Gold Bracelets For Men

Latest Gold Bracelet Designs for Men

Bracelets are one of the most popular and common jewellery items among men. They are one of the classic fashion accessories that come in the most exquisite designs. JewelFlix brings you a diverse collection of gold bracelets for men from thousands of unique jewellers across India. That means, here, you have an enormous range of bracelet choices.

The real gold bracelet for men may come in plain design with no intricate artwork, or it may come in the most elegant and detailed carvings. These designs are made from the finest artisans of India and their intricate designs are based on traditional as well as modern patterns.

Modern Men’s Gold Bracelet Designs

Many gents gold bracelet designs can be found in the market today. The wide variety of styles can come with a more modern outlook that may have a simple structure but it’s the work and intricacy that makes them special. Men often prefer to wear elegant and heavy gold kadas as it showcases their own personality traits. Some men prefer to wear gold bracelets that may have gemstones embedded in them and some men prefer plainly designed hook bracelets.

Cuff Gold Bracelets for Men

The cuff bracelet model for gents is a style of bracelet that wraps your wrists. It stays close to the skin and has a small opening that is used to flex it, so it can be properly pushed into the wrist. This bracelet design for men is usually worn for daily wear and is considered a decent accessory along with formal wear as well. They are sturdy as compared to the link bracelets, just like hand bangles.

Luxury Gold Bracelets for Men

The bracelet models for gents that are highly decorated with intricate designs and precious ornaments are mostly worn by men to highlight their personality and status. These bracelets can be embedded with stones like diamond and pearls that not only portrays the position of an individual in society but also their financial status. Many times these bracelets are just to portray one’s strength and self-determination in life.

Cuban Link Gold Bracelets for Men

The Cuban link chains and bracelets are the most desirable and elegant solution for a man’s jewellery needs. These are considered classics for modern jewellery. These pure gold bracelets for men interlock small round or oval gold rings together, thus creating a unison pattern. The bracelet contains anywhere from 10-40 such rings depending on the size of each ring and overall bracelet design. The Cuban link bracelets for men are loose on the wrist thus providing comfort in movements.

Gents Bracelet Designs With Purity

You can find the latest gents gold bracelet catalogue with designs online on JewelFlix. It will give you a complete idea about the gold bracelets for men, their metal, purity, weight, brand and much more. You will also be able to contact the jewellery directly to inquire about further details or place an order. Many of our associated jewellers have enormous collections of different bracelets designed for different kinds of people, and for different occasions.

Men’s 24k Gold Bracelet

The Karats or ‘k’ is the standard for gold purity around the world. It shows us how much pure gold is included in the metal. The 24k gold is the purest form of jewellery as it contains 99.99% pure gold and the remaining 0.01% is usually other metals derived from the gold ore. The 24k gold bracelet for men is very rare because this metal is very soft and prone to scratches and damages, therefore people tend to go for the next level which is 22k.

Men’s 22k Gold Bracelet

The 22k or 91.6 gold is the most preferred metal that is used to make jewellery. It contains 91.67% pure gold and the rest are other metals. These metals are added to increase the gold’s durability and strength. This gents bracelet in gold is loved by men everywhere.

18k Gold Bracelet for Men

The 18k gold bracelet for men consists of 75% pure gold and the remaining 25% is a mix of other metals like copper or silver. This metal is considered ideal for making stone studded jewellery. This is also cheaper than 22k gold because the gold purity is less, however, it is still one of the most loved metals for making jewellery at reasonable prices.

14 Karat Gold Bracelets for Men

The 14k gold contains almost 58.3% pure gold and the remaining 41.7% mixture of other metals. It is very less expensive than the other gold jewellery but makes the most durable jewellery for daily wear.

Gents Gold Bracelet Designs With Weight

JewelFlix has a diversity of different men’s gold bracelet designs with weight, purity, metal, brand and every detail mentioned on the website. All you have to do is explore your favourite item and contact the jewellery directly.

These hand chain bracelets are common anywhere between 10 grams to 60 grams. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the right one for you.