4800+ Gold Jewellery Designs in 2022

Latest Gold Jewellery Designs

Gold jewellery is not just to make you look beautiful, but it has significant religious values in Indian culture as well. Wearing the latest gold jewellery designs has now become increasingly popular due to their several uses on different occasions as well as religious ceremonies in India. 

Indians always flaunt their love for the best gold jewellery designs, which can be plain, studded or even embedded with beautiful gemstones.

Gold Jewellery Online Shopping in India

Shopping for Indian gold jewellery online has now become extremely easy with an online marketplace like JewelFlix. You can buy gold jewellery online on JewelFlix in just a few clicks. We have a catalogue of thousands of unique products, from hundreds of jewellers spread all across India. Whichever product you desire, you’ll get the complete details of the product like gold jewellery images, metal, embellishments, purity, weight, and much more.

You will be in direct contact with the jewellers throughout your purchase, so you can be assured that you will get only the best, authentic and latest gold ornaments designs from genuine and authentic sellers, with BIS Hallmark on every product.

While making an online gold jewellery purchase, you also have the option of choosing amongst the most modern designs or the culturally valuable traditional styles of jewellery.

22k Gold Jewellery Online Shopping

Find the purest gold ornaments online of gold on JewelFlix with 22 karat purity guaranteed. There are several qualities of gold like 14 karat gold jewellery, 18k gold jewellery, 22k jewellery, and 24k. However, making jewellery from 24k gold, which is the highest purity of gold is avoided because it is very soft and gets easily damaged, which makes 22k gold jewellery the best items for shopping.

Different Types of Gold Jewellery

Gold Temple Jewellery

The gold temple jewellery designs are made in different forms of Gods and Goddesses. The design of these gold jewellery sets is elaborate and based on traditional or antique styles, which makes them perfect accessories for any function, whether a religious one or a special marriage.

Antique Gold Jewellery

Antique in the actual sense is any jewellery that is at least 100 years old. However, since these are very rare, and also in demand, the jewellers have come up with a way to furnish the existing jewellery with such a craft that anything can be given an antique look. These antique gold ornaments are made by putting the normal gold jewellery through the oxidation process which gives it a darkish and antique look so adored by people. 

South Indian Gold Jewellery

South Indian gold jewellery is one of the most popular statement jewellery in India. These bridal gold jewellery designs are extremely elaborate and heavy to wear which is the reason they’re worn only on extremely special occasions like a wedding. Whether it’s a bracelet, or a Payal, a toe ring or a maang tikka, every item is given special attention when worn by a bride in India.

Gold Fashion Jewellery

This is the era of fashion without any doubt. Every day celebrities and fashionistas are coming up with new trends of clothing as well as jewellery. The fashion industry has developed countless new gold jewellery designs since the last decade. This was the consequence of individuality and each person having different likes, choices, and jewellery specifications.

Nowadays, jewellery is not just a traditional aspect of grace only, but an important status and symbol for many people. JewelFlix is filled with hundreds of unique gold jewellery models which can be worn by individuals to make themselves stand out from the crown. The symbol of beauty.

Maharashtrian Gold Jewellery

Maharashtra has a rich cultural heritage. The Maharashtrian gold jewellery designs are extensively crafted for important occasions like weddings, pujas, baby shows, or other similar functions. The modern wedding gold jewellery sets in Maharashtra are also based on traditional and antique styles which can be found on JewelFlix.

Punjabi Gold Jewellery

Punjabi jewellery is not special just in its design, but also its traditional values and history of its own. Each item worn by an individual has a special significance to people or a place which makes every gold jewellery set for marriage a special treat for a bride. The brides look stunning with the designs whether it's Kundun jewellery or the extensively elaborate heavy jewellery.

The jewellery is also worn by men, and for Sikhs, Kadas also hold a special significance in their religion. Wearing a Kada is one of the five Kakkars of Sikhism, bestowed upon by Guru Gobind Singh.

Rajputi Gold Jewellery

The Rajasthani gold jewellery is another set of elaborately decorated jewellery with designs based on old-age customs and traditions. On the wedding day, the brides are adorned with magnificent and majestic bridal jewellery set of gold, like bajuband, balis, chokers, and many more items from head to toe which makes Rajasthani brides one of the most stunning on their special occasion.

Heavy Gold Jewellery

Heavy gold jewellery is used everywhere in India. These gold ornaments models are created with pure 22k gold and have extensive designs of large size. The jewellery items like maang tikka, necklaces, Payal, etc are mostly used on special occasions like weddings. Temple jewellery is also most of the time made as heavy gold jewellery. These cannot be used as daily wear due to their heavy weight.

Light Weight Gold Jewellery

The lightweight gold jewellery is perfect to wear daily. They portray a minimalistic yet elegant design that goes ideally with any modern trend. These jewellery items can be worn along with any dress style: traditional or modern. The lightweight gold ornaments can be used on the jewellery like on pendants to make them more attractive looking.

Gold Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is a traditional style of Indian jewellery that is crafted with 24k pure gold in minimal amounts and studded with different gems. These gems are cased in gold foil in between. You can find numerous Kundun jewellery designs on JewelFlix which can be worn by women on special occasions as well as daily wear.

Bridal Gold Jewellery

With the collection of hundreds of wedding jewellery designs in gold available, JewelFlix can not only provide you with the latest designs but also more traditional and antique jewellery designs from any of your Solah Shringar collection. Gold ornaments for the bride are available in a wide range on JewelFlix for you to choose from, only on JewelFlix.

Latest Gold Jewellery Designs for Wedding

The latest trend of beautifying yourself with different gold ornaments for ladies, men, or children depends on the regional choices in India. In South India, people love to have traditional and antique jewellery for their weddings. While in the Northside, in certain cultures you can see the modern and classy designs yet in other regions, elegant and traditional designs. The latest gold jewellery designs for weddings all depend on your fashion preferences and how you like to dress and adorn yourself with different jewellery items.

Traditional Gold Jewellery

The traditional gold ornaments or jewellery has important values in Indian culture because these designs and patterns have been handed down to us by our ancestors. This jewellery can have architectural designs like Rajasthani jewellery, or the depiction of gods and goddesses like in temple jewellery. There are thousands of eye-appealing and gorgeous traditional and antique gold jewellery designs you can find on JewelFlix, for men, women, and children as well.

Simple Gold Jewellery Designs

Even the simplest gold jewellery designs on JewelFlix have their own elegance and grace when paired with simple gold ornaments. Their attractiveness is increased manifold on any occasion with the classical as well as modern dresses.

Gold Ornaments for Men

Even men have been using gold jewellery for a long time now. Men use jewellery not just as a fashion statement but as a symbol of class and style as well. Many men like to use heavy jewellery to symbolize their strength while others prefer lightweight for a bit of elegance and class. Gold ornaments for baby boys are used by parents for their kids to be part of this modern fashion world and these baby gold ornaments items can have several playful ornaments installed as well.

Gold Ornaments for Ladies

Women, no doubt have an extreme fondness for jewellery ornaments of different designs. Even gold ornaments for baby girls are now popular because people love to adorn their kids with different styles of jewellery items. JewelFlix has a huge range of gold jewellery for women which can be worn on different occasions. Just choose the one you like and get in touch with the seller. It’s that easy.

Gold Jewellery Designs with Price and Weight

When you’re about to buy gold jewellery online in India, you’ll find many designs and patterns of jewellery. Whether you wish to buy a gold necklace or a ring, you must first try to find the design which would suit the occasion, your body structure and even your dress. This will give you an added touch of beauty.

The gold jewellery design images shown on each product page are the actual images of the product, so you’ll always be assured to get the exact product you’re seeing. The gold jewellery can be found in the following weights on JewelFlix:

  • 2 gram gold jewellery
  • 5 gram gold jewellery
  • 8 gram gold jewellery
  • 10 gram gold jewellery
  • 20 gram gold jewellery designs
  • 30 gram gold jewellery & more

In addition, to find the gold ornaments images on each product, you will also find the entire details, so you’ll always know what you’re getting.