270+ Silver God Photo Frames

      Significance of Silver Photo Frames

      The silver photo frames have taken the internet by storm with their appearance, and by giving your precious memories an expensive look. A wonderful addition to any household which is perfect to keep our spiritual and religious side close to us.

      The engraved silver photo frames are in style right now as they portray a breathtaking elegance to any photos like silver idol photo frames with a picture of deities. The silver picture frame has a long life and will stay decorated in your home for a long time keeping the memories fresh and beautiful.

      Buy Pure Silver Photo Frames Online India

      India is a land of culture and for a long time, silver has been a prominent part of Indian households. It has been used as a decorative item in various forms as well as religious means like puja items or keeping the depiction of Gods in your home temples. 

      You can buy pure silver god photo frames from a jewellery shop anywhere because they have a high value in Indian cultures. However, buying from online sources is always recommended as you get a chance to compare different designs to find the most desirable one, of your choice. 

      JewelFlix has several designs of pure silver photo frames for you to choose from, and it’s guaranteed that you will find something that suits your needs.

      Silver Photo Frame Gift

      The frames can also be gifted to your loved ones along with the picture of the god they’re most devoted to. So that they’ll always have you and your thoughts around no matter where they are in the world. Silver Photo Frame Gift is one of the most gifted items in India.

      Traditional & Religious Photo Frames

      The most popular traditional designs of god photo frames are in silver. Hindus believe that silver is the symbol of femininity and motherhood, and it helps in fighting one’s evil self and negative emotions.

      Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Silver Photo Frame

      The three; Laxmi, Ganesh and Saraswati form a trinity of life. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and unites opposing forces. Saraswati is the goddess of art and daughter of Brahma who is the lord of creation, so she supplies the chakra with knowledge of creation. Laxmi is the supplier of infinite wealth.

      It is believed that the three kept together: Laxmi, Ganesh, Saraswati in a silver photo frame represents the totality of health, wealth and material life with happiness.

      Lord Ganesh Photo Frame

      Hindus who seek peace, happiness and prosperity throughout their life should place a photo of Lord Ganesha at home. The silver frames are usually used to keep the photo in. It is also believed that people desiring self-growth should get a vermilion coloured idol or photo of Ganesha at home.

      Lakshmi Photo Frame

      Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is a must-have in any Hindu home but if you observe she’s mostly recommended being accompanied by Ganesha. It is seen that without the wisdom of Lord Ganesha, a person loses his directions with wealth in the form of wrong habits. The Lakshmi photo frame can be put alone, along with Lord Ganesha’s portrait, or they can be put together. 

      Lord Balaji Photo Frame

      Lord Balaji, also known as Lord Venkateswara is a deity believed to be located at Tirumala Venkateswara Temple located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Lord Balaji photo frame places in a home are considered auspicious as it helps to keep your evil-self away and avoid sins.

      Lord Shiva Photo Frame

      Having a lord shiva photo frame at home is considered auspicious if applied in the north direction. Keep in mind that only keep the depiction of lord shiva in a photo frame at home in which he is in a calm and meditative state or even sitting on Nandi but never in an angry state.

      Maa Durga Photo Frame

      Goddess of Strength, Protection, and War; according to mythological beliefs, the Maa Durga photo frame should be kept in the south direction and even while worshipping, our face should remain in the east or south direction.

      Hanuman Photo Frame

      Hanuman is the god of strength, courage, self-discipline, devotion, and wisdom; and keeping his depiction at your home as a hanuman photo frame at home protects you from the evil effects of Mars, Saturn, and ghosts. The photo frame of Hanuman can be wonderful, but you have to place it as per Vaastu.

      Silver Radha Krishna Photo Frame

      Krishna is believed to enchant the worlds, and Radha to enchant Krishna himself. Therefore, together kept in a home in the north-east direction of living or bedrooms is believed to be the best place for a silver Radha Krishna photo frame.

      Sai Baba Photo Frame

      Shirdi Sai Baba has taught mankind the basic and important principles of compassion and faith in the almighty. The Sai Baba photo frame placed at the right location in your home can bring immense happiness in your life.

      Shiva Parvathi Silver Photo Frame

      Shiva is known as ‘The Destroyer in the Hindu trinity which includes Brahma & Vishnu. Parvathi is Lord Shiva’s consort and the goddess of beauty, love, marriage, children, fertility and devotion; as well as power and strength. Together, they portray the symbol of strength and love among the family of the home they’re placed.

      Vishnu Laxmi Photo Frame

      Vishnu is the second god in the Hindu trinity or Trimurti among the three (Brahma & Shiva are the other two).  Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, beauty, joy, and prosperity and associated with illusion. Keeping a vishnu laxmi photo frame at home is believed to bring luck, wealth, strength, and keep you safe from evil.

      You can find a range of different vishnu laxmi photo frames on JewelFlix, that can be easily kept in your home temple or anywhere around your house for blessings.

      Gold Plated God Photo Frames

      A perfect structure to keep your precious and religious reminders like depictions of Gods together, these gold plated god photo frames have a silver base metal and are coated with pure gold over. They can be wall hangings or placed on the desktop in the home temple.

      Large Silver Photo Frames

      This protective and decorative display for a picture like a photograph or a painting makes the portrayal of your photos and art safer and gorgeous in its surroundings on a wall. The large silver photo frames can be used to display a couple like Radha-Krishna or an entire family.

      Modern Silver Photo Frames

      The modern silver photo frames are truly an item you must have at your home if you like to stay with a modern touch. These may look simple because of their design but due to their symmetrical structure, they are a perfect match for a modular home.

      Plain Silver Photo Frame

      The plain silver photo frame usually doesn’t come with an elaborate design but a single and smooth finish layered border which is a perfect item to keep a single most devoted god close to you, like an office or home desk.

      Mini Silver Photo Frames

      These mini silver photo frames can vary in size starting from 4.5cmx6cm to 6cmx8cm. These are mostly used in groups to keep a small picture in each of the frames to represent a family. These can be put on the front wall of your work desk to keep those you love close.

      Silver God Photo Frames Price

      Just like gold, silver comes in many qualities and each one differs in price based on its quality. The two most famous silvers used in photo frames are:

      What are 925 Silver Photo Frames?

      The 925 Silver or ‘Sterling Silver’ is composed of 92.5% of pure silver by weight and the remaining is a mixture of other metals like silver. The sterling silver photo frames are hard due to the mix of copper and thereby can take a small fall.

      What are 999 Silver Photo Frames?

      The 999 Silver or ‘Fine Silver’ is the composition of 99.9% pure silver by weight and the rest is other metals. This is a soft metal and can easily bend. The fine silver photo frames should be taken care of very delicately since they can bend even with a firm grip of a hand.

      You can find silver god photo frames in Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, AP, Telangana, and almost all cities since this is a very precious metal that has several uses in Indian households.