Silver Bajuband / Vanki Designs

      Latest Silver Bajuband / Vanki Designs

      One of the most important aspects of the Solah Shringaar ritual, bajuband is highly valued in Indian traditions and is considered very auspicious for women. The silver bajuband design is believed to bring wealth and prosperity into the couples life. It is also considered a symbol of success and status in many cultures across India.

      Indian women wear Bajuband, also known as Vanki, on their wedding day to stay safe from negative energies and evil eyes. It is also believed to help fight certain health-related issues if worn properly on the acupressure point.

      Traditional Bajuband Designs in 2022

      Bajuband / Vanki is no doubt one of the oldest traditions in India. This is worn around the biceps of the arm on either one or both arms. The traditional silver vanki design is an essential aspect of a wedding ceremony. These designs look highly elegant with stones studded and a perfect accessory to go with the wedding dress. 

      However, the silver armlet design must be kept in mind while choosing other related wedding jewellery as well; like necklaces, earrings, haath phool, and gold plated bangles. Together they can truly make or break the look of the bride on her special day.

      Gold Plated Silver Bajuband

      Wearing different types of jewellery can signify different things, but the most important part is the process of making the bride look like a diva. The latest silver hand bajuband designs can come in different styles and patterns, with gold finish being the most popular one. A traditional item can be given a modern look with gold polish. These are most popular among women who love to experiment with different designs of jewellery with different dresses.

      2 In 1 Bajuband Design Set

      It is always made sure that the bride should look her best on her special day and that’s why it is also important to make sure the jewellery is related to each other. The 2 in 1 bajuband sets will have a similarly designed necklace, like choker and bajuband designs. Since they stay a bit close to each other, they must complement each other.

      Bajuband Peacock Design

      Most of the south Indian jewellery designs can be seen with the motif of a peacock. Peacock is considered a symbol of love and wisdom. The start of a new life is surely a time to bless the bride with immense love and happiness. And since the peacock is such an elegant and beautiful bird, it represents the concept of marriage accurately. You can find many bajuband silver designs with peacock motifs on JewelFlix. These can be further combined with other jewellery items like kamar bandh to make the bridal look more delightful.

      Kundan Bajuband

      One of the most beautiful designs of any jewellery like bajuband is the Kundan work. The embedding of various gemstones make the jewellery look like a royal queen’s, and when complemented with a traditional saree or a lehenga, can be truly a mesmerizing look. Brides in the north and south India are opting for this kind of jewellery and a matching necklace and other jewellery items as well.

      Maharashtrian Bajuband Designs

      The Maharashtrian bajuband gives a touch of reflection and enchants the beauty of the woman in pleasing ways. The Maharashtrian bajuband designs are colourful and studded with gemstones and are very important accessories for weddings. There are varieties of different designs which are used all across India. These designs are specially crafted to suit or compliment different wedding dresses as well as jewellery sets.

      Marwadi Bajuband

      The marwadi silver bajuband designs from Rajasthan are one of the most elegant and detailed pieces of jewellery design. This Rajasthani bajuband is also known as Angada and is filled with beautiful meenakari work. Earlier, crocodiles and snake designs were ornamented on these bajubands, but modern designs have been developed to more suit the current fashion trends.

      Pearl Bajuband

      The beauty of pearls is not something anyone could understate. The pearls or ‘moti’ are the perfect and most elegant piece of gem which can make your look, and never break it. The pearl bajuband can go with any time of dress, whether a traditional one or a more modern western dress. It can be a symbol of status, luxury, and wealth and at the same time a bold and elegant personality.

      Silver Bajuband Online on JewelFlix

      With hundreds of different designs of silver armlets online, you may sometimes get overwhelmed with what to choose. But when you know and compare the different styles, you’ll always find that perfect one for you. On JewelFlix, with so many designs available from hundreds of jewellers, you’ll always compare between the products and choose the right one. Whether it’s a pearl bajuband, a diamond-studded one, or just a simple silver bajuband; you’ll never get disappointed.

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