Traditional Silver Toe Rings

Latest Silver Toe Ring Designs

Exploring the vast range of Indian jewellery designs is one of the best things you can do. India has a diverse range of different jewellery items for every body part for you to choose from. One of the most beautiful and mandatory accessories for an Indian bride is a pure silver toe ring

This accessory is believed to bring good luck, fortune, immense love and blessings for life. These real silver toe rings are worn on the second toe on both feet. It is also believed that this second finger has a nerve that connects directly to the heart and helps regulate female health.

Silver Toe Rings for Women

Women commonly wear toe rings to depict their marital status. Just like a gold mangalsutra, it plays a significant role in every Hindu culture. Different silver toe ring designs can be found to go with varying styles of dress, modern or traditional attire.

Traditional Silver Toe Rings

Earlier the sterling silver toe rings were only used as a marital symbol but slowly began to grow as a fashion statement also. The traditional toe rings are always made in silver because gold is considered religiously auspicious and cannot be worn below the waist for that reason.

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Antique Silver Toe Rings

The toe ring design in silver, when designed, is put through a chemical process called oxidation which gives them a darkish and antique look. These are designed in traditional style and are loved by every woman. Some toe rings are even connected to a Payal, giving a much more enhanced look.

Silver Toe Ring Set

With many ayurvedic and health benefits, the silver toe ring set comes with two rings and is always worn on each foot’s second toe. In addition to regulating the menstrual cycle, these are also believed to keep a woman’s reproductive system in good health.

Different Types of Designer Silver Toe Rings in 2022

Oxidized Silver Toe Rings

The simple silver toe rings are adored by every woman; however, when this accessory is given an antique look, the woman’s enhancement becomes mesmerizing. The silver jewellery is introduced to the oxidation process giving it an antique look, making it look more unique and extravagant.

Fancy Toe Rings

Even though toe rings have traditional and cultural significance, there’s no reason why we can’t wear something unique and fancy. The design can be based on your personal choice, like a flower toe ring.

There is no reason you can’t wear a fancy lotus flower toe ring to give yourself a little bit of floral touch or anything else.

Plain Silver Toe Rings

The plain silver toe rings are small rings without any additional embellishments. These are most commonly used as everyday wear due to their small and comfortable nature. These are also found in multiple designs like two rings overlapped like in a rope chain.

Solid Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Finding 925 silver toe rings online have never been easier. With tens of different designs available on JewelFlix, you can find any one of your likings. The solid toe rings are wider but thinner and can go easy on your toes without pressure. These are some of the modern trends which both married and unmarried women love.

Bridal Toe Rings

Bridal toe ring designs, also known as Bicchiya, are worn by women as the symbol of being married and are not removed throughout their lifetime. It’s the symbol of femininity and believed to have several health benefits for the newly-wed bride.

Sterling Silver Butterfly Toe Rings

A fancy and gorgeous butterfly toe ring is popular among the younger generation in the modern era because of its beautiful and cute design. Having a butterfly carved at the top gives a little confidence boost as well as beauty for any girl or married woman.

Gold Plated Silver Toe Rings

The silver toe ring models can be given a gold finish to make them look like gold jewellery. This is one of the best ways to cover yourself entirely in gold on your wedding day since gold accessories are not usually used on toes because of religious significance. 

Stone Toe Rings

Using gemstones is yet another way to enhance the overall look of the toe rings. Emerald and Rubies are mostly embellished in these 925 silver toe rings to make them more colourful and enchanting. A small stone is caged on the top of the toe ring, but sometimes even smaller, and multiple stones are used around.

Pure Silver Toe Rings Online Shopping at JewelFlix

Finding a toe ring in India that suits you and your wedding dress, or just the occasional attire, can seem like a big problem since you have to go from store to store looking for that perfect item. You always have to try the toes rings before buying them to check the level of comfort. 

The good thing is that JewelFlix has numerous designs of adjustable toe rings as well, so you will never have to try on everyone when you visit the store to purchase.

Buy Silver Toe Rings Online in India

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