Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

      Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Designs 2022

      A Hindu Wedding cannot happen without a beautiful and religious accessory such as a Mangalsutra. A glamorous and exquisite diamond mangalsutra design can be one of the most loved accessories a bride wears. The mangalsutra is a representation of strength in a relationship and the most important part of a wedding.

      The latest diamond mangalsutra designs come in all shapes and sizes which could be elaborately designed with a large or small diamond-studded as the centrepiece. Since a woman is going to wear it every day, these mangalsutras are usually kept lightweight.

      Single Diamond Mangalsutra

      The designer diamond mangalsutra is like a chain of black beads and gold which is a symbol of the bond between goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. A single large diamond can be used for enhancing the beauty of the mangalsutra. This diamond is placed around the rim of gold cases which is connected to the chain lining of the mangalsutra.

      Simple Diamond Mangalsutra

      The gold and diamond mangalsutra can be of a simple design; with gold and black beads in alternates and studded with small single or multiple diamonds as the centrepiece. This centrepiece of the simple gold diamond mangalsutra can be born as daily wear since it’s very light and lovable by many new brides.

      Long Diamond Mangalsutra

      This diamond mangalsutra of the new design has been becoming popular among modern brides due to its length. The women can easily wear an additional gold necklace to develop their beauty unparalleled. This design can be based on a simple style or an elaborated style, depending on your desires. 

      Short Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

      The small diamond mangalsutra designs are preferred when you wish to wear a long necklace for any special occasion. Many newly married girls try to multiple layered jewellery and when wearing a short mangalsutra, like a choker necklace. This gives more space on your neck for additional jewellery accessories like gold chains or diamond necklaces.

      On JewelFlix, You can find diamond short mangalsutra as well as long designs, which will surely keep a smile on your face and highlight you even in your simplest of dresses.

      Light Weight Diamond Mangalsutra

      The real diamond mangalsutra designs used in Indian weddings are usually light weight because a woman is going to wear them for the rest of her life. The lightweight chains are thin and with black and gold beads and small diamonds to enhance the mangalsutra’s beauty.

      Black Diamond Beads Mangalsutra

      The black beads in a mangalsutra are believed to have divine powers to protect the married couple. The black diamond beads mangalsutra is also believed to shield the husband from bad luck or danger. Every single mangalsutra has black beads in it along with the gold beats for additional enhancement.

      Peacock Diamond Mangalsutra

      The new diamond mangalsutra designs are decorated with different designs and styles to suit modern peoples’ like and choices. The diamond mangalsutra jewellery is embedded with peacock, goddess Lakshmi, flowers, and other designs to look more attractive.

      Big Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

      The plain and simple mangalsutras can have a big diamond as the centrepiece to look magnificent. However, even these diamonds are not kept that big which could make the woman uncomfortable wearing them. This one diamond mangalsutra design is a statement jewellery item usually worn by people who wish to portray their status and personality with an elegant item such as this jewellery.

      Diamond Pendant Designs for Mangalsutra

      The diamond pendant designs are extremely popular as traditional mangalsutra designs. Usually, it has a religious icon like Parvati or Lakshmi as the centrepiece, however, some people also prefer floral designs as well something unique and personalised ornaments as per their choice.

      Diamond Locket Mangalsutra Designs

      The mangalsutras can even be based on the locket designs which have a casing (space) in them to hold a special memory, like a small photo of your husband. The diamond mangalsutra locket usually has a slightly bigger centrepiece due to the embellishment of the diamond as well as the locket.

      Diamond Mangalsutra Set

      The diamond mangalsutra set can come with multiple variants of mangalsutras which you can wear as per the occasion. For daily wear, for the traditional occasion, or for a formal function; the different mangalsutra diamond sets available online can fulfil your need anytime and anywhere.

      Modern Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

      The designs like the diamond mangalsutra chain can highly enhance your beauty if complemented with the right dress. You can wear a modern diamond mangalsutra along with a saree or a western-style dress, and it surely will catch your eye. These are usually embedded with small gemstones like emerald or rubies to make them more attractive.

      Diamond Mangalsutra Vati Designs

      In regions like Karnataka and Maharashtra, the brides-to-be wear the diamond Vati mangalsutra which is just like a plain design but with two golden hollow cups which are connected to each other. They represent bride and groom and the symbolic meaning is the union of two families through the marriage. You can find several designs of these mangalsutras on JewelFlix.

      Best Diamond Mangalsutra Designs with Carat Details

      JewelFlix has associated with hundreds of jewellers across India which provide the best diamond mangalsutra designs as well as other wedding jewellery like wedding rings or entire jewellery sets used in solah shringar ritual. You can see the diamond mangalsutra images on every page while exploring. 

      Whether you are looking for a modern mangalsutra design in diamond or a traditional design mangalsutra, you will always find various styles suitable as per your liking. You will get the diamond mangalsutra designs in half a carat, one carat, or more as per your likings. 

      Buy Diamond Mangalsutra Online

      With hundreds of different diamond mangalsutras available online, you can easily explore and select the right one which will perfectly suit you along with your dress. Just explore the designs on JewelFlix and choose that perfect diamond mangalsutra you had your eyes on.