360+ Latest Pendant Designs in Gold

Collection of Latest & Traditional Gold Pendant Designs

This is the kind of jewellery that can be obtained from any jewellery shop that deals in necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, etc. The pendants were around since the 18th century and known by the name ‘lockets’. The popularity of these gold locket designs has increased in these times. Almost every day, there are new gold pendant designs available in the market due to the strong demand for this beautiful accessory, sometimes with personal & sentimental value.

The pendant has enormous designs available online if you know where to look. JewelFlix has an assortment of hundreds of different gold pendant designs which are perfectly suitable for different types of people with different likes and choices.

Different Types of Gold Pendants

Gold Heart Shaped Pendant

Appearing in heart-shaped gold pendants, these truly resemble love. Not just among couples but also among other relationships like friends and family; parent-children, sibling-cousins, spouses, etc. The intensity of the relationship among the loved ones entices one to buy a gift as precious as this.

Gold Alphabet Pendant Designs

Begins as a plain pendant without the use of any stone in the entire design. Finishing off, a letter/alphabet makes each pendant uniquely stand out. The gold letter pendants are always simple in design no matter what metal is used; platinum or white gold. Mostly a small circle in which the alphabet is written around the border.

Gold Name Pendant Designs

More than half the people who like to adorn themselves with beautiful accessories have at least one name locket of gold with their name written on it, or at least the name of their loved one. 

The different designs of gold name lockets are available here on JewelFlix, which can be exclusively personalized for you and are perfect for daily use. 

Light-Weight Big Gold Pendant Designs

These pendants are usually based on traditional designs and are based on thin chains with an ornamental pendant hanging at the bottom. These can portray various symbols including religious icons and love. If the pendant is based on a locket design, you can even embed a small photograph of the loved one to keep their memory close.

Evil Eye Pendant Gold

This amulet is also known as a talisman, as the name suggests it is a pendant designed in the shape of an eye in either blue or green colour which indicates spiritual protection. Carrying an evil eye pendant with yourself is believed to protect you from negative effects on your well-being and your life.

Antique Gold Pendant Designs

Beautifully designed, these antique gold pendant designs can have a unique traditional look that has a cultural significance. The designs can be floral, geometrical or peacock. These aid in the enhancement of the entire appearance and turn the heads around if worn in combination with the right dress.

Gold Small And Simple Pendant Sets

Young girls and kids mostly prefer to wear small pendants because of their lightweight and elegant design. However, when paired with similarly designed earrings, it can boost the enhancement of your personality. Kids adore the gold pendant set designs which can go with almost any dress.

Gold Stone Pendant

These pendants are embellished with a gemstone of any nature like emerald/Panna stones, ruby/Manik stones, amethyst, etc; encased in a gold pendant. These are usually for their Vedic astrological benefits which they’re believed to have.

There are many more designs that are special to some people because of their love for certain characteristics as well as their philosophical meaning and belief in certain cultures.

Round Gold Pendant

The round gold pendant can be a simple pendant with a circular design or a spherical gold large gold bead, or most popularly a gold coin. These portray a symbol of unity, wholeness and completeness.

GoldFish Pendant

The goldfish pendant is in the shape of a fish or a fishbone. Their significance is taken from the bible and wearing a double fish pendant is believed to bring wealth, remedy relationships and improve harmony.

Peacock Pendant Gold

The peacock is believed to be the possessor of some great human characteristics like integrity and beauty. It is also believed that the peacock symbolism carries portents of protection, watchfulness, nobility and holiness.

Rose Gold Pendant

A symbol of luxury and wealth rose gold is associated with style and affluence. It’s also believed to be one of the romantic colours and when the metal is as precious as gold, this is extremely delightful to gift to a special someone.

Butterfly Pendant Gold

A symbol of spiritual rebirth, creativity and ascension with the ability to experience the life of wonders. These gold butterfly pendant designs are loved by teenagers and young girls because they are adorable to wear and show off to your friends and classmates.

Traditional Gold Pendant Designs

The traditional gold pendant designs have been around for decades in India. These are mostly based on religious designs like the traditional pendant. These traditional pendant designs can also have a style based on the culture, architecture, or history of the place.

Ganpati/Ganesh Gold Pendant

This pendant is for people who wish to keep their creativity close to them. As god of new beginnings, Lord Ganesh is worshipped in every enterprise of intellectuals, bankers, and authors. The Ganesh locket in gold is available in many styles catering to men, women, and children of all ages.

Om Pendant Gold

Om is a reference to our soul, ultimate reality, the entirety of the universe, truth and knowledge. Om locket gold is a very religious accessory and being so close to your heart means a calm mind as well. This can be a reminder to chant ‘Om’ anywhere and anytime to calm your mind and soul.

Lakshmi Pendant Gold

The devotees of Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and wealth can adorn themselves with a pendant portrayed with her divinity. Keep this precious pendant close to your heart with its elegant yet minimalistic design.

Hanuman Pendant Gold

The Hanuman Pendant is an ideal and devotional accessory you can wear or gift to someone else. It is suitable for all people: man, woman, boy, or girl and of all age groups. This hanuman locket of gold can be worn with a chain which can be lightweight or heavy as well.

Gold Cross Pendant

The gold cross pendant features a Christian cross, also known as the Crucifix. These are worn as a symbol and indication of the faith in Christianity. These can be given as gifts and also offered on religious rites such as baptism.

Rudraksha Pendant Gold

The Rudraksha beads or Malas are used to clear the mind and for meditation purposes. It enhances concentration power and confidence. Usages of Rudraksha as a pendant can help those who wish to escape bad habits and addictions when worn daily.

Krishna Gold Pendant

One of the most beloved and popular lords of all. The devotion of the devotee from the heart means true love to him. These pendants are chiselled in a variety of designs and mostly these lockets are chiselled with the depiction of Lord Krishna playing the flute.

Sai Baba Gold Pendant

The depiction of Sai Baba, one of the most revered and loved saints of all time is someone everyone remembers and wants to keep his teachings and life philosophies close to them. These pendants are specially designed for this type of devotees.

Gold Sun Pendant

The Sun is the symbol of life-giving abundance healing and peace. It is believed to calm a human mind and enlighten his/her path in life. The pendant can either depict a sun with facial information or just a circle with golden rays emerging from it.

Gold Pendants For Women

No doubt that women are the reason India is becoming the hub of Gold Jewellery. They just adore jewellery of every type whether it’s a finger ring, a necklace, model bangles, kadas, latest chains, and everything. Gold pendant for women is the most common and popular jewellery item which is worn by married and unmarried girls equally. These gold pendants may have a religious ornament embedded or sometimes a floral design. The chain is extremely lightweight so that any pendant ornament can be installed on it.

That’s why there are thousands of unique designs so that every woman can find something for herself as per her desire.

Modern Gold Pendant Designs For Female

Traditions are highly valued in India. That’s why the Jewellers are coming with new and modern ways to provide the best traditional and modern gold pendant designs for females. Most of the modern pendants are based on the western style and ladies love those particular modern young girls.

Latest Gold Pendant Designs For Girls

As girls in this modern India prefer to go with the modern and sometimes western designs of jewellery, there’s something which is bringing them back: The elegance of traditional styles of India. Jewellers have done so much to keep the designs of the latest gold pendant designs for girls as per traditional and cultural values.

These latest pendant designs of gold for girls are based on either floral designs or abstract styles which can go along with modern fashion and trends.

Gold Pendant For Men

Men mostly wear gold pendants for two reasons: either for religious purposes or as a style statement. There are other reasons for wearing the gold locket when gifted by someone to keep the memories of loved ones close to heart. These lockets may contain a photo of that special someone.

Latest Gold Pendant For Kids

The latest gold pendants in gold for kids are extremely lightweight and usually have a small toy or a cartoon figure dangling from the bottom. The kids wear these as their parents may want to show their precious love for their children to the world. There are different designs of gold pendants for baby girls and boys as well, usually different in colours.

Latest Gold Pendant Designs Online in India

On JewelFlix, you can only find the best and latest pendant designs in gold from various dealers around India. Each piece of jewellery in India has something unique to offer. So if you cannot find the desired one at one dealer’s shop, no worries at all because we have more than 100 genuine and authentic jewellers associated with us. You wouldn’t even need to leave the site, and we guarantee you’ll find something for you, whether it’s gold chain locket new designs or the cultural and traditional designs.