Silver Idols Collection

Silver Idols for Home

In Hindu households, having the idols of Gods and Goddess at home is significantly important. This is the symbol and representation of the divinity of deity, to which we pray and worship. There are millions of gods in Hinduism that people feel close to. Almost every Hindu household keeps the silver idols of different gods and goddesses at home, so they can be worshipped on a daily basis.

Silver Idols for Gift

The silver god idols are also an ideal gifting accessory for people who have just moved into a new home, or for a newly-wed couple. The silver idols can also be kept in your office, and are considered the best return gifts to your loved one; for special occasions like mentioned above.

Silver Antique Idols Online Shopping

Finding silver idols online is as easy as it gets. You can find hundreds of different designs of idols on JewelFlix. Idols like Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati, Radha-Krishna, Shivalinga, Balaji, Kamadhenu, Elephant, Nandi, and much more are available in various designs and patterns.

The antique silver idols are loved by every individual because they are made from pure silver without any doubt and then further given an aesthetically pleasing look.

Silver Idols for Pooja Room

Most of the people in India have a separate pooja room where they can keep the silver idols for prayers. Pooja rooms can have many idols of different gods, however, it is recommended that two idols of the same god or goddess must not be kept. Other than these pure silver idols, you can also have silver photo frames in this room, or anywhere in the house.

You can buy silver & gold idols and frames from JewelFlix, amongst the hundreds of different designs and sizes depending on your requirements.

Silver Ganesh Idol

A pure silver Ganesh idol at your home helps keep you prosperous in terms of fame. You can worship the idol daily to keep you in good health and on the path to success. You can keep a maximum of two Ganesha idols in the pooja room, not more than that.

Laxmi Ganesh silver idols are also used popularly in many households. Lakshmi is the mother of Ganesha and is recommended to be seated on the right side of Ganesh. This idol is also considered a very good gifting item to friends and family. It is a symbolism of you sending wishes and blessings to them for good health and fortune.

Radha Krishna Silver Idol

Radha Krishna idol for home can bring immense prosperity, love, and wealth to the family. Radha is believed to be a symbol of the soul and Krishna, a symbol of God. Together they enchant the entire world. She is an eternal consort of Krishna and a loving companion. Having a set of Radha Krishna silver idols is believed to bless the entire house with love and prosperity.

Sai Baba Silver Idol

Sai Baba is considered one of the wisest saints and fakirs and loved by Hindus and Muslims alike. Many people in India keep the sai baba idol for home temples to stay blessed and humble. You can find many designs on JewelFlix which can be placed in pooja rooms or anywhere in the house.

Silver Hanuman Idol

Lord Hanuman is a symbol of devotion and respect. Having a Hanuman idol for home is considered auspicious as it can help individuals in maintaining ego and connect with the inner soul. He is worshipped for protection and is believed to keep one safe from evil and negativity.

Silver Saraswati Idol

Saraswati is a goddess of art and music. She is also believed to be associated with wealth and keeping Saraswati god idols for home mandir helps the students perform better in academics and education.

Silver Venkateswara Swamy Idol

Venkateswara is one of the many forms of Lord Vishnu and is also known by the name Balaji. 

Silver Elephant Idol

Keeping a silver elephant idol at home is the symbol of strength, protection, luck, and wisdom. These idols are the true representation of power, majesty, and dignity because elephant idols are considered very auspicious due to the belief that elephants are living incarnations of Lord Ganesh.

Silver Shiva Idol

A member of Trimurti along with Brahma and Vishnu, Shiva is the god of destruction, remover of obstacles and a supreme being. Having a shiva idol for home is considered auspicious which brings good luck and prosperity in family health.

Silver Cow Idol

A Kamdhenu silver cow idol kept at home is a symbol of prosperity and love that a mother has for her children. This silver idol is used in homes around children which helps them to become obedient. It is also auspicious for enhancing the luck of your home.

Silver Kubera Idol

The god of wealth and king of the Yakshas in Hinduism. The Kubera silver idol helps to bring home fame and wealth and that’s why it’s always recommended to keep the idol positioned towards the place where you keep your finances. The idol should be kept on the north side at home.

Silver Naga Idol

The Naga silver idols are considered the guardians of treasure and keeping them at home protects the family business and finances. These god idols for home are also used for prayers in several remote regions of India where the snakes are high in number. People pray to them for keeping them safe from snake bites.

Emerald Silver Idols

Whenever you’re planning to buy a silver god idol, you can get the one that can be aesthetically pleasing as well, like the embellishment of emerald or other gemstones to complement the overall decor of your home or your pooja room. You can find many silver god idols in India online on JewelFlix which have many beauty points for anyone.

Silver Durga Idol

Durga is the goddess of strength, protection, and war. The silver Durga idol if kept at home blesses you and keeps you away from evil, and bring you courage and health. The Durga maa idol for home is kept in every Hindu home for the love and blessings it brings to families and newlyweds.

Lakshmi Narasimha Silver Idol

Having the silver idol of Lakshmi Narasimha is believed to bestow one with benefits like curing ailments, keeping off negative influences, and mitigating sins. It also keeps away evil forces and fulfils honest desires. 

Silver Rama Idol

Keeping a silver Rama idol at home is believed to protect oneself from evil and make the family’s life prosperous. These pure silver god idols can be found on JewelFlix in various designs and sizes. Based on where you wish to keep the idol, you can get an appropriate one to suit the size as well as aesthetics of the home.

Silver Lakshmi Devi Idol with Elephants

Lakshmi is believed to be boundless energy herself. Having a silver Lakshmi idol seated on a lotus with elephants around is beneficial to married couples, as she is the symbol for power and fertility.

Mangala Gowri Silver Idol

The Mangala Gowri puja is completely dedicated to Gowri or Parvati. The Gowri silver idol is kept at home for this puja so we can be blessed with a happy and healthy life ahead. This silver idol can be kept either east or west of the pooja room in the house.

Silver Ashtalakshmi Idols

The Ashtalakshmi are eight different manifestations or depictions of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Keeping the silver idol of Ashtalakshmi at home is believed to be a blessing for prosperity, good luck, fortune, fertility, strength, health, knowledge, progeny and power.

Idols For Home Decor

In addition to having god idols at home for daily prayers and prosperity, people also love to have several idols for decorations purposes. These items can be religious like the Ganesh idol for home decoration, or they could be separate idols that are kept around the house like Buddha idol for home. They not only provide beauty to our home but also keep peace of mind, bring happiness and cleanliness into our lives.