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Latest Gold Ring Designs

In Indian culture, almost every Indian admires gold rings as much as any Jewellery since this item is the first noticeable jewellery piece when someone looks at you. Gold Rings are the most worn accessories, not just by women but men and kids also. There are hundreds of gold ring designs available in the market and you can choose the best one for you.

Traditional, as well as the latest gold ring designs, are available almost at every shop throughout India but that doesn't mean you'll go to every shop to look for the beautiful gold finger ring designs. That's why we're here, to make your search so easy that you’ll never have to go to any jewellery shop without completely having in mind what exactly you want.

Modern Gold Rings Designs in 2022

There is rarely a woman in India who doesn't adore gold jewellery, particularly gold rings. The sense of style and enhancement of the grace of a lady is impacted positively with rings. Men are also fond of wearing gold stylish rings for fashion and trends. Choosing the right design for the gold ring is as important as the ring itself.

These can be for several occasions and events, as well as for daily use. Wedding Rings, Engagement rings for women, Plain gold finger ring design for everyday use, Ring for Men as well as Children. The categories keep on updating whenever a new trend settles in, and we're always one step ahead to provide you with the best at JewelFlix.

Different Types of Gold Ring Designs

Whether you're looking for a gold ring new model or a traditional gold ring design, you will not be disappointed. We have a varied selection of designs for you and your family no matter the choices and likes of each of them. Let us dwell into some most popular ring designs worn in India:

Traditional Gold Ring Designs

Gold rings symbolize love and commitment in marriage, style is shown by youngsters, but when you’re a wearer of a traditional gold ring, you are portraying respect for your culture and traditions. These traditional rings are usually carved with unique designs of Hindu gods or flowers and are a little bigger than modern designs.

Gold Stone Rings

Stone rings have been around India for decades, starting from royal families and dynasties they do bring royalty to the wearer. There is a belief that different coloured stones have different ways of protecting the person. The gemstones are embedded in the rings and sometimes these stones are even engraved with names and religious quotes.
These rings are of several varieties as well with different gemstones embedded like:

Gold Ring with Blue Stone

A ring embedded with Blue Sapphire/Neelam stones is called Sapphire Stone Gold Ring and is one of the hardest stones followed by diamond. The blue sapphire is believed to be a powerful stone in Vedic astrology, which brings instant fame, wealth and good fortune to the wearer’s life.

Gold Ring with Red Stone

A ruby ring is also known as Gold Ring with Ruby /Manik Stones and is one of the most precious stones out there and that’s the reason this ring is mostly used as a wedding ring. The colours can range from pink to red. Throughout the ages, this stone has represented nobility, purity and passion.

Green Stone Gold Ring

Also known as the Gold Ring with Emerald Stones is a ring embedded with Emerald and considered that they once represented gods and goddesses. Throughout the ages, this stone has represented nobility, purity and passion. The greenstone ring signifies love and a representation of vitality and new beginnings.

Gold Ring with White Stone

Rings embedded with white Sapphire stones however sometimes diamond embedded rings are also called White Stone Rings. This is one of the most popular stones and is recognized to be the stone of appeal, arts, married life, as well as delight.

Gold Ring with Pink Stone

The Embedding of Rose Quartz gives us the Pink Stone Ring. Believed to be a stone of heart chakra with the soft feminine energy of emotions, peace, compassion, friendship, and love. This is one of those quartz believed to emit strong vibrations and thought to support relationship healing and boost feelings of peace and calm.

Yellow Stone Gold Ring

Embedded with yellow Sapphire and are seen more and more used in wedding rings. They are not as costly as other Sapphire stones. These are the representatives of divine grace and power and considered to be the safest gemstones. These stones signify knowledge, wealth, and loving relationships.

Panna Stone Gold Ring Design

Mostly worn in the little finger and is believed to help in allergies, nervous disorders, speech and respiratory-related ailments.

Gold Ring with Pearl Stone

Found in ocean beds, pearls are one of the most beautiful and precious items. This is used in Jewellery items as well as for astrological benefits. The pearl is white, shiny, and round in nature.

Religious Rings

Extension to a person's belief, these rings have been going hand-in-hand since time immemorial. The adornment of your style with your religious beliefs cannot be shown better than these customized beauties, like the Christian cross used as a pendant. Most people prefer to wear these religiously displayed Hindu god gold rings to keep a reminder of their religious beliefs.

Gold Band Rings

Traditionally best suited as one of the best gold engagement finger ring designs for females but can be also worn as an accessory to add a spark to your daily wear. These are not too flashy but when in view, these do portray a glamorous look towards the wearer.

Lucky Charm Rings

These rings are crafted for bringing in good luck with the religious view. Some are believed to bring prosperity, some health, and some wealth. Lucky charms can actually be anything you feel connected to spiritually, emotionally or if you believe it brings you good luck.

Gold Stackable Rings

As the name suggests, these are multiple rings stacked on top of each other and worn on the same finger however the style and designs should complement each other.

Gold Cocktail Rings

This is a large ring and often embedded with a large stone. Their vibrant and large designs make them ideal for parties (cocktail parties mostly) as it allows them to showcase this magnificent artwork.

Rose Gold Rings

Mostly used as engagement rings, these rings are of purest quality with reddish colour due to the inclusion of approximately 25% copper which gives its colour. The remaining 75% is pure gold.

Gold Wedding Ring Designs / Marriage Gold Ring Designs

Specially crafted wedding rings for the bride-to-be is one of the most important aspects of any Indian wedding. Without it, the wedding is not complete and we've never seen a bride who doesn’t carry this special wedding ring designed specifically for her.

There are several other kinds of gold ring designs online available here:
  • Double Finger Rings
  • Couple Ring Designs
  • Alphabet Rings/ Gold Name Rings

Simple Gold Ring Designs

A simple gold ring can be plainly polished without any embellished gems or hooks, or it can be an intricate carving of a design on it. But one thing which is common for these rings is that they don’t have any mixture of other metals (other than the already existing ones based on gold purity). These gold rings models are preferred for daily use by women as well as men because of their simplicity.

Pukhraj Stone Gold Ring

Pukhraj is a light yellow gemstone that is considered expensive but safest. Leisure and prosperity are supposed to be brought by this. Mostly preferred by people who are in business or industries.

Gold Ring Designs for Daily use

When looking to buy a gold ring online, you must make sure that the ring is of proper design and quality. Since gold is a malleable material, in its purest form it is very soft and could easily scratch or bend while doing everyday chores. The mix of other metals like copper or silver strengthens the gold and jewellery made from this gold can be worn daily. 18k gold has 75% pure gold and 25% other metals which gives the jewellery its durability.

Tortoise Ring Designs

Tortoise rings represent love, bonding and happiness. Wearing these in the appropriate finger can bring good luck and prosperity. Since tortoises are considered to be a symbol of positive energy and intellectual mind, the shape of the tortoise should always be kept in mind.

Gold Ring Designs for Women

There is no doubt that women are highly attracted to gold jewellery and due to this fact there have been numerous gold ring models for ladies available in the market. Whether it's for a wedding, for special occasions, or even for daily wear, you’ll always find a unique collection of beautiful gold rings for you.

The latest ladies ring models are crafted by keeping modern trends and designs in mind. Even though women love traditional styles, a little bit of trendy look is always preferred. The plain ring design for a female is also given an enhanced look to make it stand out from the rest of simplistic jewellery.

Gold Ring Designs for Men

There are several reasons why men wear gold rings. It is a symbol of luxury and class. In India, as per Vedic astrology, gemstones are suggested based on your horoscope. Believed to be helpful in overcoming the obstacles in your life like unhappiness or lack of success. Men also wear rings after getting married as engagement/wedding rings. Men's gold rings new designs are developed every day to cater to different styles.

Buy Gold Rings Online

Purchasing gold rings online has been hectic in the past because you had to look for some specifications in each and every shop like:

  • Is there availability of Hand Ring design you like?
  • Does the Jeweller provide verified, authentic, and genuine bills and certificates?
  • Is the location of the shop nearby?

These questions could pose nervousness and sometimes fear because once you visit a shop, some people get pressurized and feel ashamed when they continuously have to ask the Jeweller to show another one.

But at JewelFlix, you don't have to worry. This is a marketplace for Jewellers all around India where they show you what they've got. Just like you explore Google, you can explore JewelFlix to find and buy the gold rings online with perfect design without worry.

All the items sold are BIS hallmarked and Jewellers are completely verified and authentic. You only have one thing to take care of, which is selecting the best ring design. Be it traditional or modern gold ring design in 2022, you’ll never run out of options.

Why Choose JewelFlix for Purchasing Gold Rings Online?

We, at JewelFlix, believe that purchasing any item online should be fully secure, trustworthy, and you should always get the same product as advertised:

"What you see is what you get"
But some people may not have the same idea. So, here, we bring you the collection of only authentic and registered Jewellers who provide BIS Hallmark on every piece of jewellery, which is a sign of purity and trust. Also, you get the complete certificate of authenticity as well as the bill of purchase for your gold ring or any jewellery you buy from our jewellers anywhere in India.

Find Gold Rings Online on JewelFlix with Weight and Details

You will find all the details of the gold ring on the JewelFlix product page so you wouldn’t need to worry about trying to guess the weight or purity of the item. The gold ring images, purity, colour, stones, and other details will be mentioned along with the authenticity. You can find the gold rings in different weights like: 

    • 2 gram gold rings
    • 3 gram gold rings
    • 4 gram gold rings
    • 5 gram gold rings
    • 6 gram gold rings
    • 8 grams gold rings
    • 10 grams gold rings & more