Diamond Ring Designs

Collection of Beautiful Diamond Ring Designs

The most precious and popular gemstone is a very valuable investment anywhere in the world. The beauty and radiance emanating from different diamond ring designs are truly unique and loved by everyone. Due to being one of the strongest elements in the world, these diamonds are highly sought after by people.

Diamonds have many uses but the most loved one is the use of diamonds in Jewellery. Unlike gold rings which can be used casually, gold diamond rings are far more used as engagement and wedding rings.

Modern Diamond Ring Designs for Occasions

Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

Diamond rings are used as engagement rings nowadays because the love between the couple should stay as strong as a diamond. Since this is very valuable jewellery as well, most people symbolize their love and commitment to one another using this precious and most beautiful diamond ring.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are a very magnificent epitome of marriage which symbolizes an eternal bond between loved ones. In addition to engagement rings, diamond wedding rings are also used to signify to the loved one the preciousness of the bond between the two. Mostly the diamond is encased in a pure gold casing.

Diamond Cocktail Ring Designs

These rings are large with a large diamond at the centre and most of the time, small tiny stones around the border surrounding it. In early times, these rings were usually worn as a fashion and royalty statement in cocktail parties from which they derived their name.

These are also known as 'cluster rings'. These rings had lost their touch in the early 21st century, but now they’re gaining momentum in these modern times yet again with different innovative styles.

Diamond Band Ring

A band ring is a small ‘Kada’ like a ring without any particular point of highlight. This, on whole, portrays a display of amazement with small diamonds studded across the whole ring. These are also used as wedding band rings because of their sophisticated design with simple yet highly elegant in modern times.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

These heart-shaped rings may feel tacky sometimes but are very popular and not made for everyone. However, you can’t deny the fact that among the love couples, these are extremely trendy and loved by everyone.

A gift to someone special could show how much you value them and how much you are proud that they’re in your life.

Couple Diamond Rings

A modern concept, this pair or rings are a reminder and a way for couples in relationships to celebrate their most special moments that they can celebrate to express their love for one another.

The couple diamond rings are made with the same design and may have a very minor difference like a male and female symbol or a man and woman depiction on the rings. They are usually worn by couples before marriage, as a sign and promise of marriage in the coming future.

Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

The princess cut diamond is most famously used as an engagement ring. It is a diamond cut shape and has a square shape when viewed from the top, and it looks like a pyramid with four bevelled sides.

The price cut diamond finger ring is so popular in India as well as in the western world that it accounts for more than 15% of the diamond sales alone.

Different Types of Diamond Rings in 2022

Blue Diamond Ring

This is a real natural diamond with a blue hue due to the presence of an element called ‘Boron’. These range in colour from deep blue to violet and green. The blue diamond ring can be used as an engagement ring or in a diamond pendant or a pair of earrings to match the style.

The blue diamond is the representation of peace, truth and spirituality.

Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamonds are rare and therefore very valuable and because of their rarity, they are given an extra special meaning. The pink diamond rings exemplify creativity, femininity, and romance. When a lady is given a pink diamond ring, the couple’s love and the union are symbolized by devotion.

Sometimes people get confused between a ruby ring and a ruby diamond ring. They may look similar but there is a big difference in the composition and value as well.

Green Diamond Ring

Also referred to as chameleon diamonds are extremely rare and can be found in hues ranging from olive to yellow-green.

The green diamond ring symbolizes youth, activity and life and is also the colour of nature, abundance, and prosperity. The proposition of marriage to a loved one with a green diamond symbolizes the fresh start of a new life together.

Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamond rings are symbolic of commitment and love. When embellished as an engagement ring, this portrays the relationship will fill with love, commitment and joy.

The yellow diamond represents knowledge, intellect and wisdom.

Unique Diamond Ring Designs in Different Shapes

Square Diamond Ring

The Square Diamond Ring is another name for a princess cut ring with a technical name as ‘square modified brilliant’.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

The pear-shaped diamond ring is a unique choice for an everyday ring and uses it along with other jewellery. This ring is in the shape of a pear with a point at the end and this pointed end is usually worn towards your fingernails. This ring is also known as ‘teardrop ring’ because when you raise the hand, it looks like a teardrop falling.

The curves of the diamond indicate femininity and sophistication.

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

The cushion cut diamond ring combines rounded corners with a square cut giving it a pillow shape, hence the name. This design is worn for the strong and confident women who know that the past is what makes our future. The unique shape of the cushion cut diamond ring is a very complicated design for first-time buyers.

Latest Diamond Ring Designs

A diamond is an item that is not going out of style any soon (at least not in this century). From the past thousands of years, diamonds have had many uses. In India when diamonds were first discovered, people used them as home decorations and talismans to keep them safe from evil.

With the latest technology, the new diamond ring models which are developed have a high accuracy of being symmetric which emits shine properly and a pure diamond ring should always have a perfectly emanating shine from the top.

Nowadays, Diamonds has become a fashion symbol and the latest diamond ring designs are numerous because every person has a different choice. It’s now a symbol of love and bond.

Diamond Ring Designs for Female

Women are extremely fond of rings and the modern diamond ring designs for females are being developed every day to cater to the choices of every person.

Diamond Rings For Women

The diamond rings for women are adorable and magnificent, and men don’t seem to miss the opportunity of delighting their loved ones with this. Whether it’s the time of proposing your love or 1st wedding anniversary, you can never go wrong with this.

You have to make your special moments memorable and diamond is the one thing which can never go out of fashion.

Diamond Rings For Girls

The diamond rings for girls and exquisite, and they should be. They are given to girls usually at proposing a time and should be magnificent to capture this special moment which they’ll remember forever. These are usually studded with small diamonds around the bigger one to catch the shimmering glance and portray it on the girl.

Bridal Diamond Ring

The wedding is one of the most important days for a couple (or the topmost important). That’s why the bridal diamond ring should always be flawless, perfect and designed as per the best standards. Or if you know ‘her’ choice, that’s the way to go. The design should be picturesque with the graceful dress perfect in combination with the ring.

Luxury Men's Diamond Ring Designs

Diamond Ring For Boys

Most people think that men or boys don’t wear diamond rings but that’s not correct. In fact, in earlier times or still, the ‘Signet Rings’ were/are worn by royalty or high official men for their markings. The wedding diamond ring for boys is a tradition in Indian as well as western cultures.

Most gents diamond rings are similar to ladies diamond ring designs, depicting the love and commitment to one another throughout their life.

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Rose gold rings have emerged as one of the most popular engagement rings and when studded with a gemstone like a diamond, its preciousness is more increased for the couple.  Ladies diamond ring designs in rose gold colour are loved by almost every woman and girl in India because they can go perfectly with the saree colours, mostly red.

Big Diamond Rings

A big diamond ring is considered two carats or above for an average woman, and above three can be seen as an amazing and magnificent creation that could genuinely make people wonder and say ‘Wow’. This ring is sometimes studded with small diamonds around the bigger one also to portray and more royal and elegant look.

Single Stone Diamond Ring

Whether a big or small diamond ring, the elegance of a single stone diamond ring is unparalleled. This is seen as a sophisticated style and shows the richness of simplicity.

Diamond Ring Price in India

The diamond ring cost is very high due to being very rare. That’s why these rings are symbolized by wealth and class. You can find the best diamond rings in India catalogued right here on JewelFlix along with diamond ring images and each one has a different weight and purity. The weight of the diamond ring usually comes in:

  • 1 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 2 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 3 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 4 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 5 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 18 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 20 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 22 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 24 Carat Diamond Rings & More

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