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Latest Gold Earring Designs

Gold jewellery is always a symbol of the prosperity of our rich cultural traditions and for the Indian brides. Families buy gold jewellery for weddings, festivals, gifting and many other occasions. The most common and popular gold jewellery which everyone loves to have is the latest gold earrings.

Gold Earrings are the most valuable accessories among Indians. Are you thinking of buying gold earrings? But all the criss-cross questions are hitting your mind? No worries! Here, you will get all the nitty-gritty details of buying the best and the most feasible gold earrings online.

Gold Earring Designs For Female

Women, married on unmarried love to adorn themselves with jewellery, particularly gold earrings. Even though with time, new models earring designs of gold have come up, the most impressive and classic designs stay. The best and most popular designs among the young and modern ladies are no doubt:

  • Stud Earrings
  • Drop Earrings
  • Floral Designs
  • And Earrings with geometrical shapes

The gold earrings for women can come in many shapes and sizes, each one specifically designed for a special occasion, like wedding jewellery or temple jewellery; however, there is no strict rule on when and where the jewellery should be worn.

Gold Earrings For Girls

Even young girls love to wear ladies gold earrings. It just looks adorable on them, and they always want to add a little more sparkles to their beauty. You can find thousands of different designs based on traditional as well as modern styles. Girls love to experiment with different designs and always tend to wear different designs on different occasions.

Gold Earrings For Kids

Gold earrings for kids are yet another trendy jewellery item for people. Parents just cherish their small kids and babies flaunting their own cuteness. These baby earrings of gold are specifically designed for only kids and may have certain ornaments embellished with them, sometimes even small and colourful toys for their kids to play with.

Gold Earrings Designs for Daily Use

Earrings are items which are not just suitable for only special occasions, but perfect for daily wear as well. However, while choosing daily wear gold earrings, keep in mind to select the one which is very comfortable for your skin as well as compliments the style of dress you usually wear.

Lightweight Gold Earrings

The lightweight earrings are one of the trendy and popular jewellery items among the youth today. They are light and easy on the pocket means people can experiment with different designs of these daily use gold earrings. These earrings can be worn at any time and on any occasion, and are one of the classiest offices wear items for professional working women as well.

Small Gold Earrings

Small gold earrings like Studs are another stylish daily wear gold earrings that can go with any dress. These are not just simple accessories but hold significant value in Indian culture for a very long time. That’s why it still can be seen used as a special wedding jewellery item.

Simple Gold Earrings Design

The simple gold earrings may not be as simple as you thought. They, too, have their own glamour and style. If you see the beautiful gold earrings images of these items, you’ll get to know why. They are usually lightweight as well as small and can be found in different styles, hanging or studs.

Even the simplest gold earrings can have a magnificent beauty. You can have stylish daily wear gold earrings in their simplest design, yet when complemented with a gorgeous saree or a formal outfit, the distinction and sophistication from other jewellery items can make you look a lot more. Having a selection of lightweight, like 2-gram gold earrings in new designs which are now becoming a trend, can also be an ideal addition to your daily or formal wear. It all depends on how you carry yourself.

Gold Hoop/Round Earrings

These earrings are circular or semi-circular in design and almost look like a normal finger ring. They have a small opening with a thin hook. This opening is used to pass the earring through the ear piercing. These are evergreen and still remain in fashion in 2022.

Traditional Gold Earrings

Antique Gold Earrings

These gold jewellery earrings are extremely popular, particularly in South Indian. The antiques are any jewellery which is very old (100 years at least). Their designs are a bit darkish with very intricate carvings and thus perfect for traditional use. In fact, these are most preferred to use as wedding jewellery in India.

Peacock Earrings Gold

As the name suggests, the peacock earrings have different variations that depict the most graceful and elegant creature in India, the peacock. These are some of the most trendy earrings in 2022 and are loved by many people around the world.

Ruby Earrings Gold

Red is the loved colour in India, so loved it that even wedding dresses are of the same colour. That’s why women love to wear ruby earrings with different shapes, styles and brightness. You can flaunt these blood-red earrings with different dues on any occasion, be it festivals or family functions.

Buttalu Gold Earrings 

Roughly translated to ‘jhumkas’ from the Telugu word, the Buttalu earrings are traditional masterpieces of jewellery items to add that extra enhancement to your beauty. These are intricate and considered the best gold earrings designs that are perfect to go with ethnic attire. Fashionable as well as traditional values come with these Buttalu gold earrings.

The traditional gold earrings buttalu models are extremely elegant pieces of jewellery. These are a bit heavier in weight but that is oppositely complemented by its beautiful charm of small gemstones.  These gold buttalu earring models are mostly worn on very important occasions, like large family gatherings and weddings. Oftentimes, these buttalu jhumkis may have multiple step layers which makes them longer in design and thereby more unique than the rest.

Bridal Wedding Gold Earrings

Heavy Gold Earrings

With elaborate and intricate designs, the heavy gold earrings in India are mostly preferred on special occasions like weddings and large family gatherings. These can be jhumkas or any other hanging earrings; however, the weight of heavy gold earrings should be up to 6-7 gm. Any more than that could get uncomfortable in long events or as daily wear.

Gold Jhumki Earring Designs

The Jhumki earrings are also among the popular form of earrings. These are well to-go with any accessory featuring a saree or an ethnic dress. These gold jhumkas are mostly used on special functions like weddings, large gatherings, and other special occasions.

Sui Dhaga Gold Earrings

The ‘sui’ meaning ‘Needle’ and ‘Dhaga’ meaning ‘Thread’, these gold earrings resemble a design of the Needle and thread. The long thin chain is worked on, which dangles from the ear piercing. These are very thin and lightweight—the perfect accessory to go with any modern dress and office wear.

Chandbali Earrings Gold

The Chandbali earrings mostly have round ‘Moon’ shaped designs with elaborate designs, thus the name ‘Chand-Bali meaning ‘Moon Earrings’. However, the modern designs may have several other small ornaments, thus changing its overall appearance to something more trendy design. 

Gold Pearl Earrings

One of the most elegant and gold earrings new designs in the modern world. Their simplicity, their lightweight nature knows no bounds about when and where to wear them. Perfect to go with the simplest of dresses or sarees and to make to enhance and beautify the overall personality. 

Gold Hanging Earrings

The hanging earring designs can range from simple earring designs to elaborate Chandbali or jhumka styles. The most prominent quality is that of their ability to sway around, thus adding to the grace of the wearer. It’s also one of the most attractive types of earrings which attract other people to you as well.

Gold Stone Earrings

The stone earrings can be simple studs or elaborate hanging earrings. These gold earring models are studded with different gemstones like emerald, rubies, or any other stone. This further enhances the look of this earring and, in turn, the wearer.

Gold Chain Earrings

The gold chain earrings have a small hook at the top, which goes in your ear-piercing, and the chain attached is left hanging. The chain can be thin to a bit wider in design. This long gold earring new design is always kept light because dangling the heavyweight chains could cause injury.

Fancy Gold Earring Designs in This Era

The new models of fancy gold earring designs in 2022 have been crafted by keeping the likes of modern youth in mind. The Jewellers are developing a few of the best designs that can cater to people with traditional desires and stylish and fashionable outlooks.

Gold Gundu Drops Earrings

The ‘gundu’ is a Telugu word which, in terms of jewellery, roughly translates to ‘round’ or ‘circle’. This kind of earring is a long variant of a traditional earring with a lock into the ear and a spherical gold (either carved with design or plain) hanging with small linked chains.

These gold ear drops designs are the most sophisticated kind of earrings which are a perfect addition to your jewellery collection. These can be worn on special occasions like big office parties, weddings, special dates, family functions and much more.

These gold drop earrings usually hang below the earlobe and are lightweight in design.

Unique Gold Earring Designs with Weight and Details

You can find traditional as well as new gold earring designs on JewelFlix without any worry. Since we only have authentic and genuine Jewellers associated with us, you can always be assured that you will get the purest jewellery items. We have all the details mentioned like gold earrings images, gold purity, colour, model, and any other embellishments like gemstones for every jewellery item.

You can find gold earrings with weights like:

  • 2 gram gold earrings
  • 3 gram gold earrings
  • 4 gram gold earrings
  • 5 gram gold earrings
  • 6 gram gold earrings
  • 8 grams gold earrings
  • 10 grams gold earrings
  • 15 grams earrings & more

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