God Idols for Pooja Room

      Latest God Idols For Home

      In India, having god idols for home temples is one of the most important and loved things to do. Every person has a devotion to many gods and goddesses. It is undoubtedly auspicious to have their presence at home to keep your family safe, personal spirituality secure, and prosperous business life.

      God Idols For Pooja Room

      Every Hindu family has a place in their homes where they can peacefully spend time with their gods and pray to them. And gold idols for home mandir are surely required to make the place emulate and resemble an actual temple. You can have Lakshmi, Ganesha, Hanuman, or any other gold god idol placed in your home. These idols can be brought in various designs online on JewelFlix in gold or silver.

      God Idols For Gift

      The god idols for home are perfect gifting items as well. Whether your friend or family is moving to a new house or has just got married, you can always gift an idol of their devoted god so that their new life can start with the blessings of the almighty.

      We have an enormous range of different sizes and designs of gold idols for you to choose from as per your need and placement in the house.

      Small God Idols

      The small idols like a 22k gold Lakshmi idol are perfect for keeping around the house at appropriate places, like a home office. It will keep your mind off of negative thinking and focus on the task at hand. Even an idol of Lord Ganesha can be kept at a study table or in the study room. As per the Vastu Shastra, these should either be square or rectangular, with no irregular shapes.

      Gold Idols of Hindu Gods

      Gold Ganesh Idol

      Being the god of happiness, joy, and prosperity, you can find the gold idol of Ganesha in almost every Hindu home. You can get a Lalitasana, which is the sitting position of Lord Ganesha, and keep the trunk of Ganesha tilted towards the left at your home.

      Lakshmi Idol Gold

      Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and her idol should always be placed in a home temple. It should never be placed on the walls or tables as a decoration. The idol in which Goddess Lakshmi’s feet are hidden inside the lotus is ideal in a home. You can get the Lakshmi idol on JewelFlix with myriad designs and postures.

      Gold Durga Idol

      Durga is the goddess of strength, war, and protection, and having her idol at home is a prosperous blessing if kept at the home temple. You can buy gold Durga idols in various designs, colours, and sizes. You can even purchase a large 50kg gold Durga idol to have in your pooja room.

      Gold Krishna Idol

      Having a gold Krishna idol will bring you love, prosperity and wealth. You can also have a Radha-Krishna idol, a true symbol of love. There are many designs of Krishna idols available on JewelFlix. A large idol for a home temple or small idols for different places around the home is thereby inviting the good omens Lord Krishna brings.

      Emerald Gold Idols

      The religious symbols with the touch of beauty and sparkles, the emerald gold idols can be placed in the temple, which can shine the green light of peace around. These greenstone idols are ideal gemstones for any gold idol which you’re planning to keep at home.

      Gold Idol of Lord Vishnu

      The idol of Lord Vishnu is believed to bring forth prosperity, wealth, and balance in our lives. However, his idol should never be kept alone, but along with goddess Lakshmi, or the trinity, with Lord Bramha and Lord Shiva. JewelFlix has multiple god frames as well as idols for you to choose from and keep at your blessed home.

      Satyanarayana Swamy Gold Idol

      To seek blessings and success in your business and personal life, you can keep the idol of Satyanarayana Swamy, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, at your home. The idol is usually gifted in marriage, Griha Pravesh, or Naamkaran ceremonies to start life fresh and with prosperous blessings.

      Sai Baba Idol

      Having a Sai Baba idol in any Indian home is common. He is identified as a fakir are revered by Hindus and Muslims alike. You can find different Sai Baba idols in different postures, but sitting down is the most common.

      God Idols Online Shopping

      There are numerous gold god idols online on JewelFlix which can be kept anywhere, whether you wish to place them in a home temple or on your table. Shopping for gold idols online is very easy in 2022 as you’ll find items from all over India.

      God idols online purchase on JewelFlix is safe, secure, and extremely easy. All you need is to explore the different designs on this page, choose the design you like, and you will be in direct contact with the seller, so you can either request additional customizations or order as per your likes.