Silver Mangalsutra for Women

      Modern Silver Mangalsutra Designs

      Mangalsutra is a 'sacred thread' worn by Hindu women after marriage. It is a symbol of the eternal bond and love between the man and the woman. The mangalsutra is considered an auspicious amulet, and by wearing it, the bride is believed to be protected from the evil eye.

      The silver mangalsutra designs are like elegant pendants purely crafted with silver and different motifs based on the respective culture.

      Types of Silver Mangalsutra Online in India

      925 Silver Mangalsutra

      Sterling silver mangalsutra are the strongest and the purest quality mangalsutra a woman can wear. It is a thin silver chain embedded with black beads around the chain. The bottom part of the chain can be further enhanced with different motifs and designs for decorations purposes.

      This pure silver mangalsutra design is crafted from 92.5% pure silver, and the remaining is copper. This is done to increase the end product's strength, durability, and aesthetics, such as the mangalsutra chain.

      Antique Silver Mangalsutra

      The mangalsutra is made through the process of oxidation. This silver oxide mangalsutra has a darkish shine just like the actual aged antique products. The mangalsutra or jewellery like necklaces or rings, or anything else made through this process is extremely elegant and ideal for wearing on any religious and traditional occasions.

      You can find numerous designs of oxidised silver mangalsutra online on JewelFlix. We have designs with different ornaments related to love, like heart-shaped or traditional mangalsutras with religious symbols. The latest and modern silver mangalsutra designs are also available with fancy patterns and classy looks. Explore the varieties and look for that perfect design for your special day.

      Silver Mangalsutra Chain

      Different simple silver mangalsutra designs can be made from lightweight, thin chain or single or double lined chains. Either type has black beads through the chain, which are used in every mangalsutra design as per the religious and traditional belief. 

      Silver Black Beads Mangalsutra

      The black beads of the silver mangalsutra chain are believed to protect the couple from distressing vibrations. These beads absorb the negative energies before they reach the bride and her family. Basically, the whole mangalsutra is considered a protective sheath around a woman, which protects her and her family from any kind of negativity.

      Silver Mangalsutra with Gold Plating

      Some women like to go fancy with different designs of mangalsutra. Having a gold plated silver mangalsutra not only goes less costly, but you can also get it customised fully as per your likings. The 24k gold polish gives it a lustrous look and makes the wearer look gorgeous.

      Italian Silver Mangalsutra

      The Italian silver mangalsutra set is a highly defined and royally decorated design of jewellery. These can range from step chains to layered mangalsutra designs. The most popular design is the use of black beads in intervals, which are separated by other decorative motifs, based on the culture where it was created.

      Silver Mangalsutra Online Shopping

      After marriage, the woman is going to wear this mangalsutra for the rest of her life, so its elegance and aesthetic appeal should also look beautiful. Having a mangalsutra developed exclusively for her is also one of the common practices. It gives you the flexibility of choice, and you can get any design you prefer.

      Finding the best silver mangalsutra online is extremely easy now. On JewelFlix, you'll get hundreds of different designs which are catered for individuals with different likes, dislikes, neck structure, the type of regular dress they like to wear, etc. All you have to do is explore the varieties, choose the one you like, contact the jeweller, and you're done.

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