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A Kada (also known as Kara) is a thick bracelet and a little wider than a bangle which is a part of Indian Tradition. Indian women wear kadas combined with other accessories such as bangles while men wear a single Kada on their right hand. Among the sea of gold Kada designs online, you must find that perfect one that can give you the feeling of charm, enhance your look, and sometimes protect you from evil.

In Sikhism, a Kada is a religious reminder to perform god’s deed on this planet. There are different gold Kada designs online and every individual can choose as per his own choice.

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In order to buy gold Kada online, you need to understand what different types of kadas are available and what’s the significance of each type.

For example, Sikh men wear plain unornamented iron or steel Kada signifying strength, protection for the sword-wielding arm during a battle, and a constant reminder of the Sikhs mission on earth which is to do God’s work.

Kada is also worn by other religions due to its elegance and what it represents. It’s a fashion symbol as well and in some Indian cultures, it signifies the marital status of a woman.
Men always wear Kada on the right hand and women on the left hand.

Different Types of Gold Kada Models

Let us take a look at different types of Kadas and their significance (if anything special or just fashion symbol):

Gold Hand Kada from Popular Indian Regions

Rajputi Gold Kada for Men

Rajputi culture, being extremely vibrant; from magnificent palaces to stunning jewellery designs. Even though there are thousands of modern and new gold Kada models available, Rajput gold Kada designs have not gone out of fashion. This is because of their traditional and antique look which keeps their cultural heritage alive. The class and beauty reflected in these Kadas are flawless.

The Rajputi gold kadas are famous among men due to their appearance and design. This is worn as a sign of strength and masculinity. You can find the rigid designs are mostly considered as men Kada designs, and they may have the carving of lion heads at two ends, which is another symbol for strength. Gold Kada design for man can be easily found on JewelFlix when you explore the hundreds of different designs.

Punjabi Kada Gold

The Kada, in Punjabi religion and tradition, is one of the ‘5 Kakkars’ of Sikhism which signifies the dedication to their religious order. The men's Kada designs Kada is a constant reminder to the wearer to always carry out good deeds in this world. However, the Punjabi gold Kada is adored by young girls and most married women as well.

Rajasthani Gold Kada Designs

These are inspired by the early royalties of Rajasthan as well as Indian Architectural carvings. Like Dhalutars are in cubic design with gemstones studded in between.

Kada Designs Gold from the Indian Culture

Antique Gold Kada

These usually come in contemporary designs with antique and intricate carvings to make heads turn. In the current modern times, extreme precision carving and polishing machines are used to furnish and give the kadas an antique feel.

Traditional Gold Kada Designs

These Kada designs are made from the long-established tradition of various designs mostly from the pre-Independence era. These kadas have found their way into Indian culture.

Latest Gold Kada Designs for 2022

Peacock Design Gold Kada

As the name suggests, this design is based on the structure of a peacock with seven petaled flower designs. These are sometimes embellished with gems to celebrate the seven eternal vows.

Modern Gold Kada Designs

These modern designed Kadas or stylish gold Kada designs have been specially designed and carved using extreme precision gadgets. These designs have a precise symmetrical design and these ornaments can be used either on a special occasion or daily wear. These designs are specially designed to cater to young unmarried girls as these portray modern fashion as well as class.

The Elegance of Simple Kada Designs Gold

Simple Gold Kada Designs

Kadas have been used by women as a symbol of being married for a very long time. Like in Punjab, women after getting married are supposed to wear these simple gold kadas for at least 21 days or one year. Even though this tradition is slowly getting obsolete, most people still value this.

The Kadas designs are ever expandable and customizable and based on the individual requirements, the simple gold kadas can be converted into something unique and exclusive. However, for every customized Kadas, there’s always a base Kada on which a design is created:

  • Unique Gold Kada Designs
  • Gold Single Kada Design
  • Plain Gold Kada Designs
  • Daily Wear Gold Kada Designs

Special Gold Jewellery Kada Online on JewelFlix

Gold Simha Kada Designs/Lion Face Gold Kada

Simha or ‘Lion Face’ is a very traditional Indian Jewellery believed to impart strength to its wearer. It has two delicately carved heads of lions at the two ends. Fully handcrafted techniques are used in South Indian Simha Kada design.

This Simha Kada of gold has significant importance in Indian culture. This Kada can be openable and fit almost everyone. Most of these Kadas are unisex designs, which makes a great accessory for men too.

Rose Gold Kada

This Kada is made of glamorous rose gold and studded usually with diamonds that compliments the traditional values Kadas already have.

  • Heavy Gold Kada
  • Light Weight Gold Kada Designs
  • Gold Kada Bracelet Designs

Gold Kada for Women

Women cannot resist the temptation for gold jewellery. That’s why almost any craft always has some unique gold Kada design for ladies in different varieties and for different occasions. For every occasion like marriage, anniversary, birthdays, and other special occasions; women seem to have different tastes every time and their wardrobe is always ready with the most beautiful and unique designs.

For daily wear, a simple gold Kada design for ladies is often a choice since they’re more durable and stylish at the same time.

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Gone are the days when you had to go from store to store in your area to find that perfect gold Kada, gold ring, chain, bangle or any jewellery item. Now it’s time for you to sit in your home and explore the magnificent jewellery selections from the whole of India. 

In this digital world, JewelFlix brings you the collection of every type of jewellery in India, from the most reputed, genuine, and trustworthy jewellers all around India. All you need to do is to select the type of jewellery item you need like gold jewellery Kada designs from the top navigation bar, explore the options, select the one you like and buy it.

Selection of Gold Kada Designs with Weight

When you’re exploring the gold Kada bangles or any other jewellery item, you have the option of filtering the gold Kada designs with weight, gender, and purity as well.
We have the following weights available so that you can choose anyone you prefer.
2 grams gold Kada design
5 grams gold Kada
10 grams gold Kada
8 grams gold Kada
15 grams gold Kada
20 grams gold Kada
25 grams gold Kada
30 grams gold Kada or more

We even have gold in:

10 karat gold Kada: 41.7% pure gold. Very cheap and low-quality gold.
14 karat gold Kada: 50% pure gold and the rest is other elements. This gold is lower in cost than the average.
18 karat gold Kada: This gold is 75% pure gold and mixed with certain elements to increase durability for daily wear.
22 karat gold Kada designs: The recommended type of gold with certain elements like copper and nickel added to almost 91.7% pure gold to increase the durability yet keep the purity alive.
24 karat gold Kada: This is the purest form of gold but also very soft so easily scratchable and not so durable. This gold is usually available in coins and you can also explore the different purities of gold coins including 24 karats on JewelFlix.

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You even have the option to search directly for the jewellery item if you know the name, or even keywords like ‘gold hand Kada’, ‘gold chains’, ‘diamond rings, etc.
Once you have the item in view, you can click on it and it will take you to the product page where you can see all details of the jewellery item including a Photo, Weight, Product Code, Purity, Availability, Product Metal, as well as Jeweller’s contact details.
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