120+ Silver Bracelet Designs

Fancy Silver Bracelet Designs in 2022

The silver bracelets have been widely used in Indian culture and traditions for ages for their decorative properties. These are also used to symbolize wealth and appreciation. People also love to gift this precious metal to their loved ones as Jewellery. 
The different silver bracelet designs are used for various purposes like marking significant achievements or ceremonies.

Buy the Best Silver Bracelet Designs Online in India

The fact that silver is the trendiest metal for Jewellery is because it has several health benefits. Being used in religious ceremonies in India is also the reason for its popularity. There are different silver bracelet models designed to cater for men, women and children alike.

Trendy Silver Bracelet for Men & Women

Men usually prefer silver hand bracelets design made of sterling silver. These bracelets are distinct, professional-looking as well as sophisticated. A perfect accessory for a formal dress looks and feels flawless to wear with a suit and tie. 

The gents silver bracelet designs are always catered to people who will be wearing them daily to accentuate style and class for the wearer.

Original Silver Bracelet For Girls & Boys

Everyone, even kids and teenagers love is accessorizing themselves with Jewellery like an original silver bracelet. They love to flaunt their wrists and show off their style and beauty. A pure silver bracelet for a girl is typical for their parents to look for as a preferred jewellery item along with the earrings.

The baby silver bracelet is also trendy and exclusively crafted for babies because this is the item that is not going to bother them. The looks on the kids are adorable. 

Kids Silver Bracelet

Men, women and children have unique tastes and requirements. That’s why JewelFlix has associated jewellers who can provide a wide variety of items for everyone.

Silver Bracelets for Baby Boy & Girl

There even exist tiny bracelets for the adornment of our children as well as other reasons. Parents love to see their adorable little kids putting on a little fashion and charm. The pure silver bracelet is also used to symbolize gender identity or keep the evil eyes away. 

However, when buying a bracelet for kids, it’s always recommended to buy a plain bracelet without any gems or beads which could loosen up because kids tend to bite everything. 

Silver Bracelets Made for Love

Pure Silver Rakhi Bracelet for Brother

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival celebrated as the love between a brother and sister. On this day a sister ties Rakhi (a traditional Indian bracelet) to her brother in return for the promise that the brother will always protect her. 

Traditional Rakhis used to be made of a thread with beads. But now even the Rakhis have upgraded to provide style and class to everyone.

Raksha means protection, and in some places in medieval India, where women felt unsafe, they tie Rakhi on the wrist of men, regarding them as brothers.

Silver Friendship Bracelets

These are minimalistic but highly elegant bracelets, and precious to the friends who wish eternity for their unique friendship. These are usually made of thin sterling silver with no or minimal designs and labelled ‘Friends Forever’ or ‘Friendship’.

Silver Couple Bracelets

The silver couple bracelets are worn by the people in love. The two persons have the exact same designed bracelet and optionally with their loved one’s name on each of them. They’ve become extremely popular in modern times among the youth who wish to show their love for their significant other.

Traditional Silver Bracelet Designs Online

Indians have not let go of the traditions even when modern Jewellery tried to take its place. The reason is that there are some jewellery items which have taken place in our heart and house. Like the silver charm bracelets are embellished with an ornament for either religious or decorative purposes.

Silver Rudraksha Trishul Bracelet

Rudraksha is a bead and is usually worn in a chain or a bracelet. These beads symbolize divinity and the divine connection with the physical world. It is believed to represent  ‘eyes or tears of Shiva’, and the Trishul in the bracelet represents the weapon of Shiva and his three aspects of creator, preserver and destroyer. This Rudraksha Trishul bracelet is a representation of strength and willingness to overcome difficulties.

Mahadev Lord Shiva Silver Bracelet

Shiva is one of the most important Hindu gods and Vishnu & Brahma, the holy trinity members (Trimurti) of Hinduism. The bracelet depicting Lord Shiva is believed to keep the wearer physically and mentally strong in life.

Om Bracelet Silver

Om is a sacred sound generally symbolized and known as the sound of the universe. It is believed to be the essence of ultimate reality and the unification of the entire universe and everything in it. 

People wearing the Om silver bracelet or any jewellery is thought to bring positivity to a person’s life. It calms down your senses as well as generate consciousness and awakening. 

Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

An evil eye is a talisman believed to keep evil away from our life. The evil eye bracelet has always been popular in Indian culture and traditions in the forms of pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. This evil eye is literally in the shape of an eye. It is also believed to nullify the spells cast on you.

Different Types Of Latest Silver Bracelet Models

Gold Plated Silver Bracelet

A thin layer of gold is applied and bonded on a silver bracelet giving it a gold metal look and shine. With almost similar aesthetics and less pricey, this is one of the preferred choices for youngsters who like to experiment with different designs to find the perfect one.

Silver Chain Link Bracelet

A link chain bracelet is made up of small round beads connected with links to each other. These are trendy and are found as ‘cool’ accessories among teenage boys. These bracelets are also fashionable among girls, particularly college girls.

Antique Silver Bracelet

Antique is anything that is at least 100 years old so finding a real antique gets very difficult. But since people love these items’ looks and designs, Jewellers came up with a new way to provide antique Jewellery. The silver bracelet is introduced to a few chemicals that turned the silver bracelet antique looking. The Jewellery made using this immediately received the attention of people and quickly became one of the most popular bracelets as well.

Silver Name Bracelet Design

The silver name bracelets are often used as a reminder for a loved one by personalizing it with their name. Couples also used these bracelets by writing each other’s names on them, and so do some friends, particularly female friends.

Silver Cuff Bracelet

A silver cuff bracelet has a gap at a particular location that allows the wearer to wear it by slipping it over the wrist. It doesn’t have any clasps to lock-in. This is made usually from 925 silver because it needs high strength yet adaptability to be flexible.

Heavy Silver Bracelets

These heavy silver bracelets have a wide thickness and sometimes height as well. The designs on them are elaborate and are mostly preferred by men. They can be thick chain bracelets usually worn to gain respect or plain and simple bracelets to exuberate style and class.

Silver Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra is a sacred thread and a significant part of a married woman. It depicts the holy and eternal union between a husband and wife. The Mangalsutra is traditionally worn as a beaded chain around the neck which protects the couple from evil and keeps them bonded forever.

Nowadays, the trend has been going on that silver mangalsutra bracelets are worn. The bracelet comprises mangalsutra beads along with the pendant. This has a loop silver bracelet around for strength and style as well. The reason makes it perfectly suitable for any attire. This is exclusively available as a ladies silver bracelet.

Silver Heart Bracelet

The silver heart bracelet is a symbol of love among couples. A gift from one another with a heart symbol signifies the eternal love and bond between a husband and wife or boy and girl.

Elephant Hair Bracelet Silver

It is believed that after an elephant passes away, the elephant’s soul passes through his tail. That’s why people have been using the hair to create the elephant hair bracelet to symbolize strength, protection and wisdom.

Silver Bracelet With Stones

This bracelet is very common and very likeable due to being flexible enough to be personalized for anyone. The gemstones can be studded for religious reasons or to just enhance your beauty and personality.

Handmade Silver Bracelets

The handmade silver bracelets have unique and intricate designs usually made to order, i.e. a personalized bracelet. It can either flaunt a stone ornament or the name of a loved one — a perfect gifting choice for friends and family, or your significant other.

Silver Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are sturdy without any hanging ornaments. They are based on the designs of bangles, which is a closed-loop without any lock-ins. They’re worn by slipping them along the hand until it reaches the wrist. 

Simple Silver Bracelet

The simple silver bracelets are thin 925 silver bracelets with either gap like cuff bracelets or lock-in like chain bracelets. They’re usually worn by small children and even babies.

925 Silver Bracelet Price With Grams In India

The sterling silver bracelets are the most popular because they are highly durable and extremely good-looking. The 925 silver is another name for sterling silver which means that 92.5% of the jewellery item is pure silver. The remaining is some other element, usually copper. This gives the jewellery item strength and durability.

On JewelFlix, you will find 925 Bracelets in many designs that are weighted like:

  • 10 grams silver bracelet 
  • 15 grams silver bracelet
  • 20 grams silver bracelet
  • 30 grams silver bracelet
  • 40 grams silver bracelet
  • 50 grams silver bracelet
  • 100 grams silver bracelet
  • 120 grams silver bracelet
  • 200 grams silver bracelet

You will also find each product’s details like silver bracelet images, metal purity, brand, weight, authenticity and certification and much more.