Gold Bracelets For Women

Latest Gold Bracelet Designs for Women

The gold bracelet is one of the classy jewellery accessories for everyone. These are worn as one of the fashion accessories however many times they may have additional meaning attached to them. The gold bracelets for women are always crafted based on modern trends but given a touch of traditions. This is done by portraying religious icons on them or by giving them an antique look.

The pure gold bracelet for women may sometimes be confused with a bangle however the bracelet is much more flexible than a bangle. The gold hand bracelet for ladies immediately steals the spotlight when worn on a wrist and along with an appropriate outfit.

Latest Bracelet Designs In Gold For Ladies

Since gold hand bracelets are worn on the wrist, they immediately steal the spotlight when the first eye is set on the wearer provided the wrist gold bracelet has a design complementary to the dress.

Gold Chain Bracelets for Women

The gold bracelet models for women are like a wrist band made by connecting gold links together thus creating a chain-like structure to be worn by anyone. These are very flexible in nature and can be seen worn by a majority of people on a daily basis. It’s a symbol of style and class for men as well as women.

Gold Link Bracelets for Women

The 22k gold bracelets for women are made with small or large gold links attached to each other with two clasps at the two sides of the chain. These clasps help to lock the bracelet on wrists without the fear of them loosening up and falling. These gold link bracelets are very popular all across India, particularly for men and children.

Simple Gold Bracelet Designs for Ladies

The simple 18k gold bracelet for ladies can be semi-flexible or completely flexible e.g a sturdy ring-styled bracelet or a loose beaded chain bracelet. These gold bracelets are worn by ladies at home as well as can be worn for many formal occasions as well. The bracelets may be further embellished with ornamental designs like small gemstones or pearls.

Trendy Gold Bracelet for Women

The stylish gold bracelet for women is mostly designed in trendy designs that can grab the eyes of the public at any time. These latest designs of gold bracelets for females act as a symbol of something, and sometimes, to someone. Even the latest friendship bracelets are trendy nowadays, to show your love and care for our best friends.

Peacock Gold Bracelet for Women

The new model gold bracelet for ladies may come in many designs and the peacock design is one of them. The elegance and rich bird can portray the most beautiful bluish hue in your jewellery or any colour. These gold bracelet designs for ladies with peacock style are definite eye-catchers with their alluring style. Small multiple peacocks or a single peacock can be patterned on the gold bracelet. This symbolises the self-dependence and confidence of the woman.

Black Beads Gold Bracelet for Ladies

The black beads ladies gold bracelet is one of the most worn bracelets across India. It is believed that the black beads are worn in jewellery protect the wearer from negative energy and the evil eye. That’s why mangalsutras are made with these beads. Men and children also wear these bracelets often, along with the gold chain with black beads.

The real gold bracelet for women may have one or more such beads and this accessory may be worn by unmarried as well as married women. JewelFlix contains the modern as well as the traditional designs of such gold bracelets that you can buy for any occasion.

Rudraksha Gold Bracelet for Ladies

The rudraksha gold bracelet is an ideal accessory for women on the go. It is believed to provide support and stability in everyday life, in everything you do. It is also believed to protect the wearer from evil and bad luck. There are thousands of designs of rudraksha gold charm bracelets for women available on the JewelFlix, for daily wear as well as for special occasions like office wear.

Heavy Gold Bracelets for Ladies

The heavily polished 24k gold bracelet for women is often used on the most special occasions. These gold bracelets are studded with different gemstones and pearls to enhance the beauty of the wearer as well as give a traditional look. Most of the time, these heavy bracelets are worn by brides on their wedding day but may also be worn by unmarried girls on traditional occasions or family get-togethers. There are many regional heavy gold bracelets available on JewelFlix, from hundreds of jewellers across India.

Stylish Gold Bracelet Designs For Girls

The modern gold bracelet for girls is usually thin in design but portrays an elegant solution to your beauty needs. It enchants the overall outlook of you and your dress when worn as per the occasion. The stylish gold bracelet designs for girls may have a single stone or pearl embedded on it that becomes the highlight of the accessory and quickly grabs the attention of everyone.

Name Bracelet in Gold for Girls

The latest gold bracelet designs for girls can come in personalised designs that have a name written on them. This can be your complete name or just the initials of your name. Many jewellers provide such personalised jewellery items on JewelFlix. These are also very good gifting items among family, friends or any other loved one.

Modern Gold Bracelet Designs for Girls

There are many modern gold bracelet designs in the market today. The most popular being the gold cuff bracelet for women. These are sturdy bangle like structures with open ends. The gold cuff bracelets are mostly worn by young girls and children because they’re adorable in designs. They don’t have a heavy artwork style and are usually lightweight.

Simple Gold Bracelet Designs for Girls

There may be thousands of latest gold bracelet designs for ladies, but a simple gold bracelet has always been the most loved accessory. These are elegant yet simple in style that is ideal to wear with literally any kind of outfit. You can wear them to the office, weddings, birthday parties, as well as daily wear. They have also been considered decent birthday gifts for children.

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