Silver Deepam Designs Collection

Silver Deepam: Find the Best Designs in 2022

The land of culture and devotion, i.e. India also fascinates us with many things and the significance of each and every one. One of those items is the silver Deepam or a complete silver diya set used in India’s various occasions, particularly in Hinduism.

There are modern designs crafted for modern people, but the devotional value is still in them. You can buy modern silver lamps online also.

Traditional Silver Diya Designs Online

Diyas have a special meaning in the Hindu religion. They are a symbol of goodness and purity. The lighting of diyas is believed to dispel the darkness and move into the light. You can find silver deepam online on JewelFlix in different designs and purities.

Traditional pure silver Diya has been used in India for decades for its religious significance. The oil in Diya resembles the evil in the human mind like hate, greed, and jealousy, and cotton is the symbol of ‘atma’ or soul. The lighting of this cotton shows the end of selfish and materialistic thoughts. This Diya can be a stand (lamp) with artistic design with a small cup-like holder at the top to keep the oil or clarified ghee and small cotton.

Ashta Lakshmi Deepam Silver

The Ashta Lakshmi is the popular depiction of eight different forms of goddess Lakshmi. The eight forms symbolize good fortune, prosperity, fertility, knowledge, power, good health, progeny and strength. These silver Diya designs have a small bowl for oil and burning items like cotton, along with a vertical structure depicting these eight forms.

Kamakshi Deepam Silver

Kamakshi is a Hindu goddess who resembles the eradicator of darkness. The devotees pray to her for knowledge, and it is believed that one look from her is enough to fill oneself with enlightenment, wealth, and prosperity. This silver Kamakshi deepam is designed just like Ashtalakshmi deepam.

Kubera Deepam Silver

Kubera is the lord of wealth in Hinduism. The Month of Kartika is deemed extremely special to him, and it is believed that lighting the silver Kubera deepam in that month is auspicious and surely will enhance the wealth in your homes.
These silver lamp designs are small with a wide base, small stand and cup. The design is usually intricate and traditional.

Antique Silver Deepam Designs

These antique silver deepam designs can be either small or a large lamp-like. The most important aspect of them is their design and look. The process of introducing this deepam through some chemicals gives them a little darker and more antique look, which artistic people love to keep at home.

Different Types of Silver Diya for Pooja

Small Silver Deepam Designs

The small deepams are occasionally used on special occasions like Diwali when people light up several diyas and place them around the home to dispel the darkness. Their design can be either plain or artistic with a depiction of the god or goddess of Hinduism.

Long Silver Deepam Stand

These pure silver deepam designs are usually used in pujas. Their long stands allow you to keep the light a little above the floor level so that the puja items or any other things cannot dim the flame. These are incredibly decorative as used on walls around the halls if you are a spiritual person and occasionally do pujas at home.

Silver Akhand Diya

Akhand means’ Unbroken’. An Akhand Diya is a deepam that is mostly used for a long time without letting it extinguish. Most people offer these silver lamps for pooja to Goddess Durga during the period of Navratri. 

Silver Deepam Designs With Weight

The silver deepa design can be of various sizes and weights depending on the usage and occasion. There can be very small deepam that are mostly used on occasions like Diwali around the home, and there can be large stands of antique silver lamps which can be used on family pujas or other such occasions. 

The major difference is the weight as long stands have higher weights like:

  • 500 gm deepam
  • 1kg silver deepam
  • 2-3 kg deepam
  • 5 kg or more deepam

The lightweight and small deepam can be found under 500 grams like:

  • 50 grams diyas
  • 100 grams diyas
  • 200 grams diyas
  • 300-500 grams diyas

The diya has several names from India’s different regions like deepam, lamp, kundulu, Kamba and many more.

Buy Silver Deepam Online

You can buy silver diya online on JewelFlix in many designs and qualities. The best one for you depends on the usage. For each product, you explore you will be able to see all the details of the product. There are always some things you should carefully consider before buying the diya or deepam.

  • Material of the Diya
  • Weight
  • Quality of the product (925 Silver is the best)
  • Certification & Authenticity
  • Colour
  • Brand

On JewelFlix, you’ll be able to see all the details, including silver deepam images, and you will always get what you see.