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Silver Dinner Set: Things You Must Have at Home in 2022

The silver dinner sets are used in almost every Indian house. The silver plate set is made from pure sterling silver and then polished with silver on top. It provides the items with a unique and shiny touch to your silverware when placed on the table.

The usage of silver in food is considered auspicious because it is used in temples and religious ceremonies. Silver has many health benefits, and it also looks fabulous because of its extreme shine and designs.

Silver Dinner Set Online Shopping

Looking for a silver dinner set online is easy now, with so many choices and options. Having hundreds of Jewellers, JewelFlix has many options for you to choose from. Original silver dinner set designs in different varieties and qualities, and we have something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for bowls, antique dinner sets, or just silver plates online; you’ll never be disappointed. Just go to the top and start exploring.

Pure Silver Dinner Set In India

As already mentioned, every Indian house has the least type of silver item in their kitchens, whether it’s plates, glasses, or just spoons. Since silver has many health benefits as well, people cannot stay away from silver. You can easily buy a silver dinner set online in India on JewelFlix. The dinner set can contain plates, spoons, bowls, cruet set and much more.

Silver Plate Designs

Silver plate is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. These plate designs also add luxury value to your kitchen collection. The pure silver plate designs also show respect and care when your guest is served in it. It is a sign of being elite in status. The different designs also convey different meanings like the traditional or the modern style of plates can show what type of things you like and your personality.

You can explore a range of different silver plate designs on JewelFlix, with different patterns, styles and sizes suited to you as per your requirements.

Silver Thali Dinner Set

Thali is a round silver plate used in Indian traditional homes, particularly in South India. This silver thali dinner set contains this plate, three or more bowls to hold different food items, one or more spoons, and a glass. There may be other items depending on the metal type as well, but these are the common ones.

Antique Silver Dinner Set

The silver dinner plates usually have an intricate design (could be plain also). These designs are further enhanced by a chemical process giving it a darkish and antique look. This is loved by people who like to stay in touch with traditions and style themselves with modern looks.

Gold Plated Dinner Set

The best quality of silver plates, like sterling silver, is polished with gold at the top. These plates are mostly used for pujas, but some people also prefer to use them as dinner plates. These plates can be further enhanced with the complimenting spoons and bowls of similar design.

Silver Dinner Set For Baby

To show our love for our kids, there have been specific designs of dinner sets for kids. Usually designed and polished with cartoons, these have been the most famous for teaching small babies to eat by themselves.

Silver Spoon & Fork

These usually come in sets, silver spoon and fork are used everywhere. There are different designs and sizes of this cutlery catered for different uses. Like used in dinners for eating, spice bowls, and kids, these spoons are occasionally decorated with small cartoons or toys at the top.

Silver Dry Fruit Box

One of the most beautifully designed silver items is the dry fruit box. This is popularly used in marriages or for guests. There may be three or more compartments in the box which can hold different dry fruits like Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, and others.

Silver Water Jug

This is a traditional water holder used to pour water into glasses in either traditional marriages or special guests at home. The designs are elaborately decorated from top to bottom. 

Silver Glass

Glass is, no doubt, a prominent part of our daily lives. The different and unique silver water glasses designs are specific to the water jug, which will be used during the occasion. There can be tall or short glasses or even small decorative glasses for kids.

Antique Glass

The silver glasses are given an antique look using oxidation, i.e. introducing the silver to some chemicals to darken its colour. These silver glasses are prominently used along with other antique dinner sets like plates or bowls.

Silver Dish Set

Silver dish set can either be a dinner set or a puja set consisting of silver place with few bowls to keep flowers, coconut, water, and other requirements for a proper pooja. The spoons and glass can also be used in this. The design is usually plain and simple but sometimes also elaborate and complex.

Silver Bowl

The silver bowl set can include plain silver bowls and spoon only. The plate is only used to hold them together while we go from place to place in our home for puja.

The silver bowl designs are usually very small enough to hold half a cup of water. However, they can be bought in various sizes as well.

Kitchen Silver Items

There are tens of items in everyone’s kitchen which, if made of silver, shows the status as well as keeps you well because of the health benefits. Items like generic spoons, bowls, spice containers, plates, glasses, and other utensils are always preferred to be of silver due to their durability and ease of cleaning.

Silver Plate Set

At any Indian home, It is always recommended having silver plates for eating because of the aforementioned health benefits. This is also considered elegant metal to have in your kitchen as compared to other metals like brass and copper, since they can lose their lustre and colour. Silver has the quality to be cleaned easily and doesn’t lose its qualities for a very long time.

Silver Dinner Set Weight

A silver dinner set can be simple with just basic items or can be elaborate with extensive items to hold more items during dinner. The weight of the silver set depends on the size as well as the number of items. 

You can filter the products by using the weight filter options:

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