Silver Anklets / Payal Designs

Latest Silver Payal Designs

Payal or Anklets are metallic accessories worn around the ankles, mostly by married women in India to signify their marriage. These Indian silver anklets are like bracelets for your feet. These are traditionally considered auspicious and are gifted to the new brides. The silver Payal design latest can be embellished with exquisite ornaments or meenakari styles.

The modern and latest silver payal designs in the latest and modern era are considered very trendy due to their aesthetics and musical nature. Girls wear payals not just to look gorgeous but silver Payal has several health benefits as well which makes them a perfect accessory to wear. A bride is considered incomplete in South India if she’s not accompanied by a beautiful and melodious payal.

Indian Traditional Silver Anklets

As per the traditions, it is believed that the energy is radiated from hands and feet. Wearing traditional silver anklets or bracelets helps revert energy back to the body. It also helps boost the immunity and health of the wearer. This is why the traditional anklets made from thread and bells were replaced with sterling silver anklets with chain and small bells for the sound. The traditional silver anklet designs still stay authentic and traditional.

Silver Anklets For Women

Payals are mainly preferred in silver. Gold is believed to be a precious metal and represents the metal of gods, thereby sacred. And wearing it on your feet is considered disrespectful. The silver anklets for ladies is highly customizable as per the tinkling sound which a person loves. The new bride in a house announces her arrival at her new home with the jingling sound of these Payals. 

Silver Anklets for Girls

Anklets are worn by unmarried girls as well, mostly as a fashion statement. These can have small beads or bells that make a charming sound while walking—a perfect accessory to draw attention to a person and their feet. There are several silver anklets models available for every individual with different likes and choices.

Bridal / Dulhan Payal Designs in Silver

The bridal beautiful silver Payal designs are very elaborate and intricate because of their importance in marriage and ‘Solah Shringaar’. These anklets are given as a gift to the bride to start her new life at the new home. Dulhan can announce her arrival with the sound of her ankles into the new home.

The silver anklet designs for brides are usually made in traditional and regional styles. Since Indian is home to different cultures in different regions, the designs of silver anklets for brides also vary according to the regional impact. You can have gemstones studded into them or just plain chains connected with toe rings. On JewelFlix, you can find tens and hundreds of different styles of silver Payal for brides, from all across India.

Silver Anklets For Kids

It is believed that silver anklets help transfer the negative energies from the baby to earth and thereby keep them safe. In a fashion sense, kids love to be adorned with such 925 silver anklets to just look pretty and give them something to play with. Silver anklets for a baby boy could be a plain design with few toys, while silver anklets for baby girls are decorated with floral designs, sometimes with colourful patterns.

Beautiful and Latest Silver Payal Designs In 2022

Having a beautiful collection of silver anklet designs for the bride or any other woman is now common for every piece of jewellery because these are considered one of the essential jewellery accessories all around India. Different designs and types of new Payal designs are available, which are popular in 2022.

Fancy Silver Payal

The girls love to try on different modern and fancy silver Payal designs, which have elaborate and colourful designs. These designer silver anklets can be of a light and loose style, which provide a graceful look, or a tight and comprehensive design that married women mostly use.

The new fancy Payal designs latest are simple but sophisticated and elegant in look. The ornamental designs can get trendy quickly, but most of the time these are customised as per an individual’s own liking. These fancy payals can be based on traditional designs but a little bit modern style as well.

Antique Silver Anklets

The pure silver Payal is introduced to a chemical process that gives it an antique look. These antique silver anklets are ideal accessories for any traditional or religious gathering but can also be flaunted with any saree. On JewelFlix, you have the option to find numerous designs of these antique accessories.

Modern Silver Anklets With Stones

The gemstones like emerald or rubies are used in many jewellery items in these modern times. The silver anklets are embedded with the stones to give them an enhanced look for anyone who wears them. Young unmarried girls prefer to wear these adorable anklets because they are usually lightweight.

Silver Black Thread Anklet

Wearing a black threaded ankle bracelet is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy around them and for bringing good luck. It is also used as a fashion symbol by many individuals. The black thread is laced with small silver bells to emanate the sounds while walking.

Single Anklet Silver

You can see women wearing silver Payal of new designs which can have different meanings. The single anklet is worn or either left or right ankle. Wearing on the left foot often denotes that the woman is married or has a special someone, while wearing on the right foot signifies that the woman is looking for a partner.

Thin Silver Anklets

The thin wires or chains are used as anklets that have small bells around for the same reason of announcing your arrival. These real silver anklets are loved by teenagers mostly as they can experiment with multiple designs.

Simple Silver Payal Design

With no extremely elaborate design, the simple silver anklets are chains with small ornaments hanging to make the jingling sounds. These are perfect to go with any modern or traditional outfit. You can even wear them at parties or family functions.

Heavy Silver Payal With Weight

The heavy payals are usually worn by newly-wed brides when entering into their new homes. The jingling sound from these original silver anklets is expected to be loud enough to let family members know the bride’s arrival at home. The weight is heavy enough to let the bride walk gracefully. 

Silver Anklets Online Shopping in India

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Latest Anklet Designs in Silver With Weight Details

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