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Silver Articles Online Shopping in India

In Indian tradition, silver seems to be the purest metal and therefore silver made articles are used in worships, wearing and as cutleries as well. These silver items are also used to give gifts. It's very lucky to gift silver idols and cutleries as per the Indian tradition. Silver items are usually gifted but people often get confused while gifting items. More confusing than this is buying silver gift items online. Purchasing things for oneself is easy but buying gifts for others is very hectic. The choice of other people differs from person to person. 

To avoid all these problems we at JewelFlix have come up with a one-stop solution for exploring and buying silver articles online in Indiabuying silver articles online in India. Silver articles are a kind of gift which not only looks rich and sober but also are a good investment. The most fabulous part of silver is prices of this white metal increases with time and so the value of gifts raised.

Silver articles are the most prominent gifts which you can give to your loved ones. Whether you want to gift a silver article to a small baby or a mother, this option suits everyone. At JewelFlix, we have a unique assortment of affordable silver articles online so you can buy silver articles for yourself and your loved ones as well. All the silver articles displayed are hallmarked, each piece is an example of artistry designs by professionals who know fashion and traditional designs both. Buy silver online and live a tension-free life.

The Best Place to Buy Silver Articles Online

Buying pure silver articles or ornaments online is tiresome. There is a chance of looting while buying the best silver articles online. Sometimes you will buy jewellery and it is not certified. We acknowledge these issues in the industry and come up with the one-stop solution for all which is “JewelFlix”.

At Jewelfix, we are associated with the certified jewellers who deal in 99% or 92.5 silver articles design. Buy the best silver articles for instance several silver pooja items and articles for your personal use in your home or at the temple.

Find Different Types of Silver Articles on JewelFlix

Silver offers the best value in the metal and the best way to invest as well. JewlFlix is your one-stop to an e-shop for all your silver items needed, we have everything. Here at our e-store, you will find all types of silver articles for example: pooja silver articles, wedding gifting silver cutleries, baby silver cutleries, silver idols, silver coins, wooden framed silver articles and so on. All these products are hallmarked and certified by BIS.

Oxidised Silver Articles

Maybe wondering what exactly is oxidised silver? And just as important, how can you use it in your home decor?
Oxidising is a chemical process through which silver is strolled in black with a finish of white silver to give it an antique look. The silver oxidised article gives an antique look and with a contemporary look, it will give the unique designs to give your home the best look ever. 

Silver oxidised articles are always in trend because their antique silver articles look and go with every design and pattern of your home. 

From contemporary silver article designs to traditional sculpture, you’ve may see a lot more oxidised silver these days. Oxidised silver articles are trendy and edgy. It's contrasting in different finishes and plating of gold pop!

At JewelFlix, you will find Oxidised Silver Idols, Oxidised Silver Cutleries, Wooden Framed Oxidised Silver Idols, Oxidised Silver Pots, Oxidised Silver Home Decor Items and many more. To know more, explore the Oxidised silver articles category at JewelFlix. 

925 Silver Articles

For a long time, we displayed and offered optimum quality crafted unique antique silver crafting desires to our clients. All our assortment of silver articles has been crafted by using the best silver which is 92.5. There are more grades on which silver articles are crafted but we want to provide the best quality articles to our beloved customers. Other grades like 999, 958, 950, 947 and 925 are also crafted on custom orders.

Gold Coated Silver Articles

Silver gold plating is a process in which a thin layer of gold is covered in silver and gives it a lustrous gold finish. Silver is cheap and pure metal. Also, it’s a good way to invest as we all know but think about silver articles which are gold plated. 

People take silver articles with gold plating which give them a shiny yellow look. At JewelFix, we have several gold plating silver items which are Gold Plated Silver Idols, Gold Plated Silver Pots, Gold Plated Silver Home Decor and many others. 

Handmade Silver Gift Articles

At JewelFix we also offer handcrafted silver gift articles in India. Professional silver craftsmen designed these silver articles by using pure silver. There are a lot of silver articles that you can explore at JewelFlix.com.

You can even get silver gift items in 10 grams like silver rings, pendants, and many more. Silver coins in 10 grams are the most popular gift items as they’re considered auspicious. Thy are mostly used in home temples for poojas but can be regifted to other people if required, as well.

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Silver Pooja Items for Your Home

Silver is the pure metal which is traditionally used to craft pooja items as per Hindu tradition. Therefore, mainly silver is used to worship in the temples also at home. To worship in home and temples there are a lot of silver pooja items which you can buy for your home or temple as we.. such as Silver Diya Stands, Silver Pooja Thali, Silver Haldi kumkum Stand, Silver Idols and so on. 

At JewelFix you can also get Silver Pooja Articles sets which have many items used for pooja as per Hindu culture.

 Silver Idols

As per Hindus tradition, we believe that religious idols crafted in silver are one of the best ways to attract prosperity and wealth into lives. Indian tradition for Hindu culture always believed in shastras. According to Hindu shastras, we should keep religious idols at home to bring wealth and health. It will also help in overcoming obstacles and keep safe from evil eyes as well. 

At JewelFlix, we have a big assortment of silver religious idols holding a great significance in Vastu. All the Silver idols are available in different finishes and crafted as per the sastras. The Silver God Idols hold good fortune for the household and are also available with gold plating. Our huge assortment of silver Idols comprises Oxidised Silver Idols, Plain Silver Idols, Antique Silver Articles, Wooden Framed Silver Idols, Gold Plated Silver Idols and so on. Explore and pick the idol of your choice silver Idols at our online portal at the best affordable prices! 

Silver Dinner Sets

The silver we have used in the dinner set is 99% pure and sturdy. The silver dinners sets are brought to the home and can be purchased to gift at the time of weddings and festivals. Buy silver dinner sets plates to showcase your love for the beloved ones and pamper your mother or busy it for a newborn baby. The silver items manufactured by the organization are different from each other through which one can have various options to choose from these silver items. To choose from the dinner sets, explore JewelFlix and buy the silver and buy silver gift articles online

Silver Furniture & Home Decor Articles

Silver Furniture and different types of home decor items are available at JewelFlix. Silver is used to preparing Lord Krishna’s (Laddu Gopal) Furniture which comprises Maharaja Silver Doors, Maharaja Silver Swings, Maharaja Silver Furniture and many more. This furniture is available in different sizes and different finishes. Also, these can be crafted on different grades of silver on custom orders.

 Silver Deepam Designs

To add light to your home and pooja room we have a huge consignment of Silver Lamps, Silver Deeps, Silver Diyas or Silver Deepam. Silver Diyas available at our portal are of different types which are Antique, oxidised or plain, simple design or delicate craftsmanship. Here at JewelFlix, you can find all varieties of silver deep designs, types, grades and finishes. All our big categories of Silver deepam available at best market prices. 

Silver Items for Baby

In Hindu Tradition it is auspicious to gift something in silver to a newborn child. Especially silver bowls and a silver spoon to be gifted to newborn babies. At JewelFlix, we have displayed sets of Silver cutleries and other silver gifting articles to gift to a newborn baby. To Know What are those silver articles? Explore the Silver Article category at JewelFlix.com.

Silver Household Items

Silver Household Items include many things for instance; Silver Furniture, silver Pooja Items, Silver Photo Frames, Silver Idols Frames, Silver Statues, Silver Cutleries and many others. You can buy these household silver articles in a set and can also buy them individually. Explore the common household items at Jewelflix which are frequently brought together by our regular customers. Buy silver gift articles at the best leading prices at JewelFlix from renowned Jewellers.

Silver God Frame Designs/Gold Coated Silver Photo Frames

Silver Photo Frames have always been a piece that adds elegance to everyone’s home and will give a feel of freshness. You can use it to gift it to your loved ones also and whenever they see it they will feel the pleasantness of the beautiful pictures of your reincarnation.

At JewelFlix, are crafted with 92.5 silver and crafted in different unique designs which give your home a unique look.

We also have wooden framed silver Idols. In which Silver Idols are crafted with 99% pure silver and framed with wooden frames of optimum quality. You can find both types of Silver and Wooden Framed silver idols in different sizes, grades of silver, and in different finishes.

JewelFlix to Serve You The Best at Your Doorstep!

Whether you want to buy Silver Pooja items, Silver home Decor Items, Silver Wedding Ornaments & Cutleries, Silver Pooja Items, or anything in Silver Articles. You will find it at JewelFlix which are crafted with optimum quality silver and materials. For your silver articles needs, your one-stop solution is JewelFlix.com. All the products are designed with 925 silver and crafted by professional craftsmen.

At JewelFlix, you can explore a huge assortment of Silver Articles which includes handmade as well as crafted by using the latest technology. We have associated with genuine jewellers which are certified and provide silver jewellery at the best market price.

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