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Accessories for Men & Women

People always love to accessorize themselves with different ornaments and accessories which could make them look stylish, as well as a utilitarian object. Men and women, both are interested in different designs of items they can wear. These can include the most attractive and lavish gold jewellery items or as simple and elegant as pure silver accessories.

Whatever your preference is, among the jewellery and such accessories, you can be assured that you can find it on JewelFlix. We have an assortment of huge designs, from the farthest corners of India which you can wear and just look ravishing.

Ladies Accessories List

The ladies fashion accessories are no doubt the most loved ornaments out there in the market. Indian women love to wear different accessories to make themselves look gorgeous, whether at home, or outside at a party. There are hundreds of different items girls can wear to enhance their grace and their beauty.

Ladies Silver Watches

Girls have an enormous range of options in wearing different fashionable accessories. Silver accessories for women can be an elegant watch or a brooch for a retro look. The 925 silver watch for ladies comes in very graceful and enhanced designs which can be a perfect accessory for formal occasions as well as daily wear. JewelFlix has many designs which can be worn by married women and different styles for unmarried girls.

Silver Belt Watch

The classic belt watches have a silver belt that goes around the wrist. The dial usually comes in a smart round design which portrays the wear with a graceful and modern look. These pure silver watches are an ideal accessory to wear on formal occasions, or daily wear for workplaces.

Gold Watch for Women

Gold is one of the most precious metals. Women love to adorn themselves with different gold jewellery and accessories. Women wear a gold wristwatch to portray their strength and self-confidence. The beauty of this watch can be further enhanced by wearing a gold Kada on the opposite wrist. 

Girls Silver Watch

Girls can wear original silver watches to make themselves fashionable as well as for their utilitarian purpose. The different designs of silver and gold watches are made for unmarried girls, in different colours and ornamental designs. Since every individual has an individual choice, there are tens and hundreds of different designs of watches available online on JewelFlix which you can get, for any special occasion or daily wear for the workplace or school/college.

Wrist Accessories For Ladies

There are hundreds of stylish accessories for ladies. These accessories include watches, bangles, kadas, rings, and much more. Women in India have been wearing accessories for centuries now. These accessories may serve a purpose to enhance the beauty of the wearer, for religious ceremonies, or even occasions like family functions or weddings. You can embellish yourself with multiple accessories to further enhance your outlook anywhere.

Ladies Accessories Online Shopping India

Today, in the entire Indian market, jewellery has taken a special place due to its huge demand among men, women, and children as well. You can shop for accessories online in India from different stores. JewelFlix is a marketplace, so it has a huge collection of different ladies accessories which you can buy. Whether you’re looking for silver watches for women or a bracelet for a man, you’ll always find something special here.

Mens’ Accessories List

Men love to wear different accessories also. Whether it’s to look good or as a symbol for something, you’ll always find every second person have at least one accessory on him. It could be a watch, a cufflink, a brooch, or just a simple pen. Every accessory a man wears has a reason and most of the time, the reason is to look good and professional.

There are different men’s accessories available on JewelFlix which you can either buy for yourself or buy as a gift to someone close.

Gold Watches For Men

The gold accessories for men like a watch are a symbol of style and professionalism. Men wear this to not just enhance their personality but also to symbolize their confidence, strength and will. A watch is a must-have for any man. It could be the simplest silver men’s watch or a highly elegant gold watch. The gold accessories for men like a watch or a brooch is very common and trendy in India nowadays and that’s why JewelFlix has collected the most popular and loved designs for you.

Silver Men’s Watch

There are many men’s accessories online on JewelFlix which can be embellished on you to look elegant and professional in any seating. A silver watch combined with a suit is considered the most gorgeous and stylish look and that’s why several people have taken a liking to this combination for more formal occasions like office wear or business meetings.

Silver Brooch Pin

The silver pins and brooches are decorative jewellery that can be attached to the clothing. These pins and brooches have a sharp wire on the back which lock it in place on the clothes. The gold and silver brooch can have a small floral or any other ornamental design which can go perfectly as per the occasion. It can be a business party or just a casual meeting. You can find different designs of these brooches including the butterfly and floral designs, ideal to go with a suit.

Cufflinks For Men

A cufflink is a jewellery item that is used to fasten and tighten the cuffs on a shirt. This cufflink shirt can have a button as well, but the tightening may not be as much as required. These cufflinks are also designed in different styles to go with different items of clothing and people. The gold cufflink is a popular choice worn by men on extremely special occasions like weddings.

Silver cufflinks

The silver cufflinks are a perfect choice to wear with a dark coloured shirt. These have a distinct and elegant design for formal as well as casual wear. You can find multiple styles of these silver cufflinks on JewelFlix. They are the perfect hand accessories for men of any age.

Explore the wide variety of accessories here, and choose the perfect designs as per your choice!