520+ Gold Chain Designs

Latest Gold Chain Designs

The elegance of gold is cherished in every Indian household and particularly by women. The grace of having beautiful gold chain designs for women enhances the attractiveness, personality as well as class of every person whether woman, men, or even kids.
There are thousands of different gold chain designs and each one is more gorgeous than the other, so the selection has always been very difficult, but not anymore.

Gold Chain New Designs

Whether you want simple gold chain designs or modern and latest gold chain new designs for your neck, you'll never be disappointed with what we have in store for you. With multiple sellers right at your fingertips, you can easily compare different designs for gold chains and make a decision. Every gold chain image you see, you get it, if you want it. Gold Chains for women, men, kids are categorized into several categories including:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Other Special Events, or
  • Daily use
Wearing gold chains, gold earrings, or gold rings never has and will never go out of fashion.

Considerations to take into account when purchasing gold chains online

  • Always assess the purity of gold by checking the embossed BIS Hallmark logo.
  • Make sure the design you choose is not too delicate. See purity of gold.
  • Get the weight checked and cross-reference it with the bill provided.
  • Whenever possible, avoid stone-studded chains. A pure gold chain will give a higher exchange value.

Different Gold Chain Models in 2022

In India, there are various models of gold chains. A few are described below so that you can make an informed decision when selecting:

Simple Gold Chain

This smooth-textured simple gold chain design can blend with anything. A colourful pendant can also be added to match the outfit. These chains are available in all sizes and designs. The impact of these beautiful gold chain designs cannot be understated. Their design may be simple, but elegance and portrayal of graceful personality are not.

Long Gold Chains Models

One of the latest trends in the use of using long gold chains. Common people as well as celebrities are now using these simple yet bold chains hanging on the neckline and making a fashion statement gracefully. These are also sometimes accompanied by pendants to match dresses. A few of such chains are:

  • Figaro Gold Chain
  • Gold Box Chain
  • Snail Chain
  • Gold Wheat Chain
  • Anchor Gold Chain, and many more

Gold Wedding Chain

Marriage is no doubt one of the most important and joyous occasions of anyone's life particularly for women, this is the day when they start to commit to their new life and will always remember it. That's why we want you to choose by selecting the best gold wedding chain designs online so when you look back into the photos, they will always make you smile looking at those beautiful gold chain images.

Foxtail Gold Chain

Made with 22k pure gold to give you the most elegant feel and look. It can be worn standalone to give you a sensational look. It is also used sometimes as a contemporary version of Mangalsutra on sarees and ethnic wear.

Light Weight Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

These lightweight gold chain designs for ladies are thin, and you can wear them daily. They can be further embellished with gemstones, but not a lot. The styles are elegant and can be made in traditional or modern designs. These lightweight chains for ladies are mostly preferred by working women because they are ideal for formal wear as well.

Gold Mop Chain Designs

The mop chains are densely crafted link chains that may have small decorative ornaments in intervals of few inches. These mop chains can be multilayered or single and are perfect to go with the modern dressing styles. The mop chain designs of gold can also be embedded with small gemstones and pearls to make them more attractive and eye appealing.

Shivaji Maharaj Chain Designs

These Shivaji chains or pendants are based on the structure of long necklaces. These are usually lightweight and depicts either a ‘bust’ figure or similar design on jewellery items like coins, of Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the Maratha empire. This is worn as a Figaro symbol and mark of strength by men. 

Rope Chain Models

The rope chains are very trendy designs made via linking small gold beads in the shape of a rope. These are very heavy chains but very durable. These are mostly worn along with pendants because they are very strong. The latest rope chain models may come in thin styles which is an ideal accessory to go along with the western dresses.

Sachin Chain

Sachin chain, sometimes known as Figaro chain is a design that has small two or three small round or oval links and then followed by a long oval link. These are very popular Italian chain designs for men and people love to enhance these chains further with a pendant or religious symbols like and ‘Om’ or a Christian cross.

Women's Gold Chain Models

There are different women gold chain models which can be worn on different occasions. It could be the latest chain design or a traditionally styled gold chain model. There are hundreds of different chains available on JewelFlix; for kids, young girls, women, men and for different occasions like family functions, weddings, formal meetings, special dates, and much more.

Women also have a selection of daily use simple gold chain designs at home so that they can have a perfect piece to go with any kind of dress when needed.

22k Gold Chains & 18k Gold Chains

'Karat' (not to be confused with 'carat') is the purity of the gold. The higher the karat, the purer the gold.

Now you might think why shouldn't you go for the highest quality gold among the two. The reason is that higher karat gold denotes the high percentage of pure gold and less percentage of other metals like Silver, Nickel, & Zinc. But gold is soft in nature, and the reason these metals are deliberately mixed with gold is to increase its durability.

If you go for a 22k gold chain, it will be pure but not durable and wearing it constantly will degrade it or even bend it. Since the gold is more incorporated in the item, it is also costlier than the 18k gold chain. In a 22k gold chain, there's at least 91.67% pure gold and the remaining are the aforementioned metals. In the 18k gold chain, pure gold constitutes only 75% but is more durable and less costly than 22k.

Purchasing the Gold Chain Online with Weight Details

People get nervous about purchasing expensive items online such as gold because even though India is getting Digital, purchasing gold online can still be difficult. Here at JewelFlix, we've eliminated all of your worries. We bring you in front of the registered gold dealers (retailers) all over India, without even leaving your home. You can even compare different designs even from your local area jewellers.

The process is extremely simple. All you need is to visit JewelFlix.com and explore the designs of your choice. We have made it easy for you to just filter the location. Just select your city from the left sidebar titled 'Filter by City.

The gold is always sold in grams. You also have the option to filter how much quantity of gold you need. This will refine the results to more of your suiting. The options we correctly have available:

  • 2 gram Gold Chains
  • 4 gram gold chains
  • 5 gram Gold Chains Design
  • 8 gram Gold Chains
  • 10 grams gold chain designs
  • 15 grams Gold Chains
  • 20 gram Gold Chains
  • 25 grams of Gold Chains
  • 30 grams and above

Once you have your heart set on an item, suppose a 15 grams gold chain design, click on it. You'll be on the Item page. Here you will get the entire information on that particular item. You can directly start a chat with the retailer without any intermediary in between. This is just like visiting the shop by yourself. You can start the chat with the jeweller, contact them directly via phone, or click 'Get a Quote' and let the dealer get in contact with you.

Purchasing Hallmarked/Certified gold jewellery is that easy, and you don't even have to pay anything extra.