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Latest Gold Bracelet Designs Online

Some people may get confused between a bangle (chudi) and a bracelet, but you should keep in mind that they are two different items. Bangles are a hard and sturdy piece of jewellery while bracelets are flexible and loose with no fixed shape, however, both are worn on the wrist. Men usually prefer bracelets whereas women like both, with a slight edge to bangles. Finding the best among the gold bracelet designs is one of the most important decisions you could make.

Since gold hand bracelets are worn on the wrist, they immediately steal the spotlight when the first eye is set on the wearer provided the wrist gold bracelet has a design complementary to the dress.

Gold Jewellery Bracelet in Indian Culture

In Indian culture, different coloured bangles, as well as bracelets, signify different things. Prosperity and energy are signified by red colour while green denotes luck and fertility. Yellow signifies happiness, for success we use orange, and white for new beginnings for anything in life. Gold bracelets are worn for prosperity and fortune while silver bracelets are for strength.

Finding the Latest Gold Bracelet Designs Online

Purchasing gold bracelets online may once have been very difficult earlier, but now India is getting digital in all products so why should gold be left behind? At JewelFlix, you will find the entire catalogue of Indian Jewellers whether they're from your local area or a different state. You get the option to compare different gold bracelet new designs as well as traditional style bracelets.

Different Types of Gold Bracelets in 2022

Depending on the occasion, there are various types of Jewellery designs available in the market which are suitable for weddings, engagements, special occasions, religion, as well as daily use. Here we are listing the most popularly used ones:

Rose Gold Bracelet Designs

The colour of these bracelets is given out by the amount of copper it contains. Gold colour can range from pink to blood red. These bracelets have continued to dominate the likes of many people throughout the decades and still are the symbol of style.

Gold Chain Bracelet Designs

Chain bracelets are like a band on your wrist made with connecting gold links together and with a clasp at both ends so they can easily be removed and worn again. These are usually daily worn for men as a sign of masculinity and for women, it brings out the style and class.

Mangalsutra Bracelet Gold

An embodiment of a marital accessory, the Mangalsutra is usually worn as a chain to depict the marital status of a woman. It is also believed that the gold mangalsutra protects the married couple from evil and keeps them safe. The Mangalsutra gold bracelet is worn as optional or as a whole to depict the same.

Ring Bracelet Gold

Ring adornment was mostly worn by brides and these bracelets are also known as ring chain bracelets. This bracelet is connected to the ring on your finger via a linked chain like in gold chain bracelets.

Rudraksha Bracelet Gold 

Rudrakshas are the beads believed to have calming effects on the mind and senses. This is also believed to control heartbeat and maintain blood circulation and keep you stress-free.

Black Beads Bracelet Gold 

This bracelet consists of tightly packed black beads, a symbol of hope. This is worn so that the person can stay hopeful even in the most difficult and down situations. A reminder that the unhappiness is temporary and something great is going to happen soon.

Elephant Hair Bracelet Gold

It is believed that when an elephant dies, its soul passes through its tail. That’s why this bracelet is made as a symbol of strength which gives protection, wisdom, and spirit to the wearer.

Evil Eye Bracelet Gold

A talisman is made in the shape of an eye, worn as a wrist bracelet or an amulet. These are usually made in green or blue colour which indicates protection from evil spirits.

Gold Name Bracelet

This is a personalized bracelet with a name written on it. The name can be of the loved one or yourself. This can also be given as a gift to someone and is usually done so.

Gold Charm Bracelet

A personalized bracelet containing an ornament or ‘charm’ for either decorative purposes or it may have a personal sentimental value to the wearer.

Pearl Bracelet Gold

Pearl bracelet is a combination of elegance and simplicity. A tightly packed cluster of pearls around your wrists does give you sparks as you walk. A perfect gift for a loved one.

Couple Bracelets Gold

A matching set of bracelets for you and your significant other, this couple bracelet is a constant reminder of the love and trust between a couple.

Light Weight Gold Bracelet

Hugely successful and widely used, lightweight gold is being developed to meet the market demand during these times. With gold prices going up, this bracelet has made a heavy segment and rapid growth due to its lightweight and low price. These lightweight gold bracelets are not as pure as 18k or 22k gold, hence the low cost.

Simple Gold Bracelet Designs

The simple bracelet design can either be a sturdy gold ring, a loose beaded chain, or an ornamental bracelet. These bracelets are used on a daily basis and have high durability.

Why Should You Buy a Gold Bracelet Online on JewelFlix?

JewelFlix is a marketplace where all the Indian Jewellers meet. This is where you can explore all the latest gold bracelet designs available in India. All the Jewellers we have with us are genuine, authentic, and trustworthy.

All our bracelets are 100% pure 18k gold bracelets or 22k gold bracelets as you like with gold bracelet images for that particular item on each page so you can be sure that you are not being misled.

We believe in:

 “What you see is what you get.”

When you purchase gold bracelets, you will get the Certificate of Authenticity as well as a bill mentioning all details of the product you just bought including weight and purity.

How do I Buy Stylish Bracelets on JewelFlix?

Head over to JewelFlix.com. Since you’re reading this, you’re already here.

At the top navigation bar, select the type of bracelet you want: Gold, Silver, or Diamond.

Explore the varieties on the catalogue page from thousands of Jewellers across India. If you prefer to buy in your local area, you can select the city from the left pane. You also have the option to filter the Jewellery by gender, purity, as well as weight.

We have the following qualities (purity) available in gold bracelets.

18k Gold Bracelets
22k Gold Bracelets

And the following weights:

  • 2 grams gold bracelets designs
  • 3 grams gold bracelets designs
  • 4 grams gold bracelets
  • 5 grams gold bracelets
  • 6 grams gold bracelets
  • 8 grams gold bracelets
  • 10 grams gold bracelets
  • 15 grams gold bracelets
  • 16 grams gold bracelets
  • 20 grams gold bracelets
  • 25 grams gold bracelets
  • 30 grams and above
However, if you wish, you can also customize your Jewellery as per your requirements. 15-gram gold bracelets are most commonly worn as they are neither too heavy, nor too light, and can be easily customized as per your needs and requirements.

Select the one you like and click on it. This will take you to the product page and you can see all the details of this bracelet including its photo, weight, purity. All the products available are BIS Hallmarked products so you don’t have to worry about their genuineness.

Here you will find the options of directly contacting the Jeweller via phone, email, WhatsApp. You can also request a quote so that the Jeweller can get in touch with you right away.

It’s that easy.