Diamond Nose Pin Rings

      Latest Diamond Nose Pin Designs

      For Indian women, nose piercings and pins work more than just fashion statements. These are the most common types of piercings after ears. A pure diamond nose pin is considered a symbol of a happy married life and in many cultures in India, like in Uttarakhand, wearing a nose ring after and during a marriage is a must.

      Benefits of Wearing Diamond Nose Pin

      To wear a diamond nose pin gold or silver, the nose should be pierced on the left side. As per Ayurveda, the vein on the left side is related to the female reproductive system thus helping in women’s fertility and easing the menstrual pain. The original diamond nose pin is considered auspicious as a tribute to goddess Parvati, who is the goddess of fertility, marriage, and children. It is also a symbol of status and power, depending on the community you belong to. 

      Diamond Nose Pin For Women

      Women wear real diamond nose ring because it is considered a mark of feminine beauty. Indian women love to enhance their beauty with different jewellery items like nose rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, etc. In Indian weddings, the nose pin is a must item for the bride as it is considered a significant part of Solah Shringaar.

      There are several of these diamond nose pin models which can go along with any of the dresses. At weddings, the traditional diamond nose rings are perfect to wear along with ethics attires like sarees or lehengas.

      Girl Diamond Nose Pins

      Girls in India usually like to wear these diamond stud nose rings to complement their natural beauty. The designs of these nose pins are minimal but elegant enough to go with modern fashion and trends. JewelFlix has a collection of different nose rings and pin designs that can be worn by young college girls, as well as small children. 

      Most girls in India start to wear small diamond nose rings on them from an early age, as they start to experiment with different jewellery items which will suit them.

      Different Types of Diamond Nose Pins

      Every person has their own choice and likes, that’s why JewelFlix has built up a range of different diamond nose pin designs for everyone. You can find it for your own self or as a perfect gift to your special friend on her wedding day.

      Single Diamond Nose Pin

      The single diamond nose pin design is considered the most elegant nose stud. These come in minimalistic designs, but due to a single diamond, the preciousness of these nose pins is highly glorified. Most young girls prefer to go for these designs for parties and formal occasions. You can also get the most enchanting designs on JewelFlix when you start exploring here.

      Star Diamond Nose Pin

      This diamond nose ring design has a star shape with multiple small diamonds studded around on all six vertices. This style of nose pin is loved by young unmarried girls as it makes them look stylish and adorable.

      Small Diamond Nose Pin

      The small diamond nose pin can be worn by married and unmarried women alike. These are usually worn on formal or casual occasions but avoided at religious events. The small single diamond nose pin can be found in square, round, triangular, or even floral shapes, and you can choose the best one suited for your needs.

      Diamond Flower Nose Ring

      You can get a single stone diamond nose pin with a floral design. These styles of nose pins have multiple small diamonds embedded in them around the whole design. This makes them a perfect gift item for your loved one, particularly family members.

      Simple Diamond Nose Pin

      The real diamond nose pin can be of a simple design and still be a gorgeous addition to your beauty. You can have the simple diamond nose pin designs in geometric shapes with single or multiple diamonds embedded in them. JewelFlix has a myriad range of different diamond nose pin designs which you can have in your jewellery collection, for any occasion.

      Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin

      The solitaire diamond setting is a large single diamond embedded in a jewellery item like the nose ring. Gold nose ring with diamond embedded as the centrepiece. This solitaire design of the nose pin is the most popular style among women. With every design, you can see the glamour of this big diamond nose ring.

      Buy Diamond Nose Pin

      With hundreds of different designs of diamond stud nose pins available on JewelFlix, you can always buy the best one for yourself or a loved one. Whether you’re looking for a design suitable for a teenager or a youngster, there are multiple varieties of these magnificent nose rings like solitaire, floral, geometrical, and religious. It’s up to your choice and requirement.

      JewelFlix can provide you with hundreds of different designs from hundreds of jewellers across India. You will find the entire details of each of the products on our product page including the original diamond nose pin images, metal, stones, purity, and much more.

      Diamond Nose Pin Price In India

      You can get a diamond nose pin online on JewelFlix at the exact price of the product, with no additional charges or taxes. You will be in direct contact with the jeweller. You can also personalize and customize your chosen products as per your requirements. The prices of a particular diamond nose ring design depend upon the gold purity, weight, diamond carats and current price. You can get in contact with the jeweller directly and request the entire details.

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