400+ Silver Pooja Items

Silver Pooja Items: The Right Items for Pooja Mandir 

Religion is an essential aspect of Hinduism and is very valuable in India. That’s why people often seem to be visiting temples of various deities like Radha-Krishna, Sri Ganesh, Shiva, and many more. In addition to people visiting temples to pray, it is relatively common for families to have a small temple in their home to pray every day. The silver pooja items are used to hold various things that can be used while pooja, like plates, bowls, bindi holders, agarbatti stand, and much more.

Silver Pooja Items For Temple

Silver is a very precious metal in monetary value and the use in Indian cultures for religious and gifting purposes. Visit any temple, and you can find sterling silver pooja items everywhere for various uses. That’s why people have started to use them in the home as well. Silver is auspicious, and with several health benefits, this is the primary choice for any articles at home.

Traditional Silver Pooja Items In India

There have been several silver puja items used in a home temple for ages. Each item has its usage and significance. For example, a Diya or Deepam is the symbol of purity and is used to dispel darkness and go into the light.

Antique Silver Pooja Items

The different silver pooja items designs used in India serve various purposes and meanings. However, people always prefer to bring the best quality and design of silver items for their temple to appease the lord. The pure silver pooja items are always preferred, made from sterling silver. A process called oxidation is introduced, giving them a darkish and antique look.

Pooja Silver Gift Items

The home temple’s pooja items are a perfect gift accessory for a newly-wed couple and others as well. A silver pooja items set, including a silver plate, kumkum dibbi, incense holder, bell, etc., is an excellent way to start a new life with spiritual enlightenment. 

Gold Plated Silver Pooja Items

You can find silver pooja items in many forms. However, the second most common after silver items are gold-plated pooja items. These are just sterling silver polished with a thin layer of 24-karat gold. You can buy the items individually or the entire silver pooja set online easily.

Buy Pure Silver Pooja Items Online

You can find anything online, and that includes jewellery as well as the divine temple items. There are different types of silver pooja items online. On JewelFlix, we have the collection of unique designs from various sellers around India.

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Silver Items For Pooja Room

A room specifically designed and devoted to our precious spiritual self and gods is called a puja room. The room is carefully decorated with only items dedicated to the gods like Krishna, Vishnu, Parvati, Lakshmi, and hundreds more, depending on you. These can be big or small silver pooja items like plates or an entire deity idol. Here are a few of the things described below:

Pure Silver Plate For Pooja

If there’s anything an Indian house will have, it's a silver plate. Their primary usages are dinner plates, but they are used in pujas to hold multiple items in a Hindu household This is also an excellent gift choice for couples who’re newly-wed. The silver pooja plate designs can be simple and straightforward, or it could have attached small bowls with it, specifically designed to hold items like flowers, coconuts, bell, water, Diya, and a few others.

Silver Kumkum Bharani

Kumkum Bharani is a small gorgeous container in which we can keep Kumkum, Haldi or even Sindoor. The silver kumkum box is a useful item for gifting purposes for your special people as well. This Kumkum is applied on the forehead of idols for respect and purity.

The pure silver Haldi kumkum set usually contains two or three small silver kumkum bowls to hold Kumkum and Haldi, and a plate to hold them. And optionally another space on the plate for an idol like Ganesha.

Silver Flower Basket For Pooja

One of the most beautiful creations in the world is the flowers. The fragrance provides an aesthetic vibe and positivity to the prayer location. By offering flowers, you are showing your devotion and love to your deity. Silver flower baskets come in many designs and sizes to choose from based on your home temple room size.

Silver Kalash For Pooja

The Kalash or ‘pot’ is used to hold water when doing puja. It depicts various forms of goddesses in different pujas. The silver Kalash design represents material things. It is considered a container of fertility - the womb of a woman, and earth which nurtures life.

Silver Kalash with coconut, cash crop, leaf of betel; represents prosperity and power. And water in the pot is the symbol of the life-giving ability of nature.

Silver Chombu For Pooja

Just like Kalash, chombu is used for religious purposes, mostly for daily puja.

Silver Harathi Plate or Aarti Plate

The ‘Aarti’ or ‘Arti’ is a ritual in Hinduism. In this, items like incense, rice, wicks and silver flowers for God and put on a silver plate and circulated around the God or a person in a spirit of protection, humility and gratitude. This way, the followers of that deity become immersed in the divinity of God. The silver aarti plate designs can have many small compartments (bowls) attached to it which can hold several different items required for pooja.

Silver Agarbatti Stand

No puja in an Indian household is complete without the use of Agarbattis or incense sticks. These purify the air and replace the foul smell (if any) with a fresh aroma. The agarbatti stand is a thick metal rod with holes all around to keep agarbattis in place. There are multiple designs and sizes available, depending on how many incense sticks you use.

Silver Panchapatra

Silver Panchapatra is an integral part of poojas in which holy charan armit is placed beforehand, and after pooja, it is distributed. The silver Pancha Patra is usually a Kalash, and a spoon called Pali. This Panchpatra and Pali pair are devoted as gifts to deities and therefore kept in front of gods during rituals.

Silver Karanda

This is an adjoining of two small bowls to hold Kumkum and haldi for pujas at home. It is usually decorated with ribbons and flowers. The designs of this container also vary. It can be just the holder or a box container.

Silver Bell for Pooja

The bell is used to inform the deity of the person’s arrival. The sound of the bell is considered auspicious, which welcomes the divinity and dispels evil. The bell is small and sturdy and should always be made of metal like silver or copper.

Silver Paneer Sombu

The paneer sombu is a pot to hold rosewater and is usually used for the welcome. In poojas, this is used to welcome guests in the house, marriages, and even luxury hotels. This paneer sombu is always made up of pure i.e. sterling silver.

Silver Pooja Items With Weight and Price

Tens of different silver items are used in puja and each one has several unique variations. You can get any silver article in different designs and weight. Since silver is a precious metal, it’s always measured by its weight. Here are a few of the common weighed silver items you can find on JewelFlix.

  • 25 gm silver puja items
  • 50 gm silver puja items
  • 100 gm silver puja items
  • 200 gm silver puja items