Gold Maang Tikka Designs

      Significance of Maang Tikka Gold

      A ‘Maang Tikka’ is a jewellery item worn in the centre of the forehead. It is a chain with a hook on one end to lock in with hair, and a pendant on the other which usually hangs at the centreline of the forehead. The maang tikka is typically worn by brides-to-be, however, it can also be worn by women of any age.

      Bridal Pure Gold Maang Tikka Designs

      Getting gold maang tikka designs for bride India is an important part of the ‘Solah Shringaar’ ritual.

      As per Indian culture, the pure gold maang tikka designs gives the bride the power, will, and wisdom to take control of her new journey in life. It is also worn to protect the bride from evil eyes and negativity. Essentially, it shows the divine union between the couple.

      There are various gold maang tikka designs specially crafted for these special occasions. The few most popular designs which are preferred in weddings for brides are Jhummar Tikka, Kundan Tikka, Pearl Maang Tikka, and Hindu Maang Tikka. But whichever you choose, you must know which dress can go with it.

      The bridal maang tikka designs of gold can also be embellished with gemstones to enhance the look. Each and every design is unique and a perfect combination could make a bride an extremely magnificent diva. 

      Latest Gold Maang Tikka Designs For Round Face

      Every woman has a different body shape and even a face. It’s important to find a tikka design that is perfectly suited for your face. There are wide varieties of bridal maang tikka gold latest designs available in the market and finding the perfect one can be troublesome sometimes.

      A large-sized maang tikka of simple design will look decent for girls with a round face because they have a very small looking structure. A smaller gold tikka design with embedded pearls will look gorgeous on these face structures. You can also add a small pendant to enhance that perfect look.

      New Gold Maang Tikka Designs

      A diamond-shaped or angular maang tikka will give your face a longer and elegant look. Always try to look for a new gold maang tikka design that gives a traditional look and modern beauty.

      Gold Maang Tikka Online Shopping in India

      You can buy maang tikka at any shop nearby but the probability of finding the best piece specifically for ‘you’ is very low. That’s why you should always do a little research first about what requirements you have and where you can find it.

      The best place to find jewellery is here on JewelFlix. Because we have catalogues of more than 100 Jewellers across India with more than 1000 unique products. Each product is 100% genuine with BIS Hallmark and all our jewellers associated with us are authentic.

      Buy Gold Maang Tikka Online

      You will know all the details of each and every product including maang tikka gold design images, product code, purity, metal type, composition, brand, authenticity, and most importantly its weight.

      Different Types of Maang Tikka Designs in 2022

      Heavy Gold Maang Tikka

      A heavy gold maang tikka is a thick crafted strand with polka or full gold work design, and it is preferred by almost all. This can be further embellished with a maatha patti to look absolutely stunning.

      Most people prefer to embed small gemstones like rubies to go with the design of a red wedding dress. This design of Dulhan maang tikka gold is most famous for weddings.

      Rajasthani Maang Tikka Gold

      The Rajasthani maang tikka of gold has a plain chain that can be hooked with hair on one side, and the other end which stays on the forehead is attached to a crafted pendant called ‘Borlo/Borla’.

      The shape of the Rajasthani Maang Tikka resembles this Borlo, derived from the name of fruit ‘Jujube’. This maang tikka is as elegant as the architectural wonders of Rajasthan.

      Simple Gold Maang Tikka Designs

      A simple but outstanding design worn even on a small occasion can look flawless. A simple gold chain with a pendant on the forehead is a magnificent choice with any dress. The central pendant can also depict a religious icon or different designs depicting the union of the bride and groom.

      The gold maang tikka new designs are coming up every day and people love the simplicity of every design.

      Gold Kundan Maang Tikka

      A Kundan is one of the most famous Indian Jewellery wherein diamonds or other gemstones are embossed on a gold surface or the ornament giving it a gorgeous look.

      The gold Kundan maang tikka gives a unique shine and enhances the beauty of the wearer when there is a bit of Kundan work. And it looks best with an Indian saree.

      Traditional Pure Gold Maang Tikka Designs

      For a long time now in Indian culture, Maang Tikka was intended to simply cover the Ajna, the sixth chakra on the forehead. This chakra was believed to be the provider of wisdom and bringer of prosperity as per doctrines. This chakra location was the one that controlled the energy of Kundalini.

      This is the reason brides wear maang tikkas, to have a prosperous and happy life, and it has served society quite well.

      Rose Gold Maang Tikka

      Rose gold is the quality of gold with 75% pure gold, 22.5% copper and 2.75% silver. The pinkish colour of this rose gold tikka design portrays an adorable and cute look and is mostly preferred by the younger generation. 

      This can be well paired with a light-red coloured dress.

      Antique Gold Maang Tikka Gold

      Antique gold is always worth more than its actual value because it cannot be replicated due to its age being very old. However, with modern technology, some processes have been developed with which any gold can be given an antique look.

      This antique gold maang tikka is very precious and very good looking for any modern bride.

      Plain Gold Matha Patti

      A ‘Matha Patti’ is a jewellery item that goes along with the maang tikka in some Indian regional cultures. It’s like a wide band with different designs which go in a horizontal direction from left to right, and it closes in a loop around the head. The centre of attention is the maang tikka pendant. This is also an integral part of ‘Solah Shringar’.

      Short Gold Papidi Billa Designs

      The Papidi Billa is a south Indian version of the Maang Tikka. It has two chains that go around the head or both sides of the forehead. This is one of the important pieces of Jewellery that create dynamism and style while retaining the traditional charm.

      Gold Maang Tikka With Weight

      In order to purchase any maang tikka, you must be aware of its weight and purity. You don’t want to wear too heavy maang tikka of gold which could make you uncomfortable. You don’t want to wear too lightweight as well; just a perfect blend in between.

      On JewelFlix, you can find the following available weights for your maang tikka:

      • 2 gm maang tikka gold
      • 5 gm maang tikka in gold
      • 8 gm maang tikka of gold
      • 15 gm gold maang tikka
      • 20 gm maang tikka
      • maang tikka in 25 grams
      • 30 gm maang tikka and more

      Papidi Billa Gold With Weight

      While selecting your maang tikka or for a south Indian wedding, a papidi billa gold design, make sure you look at a similar type of pure gold matha Patti to go along with it. The weight of both items will be on your head so make sure to choose a lightweight design as per your capability.

      The new gold papidi billa models which come in markets are usually lighter and with traditional designs, look for them online on JewelFlix.