Diamond Bracelet Designs

      Latest Diamond Bracelet Designs

      Bracelets are accessories that men and women have worn for ages. Wearing bracelets has significant meaning in different cultures, particularly in India. Now that we've entered the era where fashion portrays a vital role in society, people have started experimenting with different accessories to make themselves look more attractive. Men, women, and children have loved various diamond bracelet designs for different reasons. 

      Diamond Bracelet For Women

      Women love to accessorize themselves with precious items like gold, silver, and gemstones. They are most fond of accessories like diamond bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. There are thousands of designs of gold diamond bracelets for women available on the online market, like JewelFlix. Here you can choose as per your likings and buy the bracelet without any issues.

      Men's Diamond Bracelets

      Men have been wearing bracelets for a long time now. Earlier it was a symbol of power and status, but now gold diamond bracelets for men is a fashion symbol as well. These can be worn to show off one's personality and wealth status.

      You can find men's diamond bracelets online easily now on JewelFlix and get them customized as per your choice. There are hundreds of different men's diamond bracelet designs available from which you can choose.

      Diamond Bracelet For Girls

      Girls are fond of different jewellery items, and a diamond bracelet is one of my favourites. It's the most common and most popular accessory among youngsters as a fashion accessory. A real diamond bracelet can hugely enhance the look and beauty of a girl. 

      Different Types of Real Diamond Bracelets

      Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet

      Mangalsutra is an essential accessory for a bride. It's a symbol of a married woman and a blessing for the couple's prosperity and healthy life. And nowadays, the Mangalsutra is worn as a bracelet, as compared to the traditional necklace. This is now becoming a fashion symbol for married women as well.

      Gold Diamond Bracelet

      The diamond bracelets in any style are loved by men, women, and children alike. And you have the option of choosing from many diamond hand bracelet designs on JewelFlix. The bracelets can be either a thick and wide design with multiple rows of diamonds or a thin, lightweight design with one row of diamonds attached.

      Diamond Bangle Bracelets

      These designer diamond bracelets can be either stacked like bangles or worn on both wrists. They portray a more modern, stylish look and are loved by the people who love to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. You can find teenagers stacking up these bangle bracelets on one wrist and a single bracelet on another wrist to balance out the style with the appropriate attire.

      Heavy Diamond Bracelet Designs

      You can flaunt your beauty with a heavy diamond bracelet that can have multiple diamonds embellished on it. The diamond bracelet designs for ladies are usually made to suit one bracelet per wrist. These can be used in any traditional or formal functions, including parties. You can get a customized design of a heavy bracelet that can have other gemstones embedded in it as well.

      Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet

      The rose gold is made of 75% pure gold, 22.25% copper, and the rest is a mixture of other metals for strength. The rose gold diamond bracelets are mostly loved by people who just started wearing jewellery. However, most married women also love to adorn themselves with different designs of these bracelets.

      Evil Eye Diamond Bracelet

      An evil eye diamond bracelet is like a talisman that is used to keep negativity and evil away from you. The bracelet is either drawn or designed on the metal of the eye's pattern, which is the spiritual symbol to ward off evil. These evil eye bracelets can be worn by everyone and are mostly worn on kids by their parents.

      Fancy Diamond Bracelet Designs 2022

      Even though people love to stay around the most gorgeous and fashionable jewellery, sometimes wearing a fancy diamond bracelet design is all you need to stand out from the crowd. You can find several bracelets in unique and fancy designs, made specifically for a particular set of people or purposes. Here are a few of the most popular fancy diamond bracelet designs.

      Diamond Tennis Bracelet

      The tennis bracelet contains small gemstones like diamonds that are connected with a thin gold chain. This is a beautiful fashion accessory that can be styled with casual as well as formal attire.

      Diamond Coil Bracelet

      The coil bracelet is a spiral sturdy ring that is usually multi-layered. The diamonds are studded along the line of the bracelet to make it sparkle from every point. You can find a coil bracelet loved by everyone due to its unique design.

      Diamond Star Bracelet

      The star bracelet has small star-shaped casings made on the ring, and on each star, you can find six small diamonds embedded into it. Find the most elaborated designs of these bracelets online on JewelFlix. And if you didn't find anything exact to your specifications, no worries as you can directly contact the jeweller and get a personalized bracelet for only you.

      Small Diamond Bracelet

      The small diamond bracelets have multiple small diamonds studded along with the wristband. These gold bands can be lightweight with a single diamond or a row of diamonds, or they can be broad diamond bracelet designs with multiple rows of small diamonds embedded on them.

      Blue Topaz Diamond Bracelet

      Blue Topaz is one of the most beautiful stones that is used in jewellery. Every person loves to wear a bangle or bracelet which is embellished with these stones. And when combined with the most precious stone i.e. diamond, these blue topaz diamond bracelets become one of the most elegant pieces to wear. 

      Buy Diamond Bracelets Online India

      Exploring the range of different diamond bracelets is easy. You can buy diamond bracelets online from JewelFlix, which has a vast range of different designs suited for every need and every person. Whether you're looking for a gemstone studded bracelet to go with traditional wear or something classy for a cocktail party, you won't be disappointed. 

      We have jewellers from all across India who provide diverse styles from different regions, which makes diamond bracelets online shopping more accessible than anywhere else.

      Gold Diamond Bracelets with Carat and Weight Details

      Whether you're looking for an agents diamond bracelet or ladies bracelet, our 100% authentic items are surely going to steal your heart. All our products are hallmarked and from only registered jewellers, so you can be assured that you're getting the original product. Images of diamond bracelets are of exact products, so you will always get what you're seeing.

      The diamond bracelets can be found in different carats like:

      • 4-carat diamond bracelet
      • 5-carat diamond tennis bracelet
      • 6-carat diamond bracelet
      • 7-carat diamond bracelet
      • 8-carat diamond tennis bracelet
      • 13-carat diamond tennis bracelet
      • 15-carat diamond bracelet
      • 30-carat diamond tennis bracelet

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