Silver Nose Pins and Rings

      Latest Nose Pin Designs in 2022

      Wearing nose pins or rings in India have been for decades, even centuries. During the centuries the significance of the nose pin designs has changed a lot. Earlier it was a symbol of royalty when it started from the Mughal Empire, but now it is more than that. The women in India are wearing the pure silver nose pin after marriage for a happy married life, and thus is considered a very important part of any Indian wedding.

      In some regions of India, the different sizes of nose pin silver designs also depict the financial status and power of the family. It is also believed to be a tribute to the goddess Parvati, the goddess of Marriage in Hinduism.
      The latest nose pin designs can make you look magnificent, elegant, and highly attractive. Whether you’re a bride or just going to a large function, wearing one of the most appropriate nose pin models can put the focus on you, no matter where you are.

      Traditional Silver Nose Pin Designs

      The modern nose pin design may be worn by young girls for fashion purposes but their value in many Indian regions and cultures don’t diminish. Silver nose pin for the pierced nose is very common among youngsters in India along with jewellery like silver bracelets and necklaces. This is one of the jewellery items which many people try to accommodate in their jewellery collection, and JewelFlix provides hundreds of different nose pin designs for every type of woman and girl.

      Antique Silver Nose Pin for Pierced Nose

      An oxidized silver nose pin for the pierced nose is most common among women because it truly portrays the elegance and uniqueness of traditions. The silver oxidised nose pin is just like a normal nose pin but is given an antique look by the jewellers, by introducing it to certain chemicals. This makes them darkish and gives them a glamorous look.

      Bridal Nose Pins

      Sterling silver nose pin designs are the symbol of being married in Indian culture. The girl should wear this jewellery item on her wedding day and continue to wear it throughout her married life. However, this tradition is mostly followed in South India. The nose is sometimes also attached with a chain that goes over the ears and connects with the maang tikka. In northern sides, women wear nose rings mostly as a fashion statement. 

      South Indian Nose Pin

      The south Indian nose rings are very popular accessories for weddings. It is one of the important aspects of the Solah Shringaar ritual. Most of the time the nose ring or Nath has a thin chain that goes over the ears. The nose pin is commonly worn if the bride goes with lightweight wedding jewellery, else nose rings are mostly preferred.

      Marathi Nose Pin / Maharashtrian Nose Pin

      The traditional nose ring design in Maharashtrian culture is called ‘Peshwai Nath’ and is one of the most royal jewellery items worn by women at wedding ceremonies in Maharashtra. It doesn’t need a piercing and maybe studded with pearls, green and red stone beads. This nose ring design has a special meaning and is an important part of the wedding ritual along with a set of bangles.

      Types Of Silver Nose Pins Online Shopping India

      Septum Nose Rings

      This nose ring design is from the Native American community. This is a very loved accessory to make a bold statement or to show one’s personality of being different. The septum piercing is very different from the regular nose pin piercings as it goes through the nasal septum. These look unique on a woman and can show a very symmetrical face.

      Round Nose Pin Design

      The simple hoops made of silver can go around making you look ravishing, even on the simplest of events or occasions. They have an intricate carving but are not embellished with any stones or ornaments. They are kept lightweight and are perfect for a daily wear jewellery item.

      Small Nose Pin

      The small silver nose pin has a simplistic design but can be embellished with other ornaments like diamonds or pearls to enhance its beauty. They can be perfect wear for any formal or casual occasion. Most unmarried girls love to wear these on special occasions like weddings, family ceremonies, etc. These can be also worn along with ear studs of your choice.

      Black Nose Pin

      The black nose pin is just a regular nose ring with a black gemstone embedded in it. Since many people love the colour black, this is very commonly used daily wear to show off one’s personality and confidence. This also highly enhances the overall beauty of the wearer.

      Pressing Nose Pin

      Some people don’t like or don’t want to pierce their noses but still want to embellish themselves with beautiful jewellery like a modern nose pin model. The pressing nose pin is for them. It has small flat presses on the two sides which can be clipped onto the nose wall; one from inside and one from outside. This keeps the nose pin fixed and looks perfect, without any piercing.’

      Silver Nose Pin with Screw Back

      The common silver nose pins have screw-like spirals on the pin which is usually locked in with another small bolt from inside the nose. The rubber bold is usually recommended so that it doesn’t cause any injuries to the nose. You can find many of such nose pin designs on JewelFlix for kids as well as adults.

      Bridal Nose Ring

      The bridal nose ring is one of the most loved accessories for brides in India. The elaborated styles of these rings are crafted based on regional designs. Every day nose ring new designs is being crafted to cater to the likes of different types of people in every local culture.

      Simple Nose Ring / Plain Silver Nose Ring

      Many girls love to adorn themselves with different ornamented nose rings like CZ nose pins, or studded with gemstones like emerald or ruby. However, they are all based on the simple nose ring design, which is also preferred by many people due to their simplest elegance. 

      Silver Butterfly Nose Ring

      Even the simplest of nose rings can be beautified with the decor and brilliance of small ornaments like butterflies. These are loved by children as well as young adults as it makes them look adorable. The silver butterfly nose rings can be found in many styles and sizes for every person. You can explore JewelFlix to find tens and hundreds of different varieties.

      Nose Rings For Women

      Women most popularly wear the nose rings during their wedding and afterwards. They have a special place in the Solah Shringar ritual and are a must accessory in South India. Nose rings for women come in different shapes and designs, many of them embellished with ornaments like gemstones. The modern nose pin design is usually developed in traditional craft so they can be also worn along with other bridal or regular jewellery.

      Nose Pin For Girls

      Girls love to experiment with different kinds of jewellery and nose pins for girls have taken a special place in Indian culture now. The small nose pin in silver is loved by parents for their small children as it makes them look adorable. Young girls love to wear the most elegant and beautiful designs to make themselves look more ravishing as well as a symbol of self-confidence.

      Silver Nose Pin Designs in 2022

      There are hundreds of shops across India which could have that perfect nose pin design you always wanted, or have your heart set on, but exploring each and every shop is probably not something you want. JewelFlix has associated with hundreds of different jewellers across India and you can easily explore the website to find the jewellery of your dreams. 

      You can buy silver nose pins online now because it is easy and efficient. You don’t have to go from one place to another. On JewelFlix you have the option to choose from hundreds of different jewellery designs, each customised as per your requirements. You will also get to see all the information on the product page like nose pin images, metal, purity, certification, etc.