daily so keeping an eye on the latest gold haram designs becomes a tedious process. Here at JewelFlix, you won’t have to worry about that. You will get all the latest gold haram designs catalogue here on a single page. Here is the list of most popular gold haram necklace designs:

Long Mango Haram Designs in Gold

A necklace with small mango shaped gold ornaments will give you comfort as there’s nothing better than seeing one of the most cherished and distinctive designs.

Marriage Gold Haram Designs

These bridal gold haram designs are specially designed for brides at wedding ceremonies. With an antique look, the bride steals the spotlight and portrays a royal look as she walks down.

Kasulaperu Gold Haram Designs for Women

The magnificent design has coins embodied on the chain or a pendant of equal beauty. The stunning coins have an embossed image of either the goddess of wealth & prosperity, Laxmi or it can even be a flower or Ganesha, the god of new beginnings.

Gold Muvvala Haram Designs

These designs are evergreen in south Indian jewellery and these long gold haram designs are usually studded with green and pinkish stones. This is further enhanced by the gold beans crafted in the centre or around it.

Plain Gold Haram Designs

As a tradition, Haram is used to pay respects to the goddess of wealth and prosperity, knowledge or strength so the depiction of Laxmi or Saraswati is used in these pendants or necklace designs.

Gold Ruby Haram Designs

This is one of the sought after designs due to the embodiment of precious stones like ruby and emerald. The chain crafted with this design could also feature mango shaped gold links.

Gold Chandra Haram Designs

These Chandra haram designs are some of the most stylish and elegant designs. They feature multi-layered chain-linked pendants joined in between by small gold links. They can be either plain or embellished with ornaments and religious icons.

Pearl Haram Designs in Gold

These are multilayered necklaces (usually three) with pearls at the centre. 

Lightweight Gold Haram Designs with Weight

Made from lightweight gold which comes a little cheaper than average 22k gold. This long-tailed necklace is extremely popular among the younger generations due to being light as well as fashion trendy. Sometimes decorated with small hollow gold spheres hanging around the neck. Furthermore, there are various other designs that are self-explanatory but even these can be customized as per your requirements and needs.

  • Traditional Haram Designs
  • Simple Gold Haram Designs
  • Antique Gold Haram Designs
  • Bridal Gold Haram Sets
  • Gold Mini Haram Designs
  • Gold Step Haram Designs with Weight
  • Gold White Stone Long Haram Designs
  • Gold Lakshmi Haram Designs
  • Latest Gold Muthyala Haram Designs
  • Kerala Design Gold Haram
  • Bombay Design Gold Haram

Finding the Perfect Gold Jewellery Haram Design

Depending on your choice, your marital status, your height, as well as your neck style there are numerous styles and designs which can suit you perfectly. For example, the choker length necklaces stay close to your neck just above the collarbone, princess length stays on your collarbone and opera-length necklaces will stay a bit on your dress/blouse.

The choices of haram models available could include bead style, chain style, cable, wheat, Venetian, snake or mesh style.

What are the Latest Gold Haram Designs in 2022?

Wonderful Gold Haram Set You Should Have

Using different styled jewellery does have its perks and creativity but using a matching gold haram set like gold long haram designs with hanging earrings. This does not only look good but creates a royal and graceful feeling. One stunning look and people will be turning eyes to look at you again.

New Model Gold Haram Designs & Gold Haram Models

The classic designs such as Mango Mala and Champaswaralu are becoming more popular by the end of 2020. Even the new gold haram models like haram gold chains are being crafted now featuring twirls and colourful stones (gems) handcrafted into them.

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Once you find what you’re looking for, click on the jewellery item and here on the product page, you’ll have all the information of that particular item shown including gold haram images.

You have the option of directly contacting the Jeweller for any queries and purchasing instructions. Most of our jewellers also customize the jewellery as per your likes and requirements. You can find all haram designs in gold with weight, purity, and authenticity will also be mentioned.

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