Silver Haram Designs

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The haram is one of those jewellery items which is incomparable with any other regular necklaces. This magnificent traditional piece of jewellery has such an aura that no Indian woman will say ‘No’ to it. The neck is splendidly adorned, and everything else is only a compliment to your neck.

There are hundreds and thousands of different silver haram designs which you can find, like Lakshmi or Kundan haram. For ages, the haram designs have been kept traditional, but many latest designs are being loved by people nowadays.

Latest Silver Haram Designs in 2022

The latest silver haram designs are artistically crafted to provide glamour to your neck when paired with any modern dress or even a traditional saree. 

These silver haram necklace are usually bought as a set with a magnificent choker necklace which gives an elegant and extravagant look to the wearing. Paired with antique earrings, these long haram necklaces are a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe.

Silver Haram Gold Plated

Silver is the second most used item for Jewellery in Indian culture. That’s why most people love to gratify themselves by wearing silver, but adding a polish of 24-karat gold allows anyone to wear a favourite dress which can go along with the gold colour silver haram.

The pure 925 silver haram can be dipped into the liquid gold to coat around to cover the silver entirely with gold. This is also a less costly option compared to the gold necklace and is preferred by many people.

Gold Plated Silver Steps Haram

The silver steps haram is a perfect choice for western attire. There are multiple lightweight chains with similar designs locked in at the centre, which stay slightly above the other, making it look like horizontal stairs going up towards the neck.

The gold plated silver haram necklace is delicately dipped into the gold that resembles the exact pure gold.

Oxidised Silver Haram

Another way to make your silver jewellery give an enchanting and antique look is by the oxidation process. People love to wear antique silver jewellery, but there are not a lot of antiques around today. 

To tackle this requirement, jewellers have come up with a way of giving silver haram or any silver jewellery an antique look by putting jewellery through a chemical process. This provides the jewellery with a darkish and antique look. This oxidised haram or oxidised silver haram is almost impossible to distinguish from the actual antique.

Silver Long Haram

The modern fashionistas’ silver long haram designs are loved because they can be easily coupled with an additional necklace like a choker. A Pendant is never the right choice to be worn alongside a long haram. The short chains are a magnificent choice.

Silver Guttapusalu Haram

The Gutta Pusalu or Guttapusalu is a contemporary and classic necklace design from Andhra Pradesh, India. It is considered one of the heritage jewellery. Pusalu means ‘beads’, and gutta is a ‘shoal of small fish’. This necklace has bunches of small pearls similar to this gutta. 

Silver Light Weight Haram

They are mostly preferred by unmarried women and dedicated followers of fashion who experiment with different styles. These silver lightweight haram designs are thin in width, and length can vary. They can come in modern and metro style or traditional designs, perfect for a Lehenga or Saree as an outfit.

Pearl Haram Design in Silver

These harams are usually multilayered and each layer embedded with pearls that can go up to the side of the neck and silver thread around. These pearl haram necklaces look best with black dresses and are perfect for special occasions or even elegant and formal parties.

Traditional Silver Haram Models Online

You can find modern and traditional silver haram models online on JewelFlix quickly now. All you need is to go to the top and explore the different designs of haram models.

Exclusive designs of silver haram online on JewelFlix are categorised and labelled carefully for your convenience, so you can easily find your most loved designs. You can also use filters to skim the unwanted ones.

Silver Haram With God Pendants

These silver haram are either very long or a bit short to compensate for the pendants with a religious ornament like goddess Lakshmi. Most of the time, normal harams also have a centrepiece that may portray a flower, an intricate design or a deity.

Silver Haram For Girls

Girls love to adorn themselves with silver haram specifically designed for girls who prefer to walk with modern trends and love to experiment with their looks, accessories and outfits. The sterling silver haram designs are available for kids and young teens so that they may find their perfect look.

Silver Kasula Haram Designs

This unique design has the embodiment of silver coins on the border of the chain or pendant. The coins may have the embossed image of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth & prosperity. 

Silver Haram For Women

Indian women prefer to wear their silver haram in long forms, resting on their blouse or top. This gives them enough space to flaunt one of the essential items on them, i.e. Mangalsutra. This silver haram for women mostly has the religious ornament in traditional designs; however, they can be straightforward, simple or with the look of extravagance in modern designs.

Silver Haram With Weight

On JewelFlix, you get the opportunity to look for the best and original silver haram design for you. With more than hundreds of designs, there is always something for everyone.

You will get the complete information of your pure silver haram design you selected along with purity, weight, id, brand, silver haram image and much more.