120+ Silver Necklaces for Women

Pure Silver Necklace Designs

In every woman’s collection, a necklace is a mandatory item, along with earrings. A necklace is not just a status symbol but an enhancement to a woman’s overall personality. It can bring out the best of a woman’s beauty when worn with the perfect dress and accessories.

The silver necklace is one of the loved accessories for several occasions. There are thousands of traditional and cultural and modern, and trendy designs of silver necklaces available in thousands of jewellery stores in India.

Buy Silver Necklace Designs Online

Since the beginning of the 21st century, everything is gradually being sold online. And now even Jewellery is a part of this. You can buy silver necklaces online in several places but finding the right choice for you can get hectic. Even going from one website to another consumes a lot of time.

JewelFlix is an online jewellery marketplace where you can find hundreds of unique and real silver necklace designs. You can look for the one which can suit you based on the occasion or event, as well as your outfit.

Different Types of Latest Silver Necklace in 2021

Simple Silver Necklace Design

A simple silver necklace set is something that every woman or a girl should have in her wardrobe. This is the classiest item that can go with any outfit or matching Jewellery.

Antique Silver Necklace Set

The antique silver necklace can prove to be a magnificent enhancement to your beauty. With a design that is so old, it can be quite unique to flaunt. A perfect design complimenting your neckline can boost confidence and your personality. These antique necklaces are oxidised to give the traditional look.

The original silver necklace set is made from pure 925 (sterling) silver which is highly durable, resistant to tarnish and scratches due to the additional metals of 7.5%. Almost all the jewellery items you can find on JewelFlix are of high purity, including 925 and 999 (fine) silver. Just explore the wide varieties and choose the perfect one as per your liking.

Oxidised Silver Necklace

Oxidation is a process that is used to give an antique look to any jewellery. The necklace is dipped into a chemical that darkens its texture and gives a beautiful look. These oxidised silver necklaces are a replacement for the original antique necklaces but with the same exact qualities. 

These are mostly used in India’s traditional functions, like an oxidised silver long necklace along with a choker can be magnificent accessories as a wedding necklace.

Gold Plated Silver Necklace Set

Most women like to experiment with different designs of Jewellery to see which one looks great on them. And some want to flaunt that golden colour on their necks without spending too much. To solve both these problems, Jewellers often tend to dip the silver Jewellery into pure 24-karat gold. This provides us with a complete silver necklace set with gold polish to flaunt on any occasion. And being cheaper than gold, the experimentation with different designs every week gets easier.

Silver Pearl Necklace

The pearls are embedded in a silver thread around the necklace up to the left and right sides of the neck. Only the backside of the silver line is visible, and the rest is filled with pearls. There can also be multiple layers of these threaded pearl necklaces which is perfect with modern attire.

Silver Layered Necklace

This necklace has more than one chain (typically more than three), which range from a long chain to a choker style. This layered necklace covers the entire front side above the cleavage and looks best with modern outfits. Several necklaces also come in heavy chains, which can go well with traditional attire.

Silver Coin Necklace

The silver coin necklace is a chain or multiple chains with silver coins hanging around it. These are used as the symbol of status, wealth, good luck, influence and positivity. The necklaces usually depict the image of gods, goddesses or floral designs.

The necklace can also come in as a single coin hanging near the neckline or small and plain round plates (coins) without any design.

Silver Chain Necklace

This necklace is designed as a chain interlinked with small circular or oval shapes. The long silver chain necklace has become a trendy accessory among young men as it shows off their strength and focus.

Silver Guttapusalu Necklace Online

Gutta Pusalu is one of the classic necklace designs from Andhra Pradesh and is considered a piece of heritage jewellery. Pusalu means ‘beads’ and gutta ’a group/shoal of small fish. The necklace was named like this because it is decorated with a number of pearls that resemble this shoal of fish.

Silver Pendant Necklace

The silver pendant necklace is a long chain with a loop or an ornament hanging at the bottom. Several people have chosen this necklace for various reasons. Like couple necklaces with each other’s name crafted, or a religious symbol for spiritual reasons. Or even a heart symbol to gift to your special someone.

Silver Stone Necklace

The stone necklace can have many variants, like a gemstone used as an ornament like in a pendant, or it could have an intricate design with multiple gemstones like emerald and rubies embellished around the sides. Even CZs are used to enhance the look of the necklace as well as the wearer.

Silver Wedding Necklace

Silver is the second most precious item after gold in Hindu culture. Since gold is considered religiously pure, it is worn above the waist and silver below. Silver bangles, rings and anklets in silver are usually made in silver as it signifies protection from evil magic. Silver is also a symbol of femininity and motherhood and thereby a perfect item to be worn to start a new life and family.

Silver Bead Necklace

The bead necklace is usually a multilayered necklace with coloured beads stacked upon one another. This is a trend which is followed in the world everywhere. In addition to being a fancy fashion style, these necklaces also have significance in many cultures.

Chunky Silver Necklace

The extremely fancy necklace includes large beads or ornaments crafted in an assortment of asymmetric designs. The sterling silver necklace chain is embellished with pearls, seashells, gold orbs, ornaments, pendant accessories, and many more in different combinations.

Silver Necklace For Girls

Young girls mostly tend to follow the latest fashion trends. For the past 20 years, there have been numerous designs of necklaces that took the internet by storm, as a 925 silver necklace with concentric rings or a snowflake necklace.

Girls always like to experiment with different silver necklace designs to find which one looks best on them. That’s why jewellers are coming up with new and latest designs every time.

Silver Necklace For Women

Women absolutely cannot stay without jewellery items, particularly a necklace. India is a land of culture, and a silver metal necklace is the second most loved metal for Jewellery after gold. This is why jewellers have created a large collection of different designs for different festivals, occasions and daily wear for every type of woman.

Pure Silver Necklace Set With Weight

JewelFlix has an assortment of different and pure silver necklace sets, and you can find only authentic jewellery items on JewelFlix. You can choose from hundreds of varieties catered for men, women and children of all ages. A pure and simple silver necklace set can add an enchanting aura to your overall look.

You will find all the information on the product page like silver necklace design images, purity, id, metal type, inclusions in the set, and much more on each product page.

Silver necklaces can be bought in different weights also based on your own requirements like:
Heavy necklaces in 50 grams or above
Light necklaces in 30 grams
Plain necklaces in 40 grams
You can also get customized necklaces in other weights depending on their embellishments like stones.