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      Buy Pure Silver Coins Online

      Silver is one of the most precious metals to be used at home after Gold. Whether it’s in ways of jewellery, home decoration, or frames; silver has been used extensively in Indian culture throughout the ages. One of the most important aspects is its purity and health benefits due to which silver coins have become an essential item of gifting. Silver coins for gifting in India are common. These can be gifted to newly-wed couples as a good luck wish, moving into a new home, or even when a baby is born. This acts like a charm and wishful luck towards the family which receives the gift.

      Best Place to Buy Silver Coins in India

      You can buy silver coins from any shop but keep in mind to check for purity level on it. An online store like JewelFlix has numerous collections and designs of silver coins which you can buy for yourself, to keep them at your home temple, or you can buy for gifting purposes to your loved ones.

      Silver Coins at Best Prices

      With various designs online, finding silver coins at the best prices can become a little worrisome however keep in mind that the original prices of silver can always be found on the internet. This will make sure that the items you’re purchasing are 100% genuine or authentic. When you’re exploring the silver coin designs on JewelFlix, you’ll always be assured of getting the true and only genuine items from authentic sellers. Every jewellery item like a gold necklace, silver frame, or any other metal will always have a trust mark i.e. Hallmark on it, which is an assurance of purity.

      Silver Coins for Auspicious Occasions

      In Indian culture, silver coins have their own importance for many reasons. It is very common to have silver coins in your pooja room, symbolizing your gift to gods and goddesses. Furthermore, conducting Havan in your home also requires silver coins because these are given as gifts to priests.

      Silver Coins for Festivities

      During festivals like Diwali, silver coins are a very popular choice of purchase. These are given to friends and family as a gift, in addition to other silver items like silver dinner sets or silver idols of gods.

      Explore the custom silver coin design on JewelFlix and choose the perfect ones you like, among the hundreds of different designs with different gods and goddesses depicted on them.

      Purchase God Silver Coins

      Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha Silver Coins

      During special occasions or poojas, the Lakshmi and Ganesh silver coins are set in silver trays and prayed to, just like they are the idols. As Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, it is believed that praying to her will bless the home with prosperity and good fortune. Ganesha is the god of wisdom and new beginnings, the belief that he will bestow one’s family with knowledge of art and business is most commonly believed.

      Find Different Types of Silver Coins in all Grams

      To buy silver coins online, you must have some idea of what should be depicted and which coin you wish to purchase. In India, JewelFlix is one of the most loved marketplaces to buy silver coins, for any occasion. You can find silver coins in several weights, in grams. 

      Gifting of silver bars like a 1 kilo silver bar is also fairly common since it can be made into any silver item. These bars are mostly given as a gift to a newly-wed couple or someone who just moved into a new home. This acts as good luck and gives them the opportunity of crafting it into any required item.

      Silver Coins Weight and Purity

      The different weights of different silver coin designs can be found on JewelFlix, and the most popular are found in:

      • 1 gram silver coins
      • 2 gram silver coins
      • 4 gram silver coins
      • 5 gram silver coins
      • 8 grams silver coins
      • 10 grams silver coins
      • 20 grams silver coins
      • 50 grams silver coins
      • 100 grams silver coins

      However, weights are not the only thing you must look for. The purity of silver is also a very important aspect when choosing pure silver coins. After all, you’ll be gifting these from your heart, or using them in your home temple, so it makes sense to have them in the best quality possible.

      Silver is found in many qualities (purities) and 925 or sterling silver is mostly used for jewellery items. Because it is strong and resistant to wear and tear due to the addition of different metals like copper. The silver coins on the other hand will not bump and scratch easily because no one moves them too much. Once they’re placed at home, they stay there. That’s why it’s common to have 999 or fine silver coins at home, which is the best quality silver you can find. It consists of 99.9% pure silver and the remaining is insignificant metals.

      Certified and Hallmarked Silver Coins

      Silver is a precious metal that always needs some kind of authenticity which is the assurance and guarantee of its purity. The BIS Hallmark sign on any silver product proves that the metal is of the quality mentioned on it. On JewelFlix, you will only find the authentic hallmarked silver from all of our associated jewellers, so you can always be at peace of mind that you’re getting the best quality silver coins here.

      You’ll get all the information about the products like silver coin images, metal purity, weight, size, and much more information which is significantly important.

      So, don’t wait too much. Explore and choose the perfect set of coins for your family and friends.