Silver Chain Designs

Silver Chain Designs: Understanding Different Styles in 2022

There is a vast assortment of different chain designs available in the market now. And women, men, and children want to enhance their personality and beauty with silver chain designs that are perfect for them. That’s why it’s vital for you first to explore the different options and choices which are available online and then make a decision.

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Latest Silver Chain Designs Online

Being one of the most adorned jewellery items in the world, jewellers are coming up with the latest designs of silver chains every day. Girls loved to try on different designs on different occasions, as well as for daily wear. And men wish to express their personality, strength, and spiritual affiliations through stylish silver chain designs.

The latest silver chain designs are based on the most trendy and loved jewellery designs, ranging from the simplest styles to elegant modern wear. Young girls mostly prefer to go with a single chain which is lightweight and good to go for daily wearing, and married women tend to adore the latest heavy chain designs. In either case, JewelFlix has lots of choices and selections for anyone and for any occasion.

Find the Chain Designs for Everyone on JewelFlix

Silver Chain For Men

Men wear silver chains as a symbol of strength, their religion, and even fashion. There are different silver chains for men which can be worn on different occasions. Most men prefer to wear link chains; however, some also prefer the silver metal chain with ornaments or as pendants.

Silver Chain For Women

Silver chain necklaces are one of the most favourite jewellery accessories for women. Women love this jewellery item because it is a very precious and stunning item that could hugely enhance their beauty and personality. The hypo-allergenic properties of silver are yet another benefit of wearing the ladies silver chain.

Silver Chain For Couples

Not just fashion, silver chains have been known as a symbol of love as well. A couple buys silver chains online or offline with similar designs to express their love to one another and the world. These couple silver chains may also have the name of each other embedded on them so that your loved one can always stay close to your heart. 

Silver Chain For Kids

Adorning kids and babies has become a trend now. Every parent wants to show off their kids and love for them to the world. Small silver chains for kids have been developed so that the kids can also be a part of the fashion world. The pure 925 silver chains are usually adorned with small ornaments for babies and kids to play with.

Silver Chain For Boys & Girls

In modern times, all young boys and girls try to walk along with the latest silver chains along their neck. The silver chain for girls maybe just as a fashion statement, but it may represent a symbol of strength, their religious and spiritual affiliation for others and even boys. The pure silver chain also makes an excellent gift item to give to your loved ones.

Styles of Silver Chains

Simple Silver Chain

The simple and plain silver chains are usually lightweight and don’t have any excess or intricate designs. But their elegance is most popular among the trendy and fashionable people. These chains can be found in link-lock as well as rope style designs.

Long Silver Chain

The long silver chains can go up to the neckline or even stay on your dress cleavage. This sterling silver chain is usually embedded with a pendant or an ornament at one place, so it can remain in place on the chest without moving here and there.

Heavy and Thick Silver Chains

Women usually like to wear heavy silver chains on special occasions while men prefer them as daily wear. This is a symbol of strength, personality, and class for most men. These are visible from a distance, so they become very eye-catching. The original silver chain can be heavy, so only preferred by some men.

Gold Plated Silver Chains

Sometimes the silver chains are plated with pure 24k gold to make them look much more precious. Women and some men love this as they like to experiment with different designs without spending too much on every item. Since the silver gold chains look exactly like they’re made of gold, it’s the most preferred choice to experiment with.

Oxidised Silver Chains

The real silver chain is sometimes introduced to a chemical process called oxidation, giving it a slight darkish look, making it look like an antique jewellery item. These antique silver chains are perfect to go along with any traditional attire.

Different Types of Silver Chain Designs

You can find many new silver chain models every day, but just like any other product on the market, some silver chains have become the most popular and are most in demand. 

Silver Name Chain

A plain and simple chain is usually embossed or designed in a way that it could spell your name or the name of your loved one. These usually come personalised as everyone has a different requirement for a name or any text.

Silver Chain With Pendant

Sometimes the chains are embellished with a pendant which could be an ornament or a holder of a small object such as a photo of a loved one. These chain pendants are mostly used as a gift item and to keep a memory of your special one close to you. Simple ornaments could also be used, which may be a floral or any other decorative design.

Silver Rudraksha Chain

It is believed that Rudraksha beads help to stabilise our body health and calm our senses and heart. That’s why most people prefer to wear a silver chain with rudraksha beads since both have positive health effects on the body. 

Silver Rope Chain

The rope chain is a design in which the chain is twisted like a rope. These rope chains are the symbol of strength, status, and even fashion. There are multiple variants of these silver neck chains, which can range from thick and heavy to light and thin.

Silver Rosary Chain

A rosary chain is more of a religious symbol than a fashion statement. The rosaries are trinkets on the chain which help individuals to keep track of their prayers. It is believed that holding the rosary beads helps to comfort and strengthen their spiritual connection with God.

Silver Ball/Bead Chain

The thin chains are embedded with small silver beads or balls at equal distance from each other. These chains are exclusively used as fashion statements as they go well with all modern dress styles. These are perfect wear for casual parties.

Silver Figaro Chain

The Figaro silver chain has small flattened links of different sizes. The pattern has 2-3 short round links on a long oval-shaped link. This is an Italian silver chain that is usually worn by men and often has pendants, ornaments or medallions embellished to enhance the designs further.

Cuban Chain Silver

The Cuban silver chain somewhat resembles a standard link chain. It has round or mostly oval links that create a rope style pattern. It has a bit of a traditional look with a bit of a modern edge. Men mostly wear these chains to symbolise their strength, style and swagger. This Cuban chain is sometimes used along with other chains also.

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