Silver Stud Earrings

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Latest Silver Stud Earrings

Owning one of the gorgeous jewellery pieces like a pair of sterling silver stud earrings is the most classy way to be a part of any event or occasion. The silver studs can match any outfit and any combination of jewellery you love to wear.

Stud Earrings for Girls

When girls wear pure silver stud earrings, it’s not just the classic look they love. It’s the durability of this metal as well. Pure silver doesn’t fade away and will always stay as gorgeous as when bought. The designs of these studs can vary from place to place, culture to culture, but the love girls have for them stays the same.

Ear Studs for Women

Women like to wear the most magnificent and beautiful jewellery on every occasion and even for everyday wear. Women can combine these silver ear studs with different jewellery items like silver or gold necklaces to look perfectly gorgeous. Most women even love to wear these studs at their weddings to their classy and elegant looks.

Baby Stud Earrings

Parents love to adorn their kids with beautiful things. The babies are occasionally studded with these earrings from just a few years of their age. They can be a cultural thing, a religious ritual or a fashion choice. Occasionally these baby studs are embellished with different gemstones like emerald, rubies, amethyst, etc., as per the child’s birthstone.

Silver Studs Online Shopping

Buying stud earrings online is an easy task nowadays. With Digital India taking the nation by storm, jewellery has made its way on the internet as well. JewelFlix is an online jewellery marketplace with thousands of different jewellery items from hundreds of jewellers across India.

Silver stud earrings online can be easily found on JewelFlix with hundreds of different designs which can cater to the needs of men, women, and children as well. The designs range from simple ear piercing studs to button designs.

Different Types of Stone Stud Earrings

White Stone Stud Earrings

The white stone earrings can be a magnificent addition to your collection. The diamonds are the most popular stones used in studs because of their superior quality, shine, and preciousness. Even a small diamond can highly enhance your overall personality no matter what dress you’re wearing.

Ruby Stud Earrings

The ruby is a red coloured stone that is believed to have protective qualities in it. The jewellery studded with ruby stones can bring passion into the wearer's life and happiness. These stud earrings are mostly used as a gifting item to a loved one on anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Emerald Stud Earrings

The emerald is a green stone believed to have a calming and balancing effect on body health. Most people love the colour because combining it with a similar dress creates a stunning personality. You can wear the emerald studs as a second stud earring as well if you already have one worn on your ear.

BlueStone Stud Earrings

The blue sapphire or bluestone is one of the precious gemstones that helps in mental focus and provides psychic awareness. These studs can either be embedded as a single stone on a stud or surrounded by other gemstones like CZs. Women love these all around the world for their aesthetic appeal.

Solitaire Studs

The solitaire stud is a type of earring with a single diamond setting. They can be paired with other jewellery like bracelets, finger rings, or fashion bangles. Most commonly, this setting is used on jewellery on special occasions, like wedding proposals.

Kundan Studs

The stud earrings with Kundan work are a highly intricate design of studs. The gemstones are placed in the casing of 24k gold polished work on silver, which makes it highly lustrous and perfect for any special occasion or event. The most common design in a Kundan stud is a large centrepiece stone, surrounded by different small stones. Enamel could also be used to further the enhancement of the jewellery.

Pearl Stud Earrings

The classic and, without any doubt, one of the most elegant styles of studs is the embellishment of natural pearls. The pearl stud earrings have an aura of purity and innocence. This shows a classy and refined personality with the utmost focus on discipline and an open-minded attitude. Each stud earring can have one pearl only, which makes it extremely focusable and highlights the beauty of these jewellery pieces and anything it shines on.

Types of Ear Studs for Ladies

Small Stud Earrings

The small silver studs are loved by the women who love to live with simplicity yet a bit of grace and elegance. These studs are not too flashy but not hidden as well. Children are mostly adorned with small studs; however, many young girls absolutely cherish these ear studs designs.

Big Stud Earrings

The big silver stud earrings are statement jewellery of high class and personality. The people wearing these studs are highly confident and looking to expand their ‘zone’. These designs may have multiple gemstones embedded around in a symmetrical pattern. They are mostly preferred by bold women who have set up their own life and career and wish to show the world that they’re self-sufficient and confident in everything they do.

Simple Silver Stud Earrings

The simple stud earrings can come in various designs. Their simplicity is all you’ll need to flaunt your beauty on any occasion. These are also perfect for daily wear for every type of individual.

Flower Stud Earrings

These studs have a floral design and are mostly prefered by kids and young girls who wish to look cute and adorable. Kids extremely love these due to their beautiful appearance and style. The stud earrings design has multiple variants with different floral arrangements.

Oxidised Stud Earrings

The oxidised stud earrings are perfect to go along with any Indian and western wear. The silver is given a raw oxidised look by a chemical process that gives it a darkish look, making it look unique. Most temple jewellery is introduced to this oxidation process so as to make their looks perfect synonymous with traditions and old cultures.

Round Stud Earrings

The sterling silver ball studs are made just a few millimetres in diameter with only pure silver. With a thin pin to go through the earlobe and a small lock to tighten it. These are worn by men and women alike, and the design intricacy is minimal.

Fancy Stud Earrings in 2022

There are hundreds of different designs available on JewelFlix which you can get your hands on. Every person has different likes and choices, which allows the jewellers to create more modern and stylish designs. Even various stud earrings sets are available with similarity in designs but the difference in colours.

Now you can get designs like butterflies, fruit shapes, geometrical shapes, and many more. These are quickly getting trendy among the young, and that’s the reason more and more fancy stud earrings are popular in 2022.