160+ Silver Kada Designs

Important Things to Know About Silver Kada Designs

One of the magnificent jewellery items in Indian tradition is the Kada, or ‘Kara’. It is a thick and sturdy bracelet and wider than a regular bangle. The Silver hand Kada is usually seen on men wearing on their right arm wrist, while women like to combine Kadas and bangles.

Among the hundreds of silver kadas online, looking for that perfect eye-catching item, one can get troublesome pretty quickly if you’re not aware of the various designs and usage. In here, we wish to tell you (and show you), the different unique designs of hand kadas in silver so that you can make an informed decision without getting stressed.

Silver Kada Online Shopping

Buying anything online has become easy nowadays but the issues of quality/purity & authenticity of the jewellery product still persist somewhere. And since Jewellery is a precious and costly commodity, we recommend you do your research before buying any costly Jewellery item online.

Looking for a pure silver Kada or any other jewellery item should be carefully done after understanding the various aspects like current price, silver purities, brand, and sometimes even composition of a particular item.

Pure Silver Kada Jewellery Collection on JewelFlix

On JewelFlix, you have the freedom to explore different varieties of products from different jewellers. On each product page, you’ll find an extended level of information about that particular product like quality, weight, product code, product metal, brand, colour, availability, and even certification by BIS Hallmark. You will also have HD images of silver kadas on the page for you to see.

Silver Kada in India is gaining huge popularity not just because of its aesthetics but also because of numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Wearing Silver Kada

Sterling Silver Kada or any other silver jewellery item has a track record of few but very important health benefits:

  • Silver has been used for ages because of its antimicrobial properties helpful in fighting infections.
  • It is also believed to be beneficial for the healing of wounds and aids in cold and flu prevention.
  • Silver jewellery also helps in internal body heat regulation and circulation.
  • Silver has also been used because of its Antibiotics and Sterilization properties.
  • This metal changes colour when in contact with harmful toxins, so you’ll always be careful around such substances which resulted in a colour change of your Kada.
  • It maintains the emotional and energy level in your body.

Different Types of Silver Kada Designs

The silver Kada is also known by its South Indian name ‘silver kadiyam’. With kadas becoming more and more popular, there have been numerous designs and varieties across entire India. 

Let’s take a look at the significance of some of the most popular silver kadiyam models:

Lion Face Silver Kada/Silver Simha Kada

Simha or ‘Lion Face’ is an Indian traditional Jewellery believed to provide strength to the wearer. Two carved lion heads at two ends and small silver blocks to establish a linked solid chain fully handcrafted is a very popular style of this jewellery item.

Bahubali Kada Silver Design

Made of pure Sterling Silver, Bahubali Kada is a daily wear accessory for men and women seem to prefer either daily wear or occasional wear. The silver circular band with thick ends is usually gemstones studded in a way to create a ‘damru’ like a lock.

Punjabi Kada Silver Design

The silver kadas in Punjab are most famous among kids and men due to their lightweight and attractive nature. You can even see babies (boys and girls) wearing these Kadas due to their aforementioned features and the cultural mark of ‘Khanda’, a belief in one God.

Rudraksha Kada Silver Design

Rudraksha is a bead used in malas for chanting mantras. And since it has a religious significance, Kadas are also sometimes embedded with these beads to keep close to your spirituality.

Mahadev Silver Kada / Mahakal Silver Kada

This Mahadev silver Kada design is extended with a structural depiction of Trishul of Lord Mahadev on its ends. It can also be embedded with rudraksha beads for the reminder and prosperity of Spirituality.

Black Silver Kada

This can come in several varieties and the most popular one is the oxidized silver Kada which gives the silver its black texture. Pure sterling silver is introduced to a chemical process which is a sped-up process of natural tarnishing.

Traditional Silver Kara/Kada

The kadas from the long-established tradition of multiple varieties mostly from the pre-Independence era have found their way into Indian culture. These are occasionally used in weddings due to their elegant look and cultural designs.

Stylish Silver Kadas

Since the ages, Kadas has been occasionally developed in traditional as well as modern designs. But since the Indian culture has a deep love for culture and traditions, most people prefer to go for classic designs.

The new and modern designs which are coming are mostly crafted based on these traditional designs with a slightly modern style. The designs include Peacock design kadas, antique gold kadas and religious gold kadas

Fancy Silver Kadas

The technology for everything is updating day-by-day and Jewellery manufacturers have not been left behind. Generation Z youngsters mostly prefer new exclusive designs to flaunt their style and these designs are customized to specific needs like gem-studded locks, labelled with quotes or names, unique personalized lock designs, etc.

Sterling Silver Kada

Purest Kada made from 925 silver are the most common and popular kadas. With a classic design, these are loved by men and women alike. Even youngsters and kids love to shine their wrists with these designs. These are solid and wide silver with or without any customizations. If the oxidation process is introduced, these can be turned in blackish kadas, preferred by certain men.

Silver Trishul Kada

Trishul is a religious symbol of Lord Shiva and his ultimate weapon. The Kada designed with Trishul at the end acts as a lock that can be inserted into the other end. The people with deeply religious values and huge admiration and love Lord Shiva prefer these as it is believed to provide strength in time of need.

The Latest Silver Kadiyam Models with Weight

As with any Jewellery item, Kara design in silver is also measured in grams and depending on the usage, you may opt for a lighter model or heavy model. But in all cases, you can customize or personalize the Kada as per your weight requirements.

The current availability of kadas is weighing in the following ranges. It can be more or less by a few milligrams but these are the most popular ones, and you’ll be given 100% accurate detail of every silver Kada with weight as well as its purity.

  • 2 gram silver Kada design
  • 5 grams kada
  • 8 grams kada
  • 15 grams kada
  • 20 grams kada
  • 25 grams kada
  • 30 grams kada designs or more
In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are many varieties available which are heavier. The silver quantity will also depend on the mixture of other elements. If you choose to embed the Jewellery item with gold, pearls, or any other metal.