120+ Gold Choker Necklace Designs for Women

Latest Gold Choker Designs for Women

A choker is a close and tight-fitting necklace worn around the neck just like a pendant or regular necklace. These necklaces stay close to the skin and do not dangle like long chain necklaces. Pure Gold Choker Necklace comes in a variety of styles and designs for young girls and gold choker necklaces for women whether married or single.

Different Types of Choker Design Gold Jewellery

The basic and simple choker necklace is commonly used for special and family occasions. However, these can be further customised by jewellery for any particular occasion. Choker necklaces are popularly not used as a daily wear necklace, but only for events and occasions. 

Here we briefly explain a few of the most popular choker gold jewellery designs:

Indian Gold Chokers

Indian gold choker designs are usually traditional and symbolize the rich cultural heritage of every Indian region as different regions have different and unique designs.

Anyone can find the traditional choker necklace online but to find the perfect design you so desire with exceptional purity and optimum price range can be difficult to understand. That’s why JewelFlix does it easily for you by providing all information in one place.

Antique Gold Choker Designs

Preferable as bridal jewellery, these designs are mostly modern jewellery items and given traditional and antique furnish using special machines. Although many real antiques are also available, these furnishings are mostly preferred due to their durability and purity.

Small / Mini Gold Choker Necklaces

These small gold choker necklace designs are designed in such a way that they are lightweight and are usually thin, but they do portray an elegant look. These are suitable for all women however it has been noted that young unmarried girls tend to prefer these, particularly students and working women.

Kundan Gold Choker Set

Kundan is an Indian traditional style of jewellery in which diamonds and/or other precious gemstones are embedded inside the frame of gold. The word itself denotes highly refined and pure gold. Kundan gold choker sets consist of choker necklaces, earrings, and sometimes Kada or gold rings.

The gemstones (ruby & emerald) studded choker is widely available in different designs due to their colourful nature and modern craftsmanship.

Pearl Choker Gold

Just one look, and you won’t be able to resist the temptation of this gorgeous pearl choker necklace. The neck choker gold designs embedded with pearls will put sparkles on you and light up your day.

Bridal Gold Choker Designs/Marriage Choker Necklace Gold

These choker necklaces are larger in thickness and mostly studded with diamonds at the bottom line. This is a multilayered necklace and can consist of gemstones like ruby, and emerald in multiple layers. Sometimes they may have a long chain as an add-on that could rest on the dress.

Plain Gold Choker Necklace Designs

A simple necklace design but can be customized using pearls and other gemstones as well. Usually found in single chains and lightweight mode choker designs.

Rajasthani Choker Necklace 

These are multilayered thick and heavy choker necklaces embellished with small gemstones between each chain link. In Rajasthani designs, small hanging jhumka ornaments are also portrayed at the button to give an antique and royal look.

Arabic Gold Choker Necklace

Usually designed like chains put horizontally and vertically creating small symmetrical boxes, circles, or any geometrical shape. The chains are linked together with small gold links. 

Bengali Gold Choker Design

In Bengal, the brides on their wedding day wear a lot of jewellery and mostly gold. A fine Bengali gold choker necklace is also one of the most important aspects of it. The most popular designs are Panch Noli Har or Sat Noli Har, but they are long designs.

CZ Choker Models

The CZ choker necklaces have embedded cubic zirconia in them which is an inexpensive diamond alternative, artificially created in a lab. These necklaces come in various appealing designs and due to being less expensive than diamonds, these are widely used by the young generation as well as married women.

Modern Simple Gold Choker Necklace Designs

In the Indian culture, traditional designs of choker necklaces have always played an important role, and they still do. Even in these modern times, people still prefer simple gold choker necklaces because of their lightweight and highly suitable for any kind of dress. Since these choker necklaces stay close to the neck, they’re always visible to flaunt along with your dress.

Even modern choker necklace designs are based on cultural values and styles. The modern choker necklaces have carvings of religious idols and sometimes even old-age architectural designs. You can find these modern necklace designs on JewelFlix in several varieties. For daily wear as well as for special occasions like marriages and formal parties.

Traditional Gold Choker Designs

The traditional gold choker designs mostly have religious icons as their ornamental depiction. This could be a deity like a goddess Lakshmi, or a symbol representing the religion. The traditional choker set designs can come with a pair of magnificent earrings and bangles that is suitable for the intricate designs of choker necklaces. They are always combined with a perfect and complimenting dress to increase the visual appeal of the wearer.

More Choker Necklace Designs Online

There are many more designs available on JewelFlix and daily more are updated by the jewellers all around India. So you can keep a look at that perfect one or get a customized one uniquely just for you. A few more designs are:

  • Traditional Gold Choker Designs
  • Lightweight Choker Gold Necklace
  • City Gold Choker

Selecting the Quality of Pure Gold Choker Necklace: 22k or 18k

When you are looking for a choker necklace, you must be able to choose properly based on how you are going to wear it and when.

18k gold choker necklace is durable and is preferred for both daily uses as well as on special occasions. This is also less expensive than 22k.

22k gold choker necklace is prone to scratches and is less durable but has the purest gold composition. Due to the less amount of other metals in this gold, this is prone to damages and not suitable for everyday use.

Latest Choker Designs in Gold: Understanding Price, Weight & Purity

When you’re looking for the gold choker latest designs online, it can be difficult if you’re not aware of gold purities and their composition because each purity and weight have a different price and quality.

Purity & Quality of Gold Choker or any other gold products

Whenever you are looking for any gold product, you’ll come across ‘karat’. This karat defines the composition/purity of gold and is standardized against 24 karats which is the purest form of gold you can find. The gold karats like 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k mean the mentioned number of parts are pure gold and the remaining are the alloys of other elements.

These elements are added in order to increase the strength and durability of gold. And because the gold inclusion in the product is less, it’s also cheaper. The less gold it has, the less quality a jewellery item is. 

10k choker necklace: This gold has 10 parts of gold and the remaining 14 are the alloys of other elements. The gold percentage is 41.7%. This is pale yellow and can cause metallic allergies. Not recommended for everyday use.

14k gold choker chain: This gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts alloys. A good mix of purity, durability and is affordable.

18k gold choker: 18 parts pure gold i.e. 75% and remaining alloys. One of the purest forms, but can get scratched if proper care is not taken.

22k gold choker: The composition with 91.7% pure gold and remaining alloys. This is the purest form of Jewellery but less durable. Recommended for a special occasion like weddings.

24k gold choker necklace: This is composed of 99.9% pure gold and hence is not recommended for jewellery as it can get scratched and bent easily. Gold is soft and malleable so pure gold without any alloys like this can be damaged.

Latest Gold Choker Designs with Weight Details in 2022

When you have decided on the quality of gold, you will have options on how much gram of gold you want in your Jewellery. Since most of the jewellery items are pre-made, you can select among the following weights of choker designs available, but can customize them any way you like:

  • Gold chokers in 2gram
  • Gold choker models in 5gram
  • Gold chokers in 8gram
  • Gold choker designs in 10 grams
  • Gold chokers in 15grams 
  • Gold choker designs in 20 grams
  • Gold choker models in 25grams
  • Gold choker designs in 30 grams
  • Gold chokers in 35grams
  • Gold choker designs in 40 grams
  • Gold chokers in 50 grams or more

In addition to buying ready-made choker necklaces, you can get the personalized latest gold choker designs with custom weight as per your preference specifically designed for only you and your special occasion.

Shopping Gold Choker Models Online @JewelFlix

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