Silver Maang Tikka Designs

      Latest Silver Maang Tikka Designs

      Maang tikka is no doubt one of the most important jewellery items for an Indian bride. Most women prefer to have unique silver maang tikka designs for their special day. This design should complement their dress as well as other related jewellery. Due to this reason, our associated jewellers on JewelFlix have developed a myriad range of different styles based on modern and traditional designs.

      Maang tikka is traditionally worn by women first time only at weddings as it is believed to provide power, will, and wisdom to the bride that she needs to start her new life. However, in these modern times, even unmarried girls wear these for fashion purposes; but only on special occasions.

      Silver Maang Tikka Online

      You can find hundreds of different varieties of maang tikka designs online on JewelFlix which can be a perfect choice. These designs can be customised as per your requirements, like studding of gemstones, diamonds, and other desired ornaments. You can even buy complete wedding jewellery sets which include necklaces, rings, payal, chains, bangles, bracelets, and much more.

      Different Types of Maang Tikka Designs in Silver

      Antique Silver Maang Tikka

      The antique silver maang tikka designs are highly loved by Indian women due to their shine as well as durability. Now modern tikka designs are being given an antique look with modern technology by introducing metal to the chemical. These silver metal maang tikka designs are usually developed in traditional styles so that they can be a perfect enhancement. 

      These oxidised silver maang tikka styles are popularly and commonly worn in south Indian weddings, however, the liking is equally among many women in North India as well.

      Floral Maang Tikka

      The maang tikka usually is given an ornamental design. It could be a floral maang tikka design or religious patterns. These can also be studded with gemstones or pearls to make them look more astonishing. They are very precious and adorable for any modern bride who loves to wear fancy and cute jewellery items.

      Stone Maang Tikka

      The pure silver maang tikka can be truly a magnificent item on your wedding day. And when studded with gemstones, diamonds, and pearls, these can be a wonderful addition to your solah shringaar ritual. Among hundreds of jewellers associated with JewelFlix, you can find hundreds of different designs of maang tikkas, necklaces, and other jewellery items. 

      Most of our jewellers even provide customised silver stone maang tikka pieces along with other jewellery items like name pendants or engagement or wedding rings with your name or initials on them.

      Silver Gold Plated Maang Tikka

      You can even find the maang tikka silver gold plated design on JewelFlix which portrays the elegance of gold jewellery and the grace of natural beauty emanating from silver. These gold plated silver maang tikkas are mostly loved by women who love to experiment with different kinds of jewellery items. Since they cannot buy gold every day, these maang tikkas are an optimal solution to check for which design looks best on you. And it never hurts to have a collection of different designs to go with different outfits.

      Rajasthani Maang Tikka Silver

      The Rajasthani maang tikka is known by different names like Borla, Sheesh Fool and Rakhdi; with Sheesh fool being the most popular one. These are spherical or bell-shaped pendants that stay on the centre of the head. This maang tikka set silver can come in different patterns and colours as well as stone-studings like meenakari, pearls and Kundan designs.

      Buy Silver Maang Tikka Online on JewelFlix

      JewelFlix has an assortment of different varieties and designs of Maang Tikka from hundreds of Jewellers across India. Each jewellery product on JewelFlix is pure in its quality and delivered from only the authentic sellers. You can get the entire information of every product on the individual product page where you can see details like maang tikka images, metal, quality, embellishments, weight and much more.

      Furthermore, you can directly contact the seller to clear your doubts and request customisations as per your needs. Our jewellers are always there for you.

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